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"Look, I am just really dedicated to this bit"

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  • "Look, I am just really dedicated to this bit"

    I have encountered a few character builds in exalted that were basically constructed around executing a joke or a reference. I was wondering if anyone had done something similar or plan to do so. I think the title says it all, but I'll give a few examples.

    - I once talked to a guy who made a Zentih with the motivation "I want to unite the Hundred Kingdoms". He named the Zenith "America". I should think the joke is obvious.

    - I had two players who made twins that were buffed up martial artists just so they could use this line:

    - I want to do a Dawn with supernal Brawl, stock him up on ox-bodies, get Front-line Warrior's Stamina, and then rush towards Ascendant Battle Visage. Use Front-line Warrior's Stamina twice (reset it using the Dawn anima ability) stunting the action as "Clenching my fists and tensioning my body, I look deep within my soul and violently scream as I pull forth a force of pure strength which flows into my body". All of this done using peripheral essence. Then after two turns spent on Front-line Warrior's Stamina, active Ascendant Battle Visage and deliver a decisive attack. Essentially this: I might even wanna thrown in a Thunderclap Rush Attack, just to do this: Yes, I want to mechanically mimic the long and screaming power-ups from Dragonball; only because I realized there were mechanics that would let me do exactly that.

    Anyone else got over-dedicated bits, be they planned or already executed?
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    I have two: one I concepted, one I partially run but had to make a key chance at STs order that pretty much nutered the joke

    1: I statted up a tailor slash dressmaker from Coral who was basically my excuse to play Rarity in Exalted. She was using a variant crafting system rather than the standard 3E one and thus was theoretically able to make Warstrider scale artifact dresses out of CharGen.

    2: For the same game, I went with a war leader Zenith Monk, Lore Supernal. However, he had some survival, and was intended to command an army of 150 intelligent animals. His name was Smiling Oak. GM made me change the animals for mortal monks. I retained the ability to ask 'are you a boy or a girl' as intentional buffering old foon antics designed to lower my oponent's guard.