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Monday Meeting 4/18: EXALTED 3E THIS WEDNESDAY

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  • Originally posted by Lucy Darling View Post

    Holden has said it somewhere, but Charm Cards are being worked on as we speak. Well maybe not as we speak, the dude working on them has a job and a family and stuff, but they are being worked on!

    I think 'this is being worked on' is probably the answer to 'what is happening with X' questions in general though.
    This is pleasing to me. Thank you, that is literally all I wanted to hear. ^_^

    In regards to that cool map that Lanaya linked, it's actually in the "Exalted 3rd Edition Useful Links" sticky that's at the top of the main forum page. There's a lot of stuff there that Lioness links. Go check it out, because people have made some awesome stuff, and searching forum threads for it all is stupid.

    I post Artifacts in this thread. How I make them is in this thread.
    I have made many tools and other things for 3rd Edition. I now host all of my creations on my Google site: The Vault of the Unsung Hero


    • Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post

      There exists one now, but... I'm at work and can't link to it. It's out there on the googles
      Yeah, I know. I'm saying that it (or rather, the final version without the D&D lettering) should be made officially available from OP.

      If you want to play Thomas Edison, you'd better be up to the task of carrying all of civilization through the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, while the Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded are shooting at you.