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[Solar Investigation remake] It's never Mr Red, is it?

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  • [Solar Investigation remake] It's never Mr Red, is it?

    Good evening, everyone!
    Investigation is out!

    This one was actually quite a bit of work! The original set was just so small, and only half of it were any good ;_;

    But it is done! Now your detective gets to ace his mysteries at the speed of thought, his keen awareness of his surroundings and of his foes is a resource on its own, and his insights on even the most obscure mysteries border on prophecy '-'

    As always, feel free to use it as you wish, every feedback is welcome and I hope you have fun with it

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    Just fishing this back from the void.

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      Let's post this again and hope the board doesn't eat my post.

      Do you have problems with how Investigation is handled in Exalted Third Edition? Do you wish there was more guidance on how to make mysteries and a framework to build them upon? Are your players unhappy with the uninspiring Solar Investigation charmset and wish to do something beyond just raw brute-forcing of numbers?

      My name is Sandact6 and I have just the thing for you: My brand new Solar Investigation revamp. Containing all of the exciting features below:
      • A brief overhaul of the Investigation ability as a whole. A system that seeks to give clarifications on the crunch of Investigation while giving Storyteller’s some narrative advice on how to run mysteries for their players. This overhaul is still compatible with other Dragonblooded, Lunar, and NPC charms, so Storytellers need not make dramatic changes to their game.
      • Full integration with my Venture homebrew system to help provide a proper framework for larger and more involved investigations. Easily ignored if you do not wish to use ventures.
      • Complete overhaul of the Solar Investigation tree. Less emphasis on numbers and dice tricks, more material devoted to finding new ways to ways to investigate. Gain leads on similar cases upon finishing a case, become a judge appointed by heaven itself, meditate upon a weapon and learn the secrets of their ancient wielders, force a person to confess to their crimes after bringing evidence against them, and more!

      Don’t let your cases turn cold, read today!

      Read my shit at my homebrew topic, 2.5e and 3e material!
      Play Alchemical's in 3e now, you're welcome.


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        Thanks for continuing this.

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