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    Going through Titanomachy & I've just realized that I can't tell whether Titanic Scions have virtues or not. I'm getting the implication that their supposed to use the virtues of whatever pantheon/culture they come from (Cronus = Theoi virtues; the White Eyebrow = Shen virtues; Princess Kiyo = Kami virtues; etc.) but it's not actually stated & I think that I should make sure. So, can anyone confirm/deny/explain this please?

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    As far as we know Titan Scions work like any other Scions so they definitely have Virtues.

    The impression is they’re moving away from the Titan Virtues in the Hero book without explicitly retconning them, so by default you probably use Pantheon Virtues, but at Storyguide discretion swap in Titan Virtues if you prefer.
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      My tentative thought would be that perhaps Titan Scions only develop Titanic Virtues if they activity become enemies of their pantheon and/or humanity as a whole. You could, for example, be the offspring of Aten and think he's ass and be a loyal member of the Netjer.
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        I would recommend a Titanic Scion just take Virtues from their associated Pantheon. But I've gone on about how I'm not a huge fan of the Titan Virtues in 2e before, so that's coloring my interpretation, TBH.

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          Yeah, I agree with the Virtues of their Pantheon. There are Titans and then there are the monsters/purposed beings. Apep doesn't care one pip about anything that isn't his intended purpose, for instance, while someone like Raijin or Sutr is much more nuanced.