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The Out-of-Context Game Quotes Thread

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    Ex-Dynast Lunar: “So, you ready for this?”
    Solar: “Why shouldn’t I be? One court is much like any other, whether it’s run by gods or mortals.”
    Lunar: “Exactly.”


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      Fae: I... I don't know what I did wrong... *starts crying* I j-just wanted him to like me... he didn't have to throw a tree at me...
      Lunar: ....I'm... look, I'm sorry.


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        "Hey, Lou's mother is a lovely woman, who offers discounts to repeat customers!" - PC
        "That is so getting quoted out-of-context." - ST

        "Can I remind you, my magic tentacles are made of acid!" - PC1 (Me)
        "I didn't say it would work more then once." - PC2

        "Noms, your ex-wife wants alimony." - PC

        "Wait. Is he your son?" - NPC
        "Yes." - Me
        "And he wants to kill you."
        "So far so normal."

        "Blah, blah, [whinning]Unca Noms[/whinning], blah, blah." - ST giving the abridged version of a debrief.

        "Don't make me SMEAC on your arse." - Me
        "IAW DFDA, STFU." - PC

        As you are now, so once was I,
        As I am now, so you will be.


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          "Quick, get me some beans. I need to make a prayer."

          Formerly Exodan


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            On the frontier of the Wild South, there's only one woman with the grit to take on its most dangerous outlaws and bring them Back Alive, or Maybe Dead.

            Avatar by K.S. Brenowitz


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              "Nergal has oral sex with chickens."



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                "Your own faults for thinking 'recap each other in-character' means gangbang the Lunar."

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                  "We don't have time right now for me to duel you!" (rolls limit) "Um, Join Battle?"


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                    *pages rustle*
                    "Hmmm. Hey, Jason! What happens if I intentionally botch?"

                    Exalted Behind a Screen of Jade, Savant of the Immaculate Texts, No Moon Scholar, Good Sitting Dog, Best Lurking Cat with Bones, Pioneer Pooch, Corsair, Director, Keeper of the Karstein Manor, Scion with Shield of Knowledge, Erymanthian Boar, Seeking Awakened, Cloaked Changeling, Family Head, Kindred, Agent, Poltergeist, Disciple of the Antler Crown, Wraith, Conspiracy Theorist, First Time Traveler


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                      "The mouse gets more action than I do!" - My Dawn PC, in reference to his Familiar 5. (It talks. And sounds like the Old Spice Guy)

                      Glorious Echeladder Ascension Technique - Forum Topic

                      "Look, sometimes you just are in the mood to play the divinely empowered champion of the God of Farts. Mechanically optimized play is not the only way to enjoy playing your character." -Wise Old Guru


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                        "I exploded this one time, that kinda sucked but ah got over it."

                        "It just goes to show what they tell you in Akuma 101, 'Don't get cozy, that's a Yozi.''

                        "I mean no disrespect to your family when I say this. But I could defeat the Cathak Legion defending Greyfalls with sticks and harsh language."

                        “The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.” George Carlin


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                          "It wouldn't be very effective to make a belt for a guy who doesn't ever wear pants."

                          "HOW DO YOU WIN AT FERTILITY?"

                          "Shark babies with stumpy fins?"

                          "It's more like a terror boner..."

                          "I'm not saying it's your fault. I'm just blaming you."

                          "How does your relationship system work?"-PC 1 to PC 2
                          "By the hour."-PC 3

                          "While you were over there, did you catch that horrible modesty disease?"

                          "Would you actually read the reports if I put more pictures in them?"

                          "It's like a weird sanxian."-PC 1
                          "Can you make one that shoots lightning?" PC 2

                          "Crap. My wife is totally gonna eat my head."
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                            "This is my face projector. I am going to hit you with it." (the projection, not the projector)

                            Once, there was a maiden... who spent all her time on the internet.
                            "Someone out there is WRONG," she said.
                            So she tossed a noose made of golden light... and strangled her opponent.
                            Both of them died alone.
                            "Love is for football players and cheerleaders," her obituary said.


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                              "I got my red wings, now it's time to get my dead wings." ~ Kid Cobra, pompador'd leader of the Tunnel Snakes.

                              Formerly Exodan


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                                I punch a hole in a nearby wall. "Compassion is more important than consistency!"

                                "Because fascist soccer mom?"

                                "Okay, that went badly. I'm going to go feed hors d'oeuvre to my hawk."

                                "I go drink another glass of despair."

                                "That would still be torture. I need to find a compassionate way to murder her with my spear."

                                "They won't go with your secret mail-police, because they have basic pattern recognition."
                                "People with pattern recognition - always the downfall of my plans. We need a new law - pattern recognition is now illegal!"

                                "I dive past the spikes, slicing my robes off on them, and bare my shining chest at her."
                                "It doesn't help."