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What is your Scion's relationship with their divine parent.

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  • What is your Scion's relationship with their divine parent.

    Just a curious question. I used to play Scion back in the day and I played a Scion of Aengus.

    My character who was a minor actor and musician had a good relationship with his parent but it was more along the lines of good buddies and he was loyal because Aengus used his healing boons to save his mortal mother and step-father from a nasty car accident and would use his epic social attributes & Illusions boons to help out his pantheon. So what kind of relationships did you protrayed in your games.

    What in the name of Set is going on here?

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    I have a character currently, a created scion of Persephone, who dislikes his mother and is planning to bring her down in some fashion. Not kill if he can avoid it. She made him as a weapon of filial vengeance, but in order to "bring out his potential" as she put it, she willingly endangered his mortal family. He suspected then confirmed and now the weapon has turned upon their creator. To appearances it cordial and dutiful, but he is making plans behind the scenes.


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      A conversation between my created Scion of Xochiquetzal and her.
      Jacob "I'm not calling you mom that's weird"
      Xochiquetzal "but I am your mom"
      Jacob "but like you didn't birth me. You plucked a feather out of my mom's tattoo and turned it into me"
      Xochiquetzal "Honey if that's your definition of being a mom then you don't actually have one" Scions have some weird parent issues to work through.


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        I'm working on a Scion of Hermes, and I figure since Hermes can travel almost anywhere almost as quickly as he wants, he would be the parent who was always there for his kid. Need a ride to school? Easy peasy. Here's your sack lunch. He'll be there cheering in the stands for you at sports events. Etc.