I'm working on understanding all the rules Scion has to offer and I've struggling with contacts. I understand that each path comes with a single contact, and you can ask them for favors, but then things get fuzzy.

n page 100 of Scion Origin, it says "A character gains to points per invocation [of her path] to create her contacts." The same paragraph says "Each contact begins with one dot and one tag". Later in the paragraph, it says "these points fade at the end of the session".

I'm trying to write a rules summary to help my players understand the game and to use as a quick reference during play. Here's what I have for contacts:
  • Once per session, invoke your path to use your Access or Contact.
    • When you invoke, gain two points to spend on contacts.
      • Each point either creates a new contact, or improves an existing contact by adding a dot or a tag. New contacts start with one dot and one tag.
      • At the end of the session, all dots and tags assigned with these points disappear.
    • Roll an appropriate Skill +2 dice. On a success, gain the following benefit:
      • A contact acts according to your request, and grants enhancement equal to the contact level to a challenge relevant to the contact’s tags.

Do I understand all this correctly?

So a player invokes their path through the single existing 1 point contact. At that point, they can either improve that contact, or create a new contact. If they improve the contact, they get the benefit of a stronger contact right now. If they create a new contact, they can use that contact right now, as a 2 dot contact with any tag. If they invoke their path again during the session, the contacts get better (potentially). However, at the end of the session, all points, except the original 1 dot, disappear from their list of contacts.

If that's the case, why would you ever create a new contact? Why not just grant the original contact a new temporary tag for your original contact, and add a dot? Additionally, if you continue to invoke your path (risking suspension and revocation) does your contact get better each time?

This all seems like a supper complicating way of (mostly) getting the following effect:

Invoke your path to call upon a contact. Roll a relevant Skill + 2 dice. If successful, gain 2e to a challenge relevant to your path. Increase the enhancement by two each time you invoke the path during a session.