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A Ruling on Tier

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  • A Ruling on Tier

    Does anyone have a comprihensive list of the effects of Tier? There are refenrences to it thoughout the books, and it's effects are scattered haphazardly about, but I cant find a definitive list of it's effects. Is there such a thing in any of the published content?

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    Tier affects TN for dice rolls and whether or not you can affect targets with powers. (Some powers not working on targets of higher tier, for example.)


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      There's also a default rule about low Tier characters not being able to simply kill higher Tier characters as part of the inherent imbalance of power in the setting.

      But yeah, for the most part, those "scattered haphazardly" things are not rules about Tier, they're rules that reference Tier. Compiling them all would be in the same ball park as compiling all the times the game says to roll Dexterity for something. It might give you some ideas about how the game applies the trait in question, but those are rules that are meant to define those traits explicitly.