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  • Exalted in the blogsphere?

    So once in a while, I think about exalted and wish to play in this marvelous game.

    The thing is, for me this hobby is only partly the games themselves. Everything around the game (this very forum, for example, even though I'm very much not a regular) is a lot of fun as well.
    In the d&d OSR community, there are many blogs that I follow and enjoy greatly. I tried looking for similar blogs around exalted and just couldn't find any.

    I mean, there's theamateurdungeoneers which posted some exalted-related posts and I liked those, but that's not really the point of the blog (also, they use the godbound mechanics, so some posts weren't as relevant to me).

    Am I missing blogs that you know about? Is my expectation simply wrong, and what works for OSR doesn't for other games?

    Forums are great, but they're more meant to be participated in instead of passively reading.
    If someone could point me in the right direction (or confirm that those blogs simply don't exist), I would be very grateful!

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    I don't know of any blogs.

    There are actual plays though, like the Fall of Jiara podcast (lot of reading material here: https://thefallofjiara.obsidianporta...-with-the-tide ).

    What kind of blog are you looking for? Setting exploration? Mechanics discussion? Homebrew? Campaign reports?

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      thanks for the reply.

      I've actually known about Fall of Jiara and listened to the first episode, but I'm not a huge fan of actual plays in general. I might give it a more serious try..

      I'm mostly interested in setting exploration as you termed it. I've read some amazing articles over the years about locations and idea for setting, and sadly most of it is not made with Creation in mind.

      Mechanics discussions require, by definition, interaction. I assume that forums are the better medium for something like that, and after skimming the `arena` thread I think at least some of the serious mechanics discussion happens here. Are there other sites that I should check out for that (like gittp or minmax boards has a lot of mechanic discussions for d&d)?


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        This is not exactly a blog, but I wrote a master's thesis on Exalted:

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          I've been catching up on the Systematic Understanding of Everything podcast. It might fill the niche you are looking for, but in podcast format.