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Nexus Before Nexus or The History of Hollow

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  • Nexus Before Nexus or The History of Hollow


    I'm planning for the next arc of my campaign to take place in Nexus. I've gone over the canon material and taken plenty of notes of my own, but I'm a bit stuck on the history of Hollow. I know there's not a lot of information out there, so I'm mainly looking for a brainstorming session. How have you presented Hollow (and Nexus) in your own games (or headcanon)?

    Here's what I've determined so far for my campaign:
    • One of the council of entities is a sidreal who is not associated with the gold faction.
    • There is a vault beneath the old administrative center in Firewander that requires the solar exalted to open it.
    • The City-Father God of Hollow is insane and keeps his sanctum in the old administrative building.
    • The Emissary is an Exigent of the old City-Father

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