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  • 🃏The House Always Wins ♦ (suggestions wanted)

    I'm kicking around an idea for a one shot. It's in a slightly different version of The World where it differs more from ours, but I wanna get all Ocean's Eleven (or more accurately Leverage) and have the players pull a heist.
    Originally posted by Player Packet
    You are young heroes who happen to be in the area of a small town somewhere else when a Titanspawn appears and starts to cause trouble. In your quick thinking and heroics that save the innocents—you are going to save the innocents, right?—you catch the eye of Hermes, and the God of Thieves has just the job for you. You’re going to get an all expense trip paid to The Meadows—a hyper-cosmopolitan lush oasis in the otherwise Teotl controlled American Southwest that no God or Pantheon controls built to a God of Wealth that no one can agree who, now a haven for gambling and sin—and you’re going to rob a casino’s vault for the big spenders.

    The slick talking Messenger tells you it’s going to be an easy job, and soon the ambrosia will be flowing. He’s even willing to throw in a little something extra for you personally to sweeten that deal. But in the city built by Greed and ruled by Fate, nothing is ever easy. Whether Norn or Miorai or else, Lady Luck is unlikely going to be on your side. You know what they say:​
    I've skimmed over the book before, but this would be the first time actually running anything. Aside from the movie and show I mentioned above, the real inspiration is actually Dresden Files: Skin Game. Because the vault Hermes wants them to rob is actually that of a Death God. I want to really hammer home how cosmopolitan The World is, meaning Hades is out, so I'm thinking Mictlantecuhtli. This is Teotl territory after all, but the casino itself is probably going to be the essentially the Luxor, owned by a Scion. Likely one involved in The Meadows' criminal underworld.

    What advice could you give me on what kind of things to involve? I'll obviously tailor things more to the players, but what should I be aware of and use? I figure some Denizens like Amazons and Einherjar might make for good physical security. But I'm not quite up on the magical tricks and traps that can be employed for protection.
    I'm also not quite sure yet what Hermes wants and why, and how Mictlantecuhtli would react. I mostly just want there to be an "oh, shit" moment when they finally get in the vault and realize what it is. Just like in Skin Game, they're likely going to have to go into Mictlan to retrieve the artifact itself, though.

    Also. Could this be the Visitation? Does it have to be the God themselves? Could someone from a different Pantheon be like "hey, I found one of your little rugrats, got anything to give them?"
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