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Errata: Scion: Hero

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    Would the missing 'modern day' image for the Shen count as Errata?


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      Originally posted by Dioscuri View Post
      Would the missing 'modern day' image for the Shen count as Errata?
      No, it just hasn’t come in yet.

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        Never mind.
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          I am pretty sure that we need crime scene tape around this sentence from page 210 (near the top of the right-hand column):
          "The Purview or Purviews this Relic allows a Scion to channel for marvels and learn Boons in."

          More nit-pick than errata, but I am still unable to parse this sentence in any way that makes sense.


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            Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post

            No, it just hasn’t come in yet.
            I know you are trying to be helpful, but: Please do not have conversations in the errata thread.


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              Page 22: Alternative Series Structures boxed text...

              - Ladder paragraph...

              - 3rd sentence - Looks like it should begin with "Don't let..." The "let" is missing.


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                p225: "The Unlimited Quatermaster" should be "The Unlimited Quartermaster"

                I call the Integrity-analogue the "subjective stat".
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                  Scion: Hero references a "Black pool" which I think is supposed to be the pool of Momentum? I was not able to find a definition to this anywhere else in either Origin or in Hero.


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                    Page 249 under Epic Strength- "You can use strength in place of presence for intimidation..."
                    Replace strength with Might

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                      Originally posted by atamajakki View Post

                      It’s errata: the text suggests two names and only lists one.

                      Don't correct Rich. Rich's word is final.

                      Errata is addressed to us. If you're talking to each other, then you're having a discussion, and it should go elsewhere.

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                        Very well, then:

                        P.95: “Bast wars with herself over her own nature, even in the modern World. When she is calm and con-templative, she goes by Bast, the prophet and gentle guide. When visions of the future become too much, the old warrior surfaces within her.“ The text suggests Bast is one of two names, but never gives another. The writeup for Bast also lists Sekhmet as an alias, then says on the next page in a sidebar that the two are not the same goddess.

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                          Page 253, the Divination Boon: "A character’s good luck runs once this benefit has"

                          I think there should be an out in there.

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                            p. 178: Second paragraph: "She prays every day, stars at statues..." should be "She prays every day, stares at statues..."

                            The last sentence in the second paragraph is awkward, almost like it has an extra "and" in it. It should probably be split, perhaps as "...and a card tied to a brimming-over bank account; they also blessed the weapons she's always had."

                            And finally, the last sentence in the paragraph is incomplete. It ends with "Her father spoke to her through"
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                              Unsure if it's planned to change but the Character sheet is missing some key things. On the example heroes, they're either not listed or put in strange places. There's no spot for Legendary Title (missing from all characters) and there's no spot for Birthrights (put under Path Effects for the pregens).

                              Rashmi is also missing asterisks on two of her attributes (Might and Presence) and her Mental attributes are one dot short.
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                                Captain of Industry and Inspirational Aura, under Heroic Leader Knacks, are duplicates of one another.