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Alchemicals 2.0 3e Conversion + Charm Design Request

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  • Alchemicals 2.0 3e Conversion + Charm Design Request

    Hey you.

    Yea you.

    Do you want to play as Alchemicals in Exalted Third Edition but don't feel like waiting 13 years? Do you want to read a fansplat that doesn't have countless spelling and grammar mistakes like my Alchemicals 1.4 document? Well strap yourselves in, I just skipped other versions and leapt up to Alchemicals 2.0.

    What does Alchemicals 2.0 contain?
    • The Alchemical Exalted you know and love translated to Exalted Third Edition by a certified mecha nut.
    • An in-depth look and near complete rewrite of the entire charmset from the ground up. Charms and their submodules should flow a lot more smoothly both narratively and mechanically.
    • Nearly 100,000 words of content across hundreds of charms as I've completely gone off my rocker.
    • Colossi mechanics finally completed at long last! Play as a titanic god machine from chargen with unique charms and powerful charms to push your character into the next level.

    Don't wait! Smash your your mouse button on this link to download today!

    Here's the backup link!


    I want to give out a charm contest/request system of sorts. Give me a new charm idea (watch as most will be Colossi charms), Autochthonian flavored artifact idea, or Autochthonian Martial Art and if I feel inspired by it I'll write it. This won't go on forever, as I want to eventually move onto other thing (So many wonderful other things). However you can improve your chances of doing the following:
    • Personal preference on I feel would be a good fit for the current Alchemicals 2.0 charm set.
    • Either an original piece of art or written work of a scene from Hamlet written to use Touhou characters instead. If using words then at least 2000, pictures can be literally any quality whatsoever so long as some effort was made and not just random scribbles.

    The artifacts and martial arts are going to be particularly rarer.


    Q: Don't you think Colossi are a little too strong?
    A: You give up a lot to be a Colossi. You need to lug a hugeass body around at all times (Drone body doesn't get rid of this, in fact you die period if your original colossi body is destroyed and its helpless while the drone is active), maintenance complications in game, having little to no options of dealing with singular opponents smaller than you, and several other major problems. I admit the health they gain from their charms is me throwing darts at a board, but since they cannot pilot Warstriders as they're essentially Warstriders I decided to give them a lot of health. If you feel this is still too much I can go back my original idea I had for giving Colossi extra health levels.

    Q: Touhou in Hamlet as part of a contest? Good joke Sandact.
    A: Oh no, I'm dead serious about that.

    Q: I don't like this rendition of Alchemicals

    Which is fair, that's your opinion. I put all my reasoning of why I made things the way they are in the document with one goal in mind: Making Alchemicals work in the current system with as little rule changes as possible and to keep up with the current and future Exalts. The current rendition of Alchemicals I have here are what I think is a good spot for Alchemical power to be based on playtesting them on and off for several years.

    Q: Are you going to make Polis charms?
    : I think I found a pretty good way of doing City Alchemicals, but that will be in the future. I have absolutely no idea when.
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    Read my shit at my homebrew topic, 2.5e and 3e material!
    Play Alchemical's in 3e now, you're welcome.

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    I'm sorry, but this is simply unacceptable. I know you worked hard, but there will need to be adjustments made.

    You have listed Claslat as best nation, when clearly Nurad is superior.

    ...More seriously, I haven't gotten particularly deep into this, but I remain very impressed by the amount of work you put in. Thank you for sharing this with us.



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      You absolute madman I love it. Even if I'm sure I'll find some kruft in there not to personal taste the vast amount of work being done around it will make things easier to adjust if I ever have need to use this.

      Now back to the wait for Sidereals, scratching another line in the wall of my cave of exile...