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[What-If] A portal appears to Creation

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  • Jefepato
    The overwhelming feeling is lying to me. I won't go through the portal.

    I know I'd spend the rest of my life feeling desperately curious about what might have happened if I crossed over, but I don't care. If I wanted to die of dysentery I'd play Oregon Trail.

    The only way I'd willingly enter Creation like that, is if I somehow knew for certain that I would Exalt as a Solar or Lunar. And I'd only accept that deal because it should be entirely possible to get myself back home with a sorcerous working eventually.

    And let's be real here: I would not Exalt as a Solar or Lunar. I'm not that impressive and I don't have the qualities or ambition of a hero.

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  • hachiman
    I will jump thru immediately. Either i get Exalted and i make it or i dont and then die horribly from drinking the water or whatever else grimdark the fates can imagine. Taking tech or anything with seems pointless since the laws of physics are very different in Creation. So either i hit the Jackpot and die or just die.

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  • thedonnie
    Cover up the portal so no flat-earthers can find it and think that they are right.

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  • AnubisXy
    I guess I'd grab some basic supplies and go through the portal.

    First thing I'd try and summon up a Second Circle demon (there's a bunch like Mara who have conditions that can be used to summon them). Then I'd convince them I know the secrets of Creation (well, I know a bunch anyway), and then I'd try to finangle my way into getting an Infernal Exaltation from one of the Yozi. After that, if a portal could open up between Earth and Creation one time, then it would be able to do it again, so I'd figure out how to re-open the portal and come back to Earth.

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  • JohnDoe244
    Well, I'd grab my machete (good quality steel with a saw-back), mobile phone, solar charge bank, Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife.

    Canteen, backpack, box matches, hand soap, toothbrush, woodwork tools, pencils, ream of paper, change of clothes, bottle of vodka. Just put the entire medicine box in the backpack.

    Put on my hiking boots. Probably should grab some food and water. I'm going to take a compass. Definitely packing my cast iron skillet (delicious steaks and anti-Fair Folk).

    Probably grab the ukulele rather than one of my guitars.

    Leave a note for the family. Quick text to the boss.

    Definitely going to bring my deluxe edition 3E corebook.

    Multiple thousand year life-span plus the super-powers of the Sun? I'd gamble on that lottery ticket.

    So much stuff that would be useful. I have an End of the World library filled with... everything. But I gotta carry this stuff.

    I guess I would set up a printing press and start disseminating books of questionable first age lore. Try to attract Sidereal attention -- clue them in on the Great Curse. See where it goes from there.

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  • Boston123
    Why the hell would I want to go live in an Iron-to-Bronze-to-Stone Age crapsack of a world, where I am canonically on the bottom of the pecking order, any modern pieces of equipment or conveniences will run out, and where I am likely to die shitting myself to death from bad water within a couple of days?

    No thanks. "best thing I can do" or not, I will stay right where I am, a world with antibiotics and pizza available just one phone call away.

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  • Sandact6
    started a topic [What-If] A portal appears to Creation

    [What-If] A portal appears to Creation

    One day while you're setting in your room a portal opens up in your house. Looking through the portal you can see that is a portal leading into a city of Creation. You are not sure where exactly in Creation, but you just somehow know. A voice in your head tells you that you have one hour to prepare. You then have an overwhelming feeling and knowledge that going into this portal is the best thing you can possibly do.

    How do you prepare? What would you bring with you?

    Also in case you ask "Does X work in Creation" or "Do I know X", then the answer is you don't know. Those are things you'll need to account for yourself.