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The Out-of-Context Game Quotes Thread

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  • The Out-of-Context Game Quotes Thread

    My friends and I have taken to writing down things that get said in game, for later amusement. Out of context game quotes are often delighful, at least to me. Rules of this thread: no context. If you have to explain that you were all in the middle of storming the Mask of Winters' palace and there was a love triangle between three PCs and someone made a hilariously topical remark...I don't wanna hear it. I mean, I want to hear the remark. But not, y'know, the context. Also, it has to be something a player or a GM actually said in a game of Exalted (or typed, I guess), no one-author fiction pieces allowed. So here goes:

    1. "That's why I have the good kind of 'you never existed' magic." -PC

    2. "We need to get some pigs for this hangover cure." -PC

    3. "Why are you both carrying...meat...together." - PC

    4. "I have a magical talking crotch." -PC

    5. "He is to priests what Billy Bob Thornton is to Santas." -One of my favorite STs.

    6. "Making strange pounding and buzzing noises with his cheeks, Resplendent Beats stands on his hands and spins on his head, his orichalcum boots flashing faster and faster until they form a blazing circle, shaping the symbol of the Unconquered Sun." -Another of my favorite STs

    7. "Again?! What do you have against trees, anyway?" -PC

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    "I'm sure mom and dad will be delighted when they learn that you'll finally have kids. But, really, a whole race of them?" - PC

    "Stop asking for answers and punch me in the face!" - PC

    "Two storms for the price of one? That's even better!" - PC

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      "My. He's a big one." ST

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        (to set the scene, the characters are up to their waists in quicksand and are covered in grape juice)
        "I don't believe in fairies!"
        "But... you are a fairy."
        A dialog between two PCs.

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          "Bees! BEES! BEES! BEES! BEES!"


          "F*ck that, I'm a penguin."

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            "And you thought we didn't need a meteor strike." - PC (in a Vanilla game)

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              "Well, you just Benihana'd that guy to death." (Storyteller)


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                "Its feces.... purple, slimey, magical, wonderful nutrient-rich, good for the clovers feces!" -Me in a recent new campaign.


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                  "Excuse me, but have you met my friend? Big beefy cow? He's right over there and I think he has a couple of moo's for you."

                  "Wow. You and the squid, huh? Well, I'm sorry for interrupting. l'll come back later when you aren't... err... occupied. I'll just go ahead and lock the door on my way out."


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                    "You, by the way, are officially responsible for keeping track of what is inside of you." -ST

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                      "Penis-Crown thinks you're a Sidereal."

                      Even I don't really remember the context for that one. I wrote it down a while ago and now I don't know what that was about.

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                        PC: "Are there any windows?"
                        ST: "There are mouths..."


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                          Originally posted by The MG View Post
                          PC: "Are there any windows?"
                          ST: "There are mouths..."
                          Dunno about anyone else, but I'm creeped out.

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                            Good lord - I started a word doc to just fill in with quotes like this...

                            "He chugged all of the semen, didn't he?" - PC (they had been at a party in Great Forks where another PC failed a temperance roll really REALLY badly...)

                            "I recall there was a coconut between you and the three, wasn't there?" - PC

                            "Entering magical realms is what we're here for. Onwards into faerie land" - PC ( the circle is about to enter a rather ominous looking freehold)

                            "My boo is hungry! Will you starve him?" - PC (lunar to a raksha, in response to his solar mate being hungry...)

                            "Maybe after this you give girl solar some new, bigger boobs. And then fix nose of mine which has been broken too many times." - PC (Same lunar, upon the circle's solar doctor having learned a few new medical charms and making a suggestion on what they should all do next)

                            "This is insane. I approve." - PC

                            "Friendship butt stab?" - ST (trying to wrap head around a very creative but oddly sensible medical stunt)

                            "Exalted: A Charm for Every Fetish edition" - player, OOC (on the topic of surprisingly good looking lobster girls and possibly bullying the circle's lunar into getting knacks to assume such a form)

                            "That's far too sensible for us." - PC (On whether to do a smart thing, or not...)

                            "Prostituting Miclos is always the last, best option for cash flow." - player, OOC (on how to earn the circle money... by whoring out the circle's high App diplomancer)

                            Good times

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                              "Guards, guards!!! The camera, quickly!" - imprisoned PC

                              "The later we get there, the less time to make a mess." - PC

                              "Your child... has... leprosy... mwahaha" - PC in a game I heard about.

                              "I hit him with... zzzzzzzzzz" sleepy friend's PC
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