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Creating a 3pt familiar.

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  • Creating a 3pt familiar.

    In a game I'm gearing up to run next week, I agreed to help one of the players come up with a 3-pt owl familiar. The backstory is that owl is a God-Blooded creature bestowed upon the Twilight as a sign of the favour of a goddess of knowledge who maintains a remote library.

    I'm trying to come up with some appropriate powers that would make this feel like a good choice (instead of a tyrant lizard, say), and how to translate those into mechanics. There are the default spirit Charms (the idea I have it can use Measure the Wind on anyone who asks it a question), and other ideas I've got so far include:

    --Being able to remotely "enquire" into the library for knowledge, within the limits of what's actually there. None of the PC's have much investment into Lore, so I'm not worried about stepping on their toes.
    --A perception-related power--pierce and dispel obscuring effects, expose stealthed targets it spots to its allies, etc.
    --A darkness-related power--dimming lights to make stealth easier for allies, calling up a blinding cloud of darkness like the ghost power.
    --The ability to transform into the equivalent of a strix for combat. Probably a bit too overt?

    It's a bit of a tricky line to walk, to make this critter feel like it's worth 3pts without stepping outside the general idea of "support / facilitator" who's not going to do much in a fight. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds fine to me so far.