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From Origin to Hero for a Denizen Sorcerer

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  • From Origin to Hero for a Denizen Sorcerer

    I'm building a Theriantrope Sorcerer character and i'd like some opinions on how they could go from the Origin level to Hero in the future.
    As an Origin character they're a Sorcerer with a Theriantrope Path, so they have one Working. The Player's Guide recommend Denizens Sorcerers with Legend taking the Magic Purview, so when the character gains Legend, I'll give them the Purview but in terms of mechanics, does that mean that they exchange the Working they know for the Magic Purview and also get a Denizen Purview, do they get the Magic Purview in addition of the Working they already know, or do they merely get the Magic Purview and nothing else?

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    Let's see: a mortal sorcerer has one Working; a Hero-tier sorcerer has two Workings; a Demigod-tier sorcerer has three Workings; and a Divine-tier sorcerer has four Workings. The Magic Purview gives a Hero one Working, a Demigod two Workings, and a God three Workings.

    By a literal treating of the rules, I would say that when a sorcerer becomes a Hero, he trades in his sorcery for the Magic Purview. He doesn't technically lose anything, since he had one Working before his Visitation, and he has one Working (through the Magic Purview) after his Visitation.

    That said, this seems a bit glitchy. If it were me, I'd house-rule that the Magic Purview grants two, three, and four Workings instead of one, two, or three.


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      As far as the Magic Purview goes, I think it works out like this:
      • the Purview allows access to 1 Working at the Heroic level. (See sidebar on page 78, "Gods and Magic"). This should be the Working they had at Origin level. This assumes that being a Sorcerer is secondary to the character. So if you have a normal Legend Score, with Callings, just don't pick a second Working yet.
      • More importantly, Techniques are treated as Knacks by Heroes and other Legendary beings that are not primarily Sorcerers. See "Denizens, Saints and Sorcery" sidebar on page 77 of "Saints and Monsters". Likewise, being primarily a Legendary Denizen means that you should learn towards how Scions (Heroes, Demigods, etc) operate, rather than the Sorcery variant that Saints can use. If the character is primarily a Sorcerer and is using second method in the sidebar, you don't get Callings, let alone Purviews/Boons, Denizen or not.
      • If you are Legendary, your Source of Power should be represented as a Birthright that grants Magic Purview (Patronage as a Guide, Talisman as a Relic, etc). Frankly I feel that should hold true for actual Sorcerers but RAW disagrees with me.
      • Then, as Magic is always a Granted Purview (ie never Innate), you get your Denizen Purview. Transformation fits Therionthropes the best out of the official example Denizen Purviews.
      • Your Motif for the Magic Purview should remain the same.
      Don't forget that you get Boons from both the Denizen Purview and the Magic Purview to pick from.
      The question is, are you a Theriantrope who learned Sorcery, or are you a Sorcerer who happens to be a Theriantrope? Which is more central to the character's concept?
      Because the rules are very different.

      Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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        Thank you for the advice!

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