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"New" Urban Legend: Modern Takarabune

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  • "New" Urban Legend: Modern Takarabune

    In the first three days of each new year, it's said that the Seven Fortunes (Benzaiten, Fortune of Eloquence; Bishamon, Fortune of Strength; Ebisu, Fortune of Luck; Kisshouten, Fortune of Mercy; Fukurokuju, Fortune of Longevity and Wisdom; Hotei, Fortune of Joy; and Okuninushi, Fortune of Heroes and Wealth) travel to the ports of Japan and bless a random mortal they pick. This is individual is then blessed in virtually every aspect of their life, having incredible success in whatever they try in this new year.

    In modern times, the Takarabune, the treasure boat that carried the Seven Fortunes, took a new form, but the idea is the same. In any place of the World, during the celebrations of the new year, you can see a limousine with seven individuals in intense partying. They can ask you to join them. Some people that agreed tell of a extasyatic and epiphanic experience, that forever changed their lifes and their vision of the World. All of them had been incredible blessed/lucky/successful since then.


    Ok, I think this is a nice "idea"/seed to the World. My problem with it: If you are approached during nighttime (with or without a New Year Party happening) for seven very elegant people inside a limo, it's probably not a good idea to accept their invitation. To spread this as a superstition may be more harmful than good.
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