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Best sources for 2nd Ed custom Charms???

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  • Best sources for 2nd Ed custom Charms???

    What sources do you use for look up good custom Charms for 2nd Edition Exalted?

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    Getting lucky with Google searches I guess, or a time machine set to a decade ago. :P


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      The old wiki is where you'll find a lot of crunch in the same place. It's mostly 1st edition but there is some content clearly labelled as 2nd edition.

      Sword of Creation a hub for Exalted related content


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        A lot of the 2nd Ed Fan stuff was lost when the last 2nd ed official wiki went down. Really killed my inertia as I had the computer I kept my notes and game stuff (like custom demons/Behemoths/ect) crashed and I was foolish in thinking I could just leave them on the Wiki thinking that was eternal.

        So there is a big gap of lost 2nd ed Material not just by me but by others. But now new 2nd ed stuff seems to have some sort of community with the Vault books made for 2.5.


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          Another part of the problem is that overtime people switched to google docs thinking they were eternal, when in actuality they're prone to blinking out of existence with a lot less fanfare than a wiki.

          Sword of Creation a hub for Exalted related content


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            The 2E Exalted Wiki was mirrored archived. However, at present it's offline. I emailed the webmaster again to beg him to kick it back up.

            There were a number of fan ebooks compiling charms together. I downloaded a bunch from Google Docs, and I think we're allowed to distribute [most of] them. I have not looked at my collection of Exalted downloads in years and I never read them all in the first place. Is there something specific you're looking for?

            FWIW, here's the mostly-1E wiki:
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              Here's my portfolio of 2E Homebrew, never fully edited:
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              Hey, check out my first original RPG, Post-Mortem, here:

              Or read my Exalted novella The Silence of Our Ancestors here:


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                At one point, there was supposedly a copy of the old 2E wiki somewhere at Onyx Path, sitting in a queue waiting to be restored. Obviously that never happened, and I think it's safe to assume that it never will at this point.

                That said, it is possible to get a semi-functional backup of the old 2e wiki running locally. Instructions are here:


                It is far from perfect and certainly not ideal for easy browsing. It's been a while since I used it for anything serious, but I do recall that it was easier to work with if you also used the Internet Archive page as well, as both are broken but in slightly different ways.

                Ah, here's something too, maybe more immediately useful than trying to struggle with a half-resurrected wiki dump. Looks like a lot of old custom Charms, also including indexing for a lot of official Charms:

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                  I am still disappointed in how the old wiki was never brought back. If it's about money, I would gladly crowed fund it.

                  One of the things I find aggravating is how I can not find the list of custom mutations people were compiling. Some people on the forum invented a few on my request, & there work is not gone, as far as I can tell.


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                    might be worth while to see if google cached the wiki