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Remo Williams, and charms?

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  • Remo Williams, and charms?

    Hello all,

    I am currently playing in an exalted 2.5 game and am having a lot of fun playing a Solar, based on Nuich. I was wondering if anyone had some ideas on what martial arts style to take to simulate Sinanju? If your wondering this is from a series of addictive books from the 70's called The Destroyer. It was cheesy and ridiculous but all in all a blast to read.

    I currenty took no martial arts styles just a number of super human charms, that allow me to do most of the things he does early on in the books.

    Stuff I Currently Have
    -Graceful Crane Stance
    -Panoptic Fusion Discipline
    -Heroism Encouraging Presence
    -Invincible Essence Reinforcement
    -Phoenix Renewal Tactic
    -Will Empowering Method
    -Soul Fire Resurgence

    Stuff I Know I Need Eventually
    -Instantly Kill Extras While Unarmed
    -Feather Foot Style

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    I love the idea. And I just got an instasnt Remo-driven nostalgia flash.

    Anyway, you certainly want Seven Shadow Evasion, generally Dodge charms, IIRC being almost impossible to hit was a distinct Sinanju thing.


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      I love you for introducing me to this.

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        Having a glance on Sinanju from wiki, it's seem that you can already mimic most of the effect with the Solar charmset is it not? :P

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