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  • 101 Scion Story Hooks

    Meh... why not add one here?

    001) Okay, sure, the old religions could get a little wild when it came to rituals and celebrations. But what happens when they take things a little bit too far? There is another hero in the city, who fancies themselves a future god of revelry. As far as killing Titan Spawn goes, they're pretty good at their job. But their method of celebrating is the pinacle of vulgarity. This hero's adoring fans launch themselves into orgies in full view of the public, with no regard for who or even what they're fornicating with. Alcohol flows among them until people are collapsing where they stand, sometimes in mid conversation! People dance until they are too sore to move, and sing until their voices give out. Those who manage to survive this extreme partying (some of them die from exhaustion) wake up in a daze with no memory of what transpired.

    You're band suspects they might have fallen victim to the Titan of Chaos, but beyond their ecstatic party throwing, you have little evidence to go on. If your suspicions are correct, it would be extremely dangerous to let this Scion advance in power. But if you're wrong, you run the risk of angering not only this Scion, but their extended family who supports them.

    002) Hephaestus needs to explain to his kids what constitutes as a joke! One of his Scions is a sewage worker, of all things. In a fit of boredom, they decided to convert the city's sewers into a labyrinth, complete with its own Minotaur! It may sound harmless enough to any heroes that choose to stay above ground, but the city workers have a job to do, and they can't fix the plumbing if they're dodging spring loaded buzz saws, fire breathing scorpions, or man sized bulls swinging an axe at their face! So before the entire city starts to smell like shit, it looks like you're going to have to climb down there and solve the problem!

    003) There comes a time when you have to decide whether the old ways are better or not. You've just found out there's a scion, one of your own family, who's decided their heritage makes them superior to mortals. They're running a smuggling operation, kidnapping people and selling them into slavery over seas. The money they earn goes to furthering the Scion's fight against the Titans and building the glory of your family's name.

    So now the question is... where do your loyalties reside? Will you allow this smuggling operation to survive in order to increase your power, or will you put a stop to it and possibly anger your pantheon? Either way, you're going to lose respect, either for yourself or from your peers!
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    Aww, nobody has any?


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      004) The gods of the Dodekatheon decide, in a sudden jolt of competitive brotherhood and vanity to host a cross pantheon competition of sports and games. Some "Olympic" games, if you will. The varying pantheons have agreed to participate and will send their chosen Scions to compete in games testing the various attributes and strengths that exemplify them and their parentage. However, exactly what these games entail, and the risks involved haven't been entirely explained. But who cares! The winner gets respect and bragging rights with the other pantheons for all of eternity! Oh and maybe some cool birthrights and favors or something.

      005) The Scion of a powerful fertility god has come to you and your band asking for your assistance in destroying some titanspawn threatening their home. The titanspawn, masquerading as a lumber company are destroying the natural beauty of the world and attempting to corrupt it with more industry and technology, forcing humanity to forget and condemn the natural beauty of the world! Weird though, because all of those lumberjacks sure seem like regular humans who are just doing their jobs. And some of the fertility gods of other pantheons seem REALLY on board with this mission. Like more than they should for a mission supposedly brought by one of their rivals. Are we really the good guys here?

      006) A new human with the gift of prophecy has been identified. It is imperative that your pantheon "gain custody" of this powerful mortal. They must be located and extracted as soon as possible. So how do we find them? Wait, they're a social media sensation? Constantly broadcasting their location via chirper, speedygram, and picturebook? What does this post mean about "the face of the night sky trembling and shedding tears of light as her heroes fall"? Is that a titanspawn doing jello shots with them in Vegas...?
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        (I chortle at the idea of Thor's children participating in the "hammer" toss)

        007) Vampires... considering everything else you've faced, these blood suckers should be like swatting flies. Except for this one, oddly enough... They fancy themselves as some kind of rising "blood" god and have been racking up a dangerously high magnitude of human sacrifices. Another Scion went in to clean up the problem... and didn't come back in one piece! Is this vampire really the Scion of some violent deity, or are they getting assistance from something else?


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          008) An agent of heaven has gone missing and the gods need you to find them. They managed to locate the general area of a city where this agent is located but couldn't get anymore specifics. The hard part starts once you find them though. In addition to protecting this agent from the Titanspawn that are no doubt hunting them, they seem to have contracted amnesia and are living life as an average mortal. How will you find them and convince them of who they really are? (Which is who again?)
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            Here are some from the old White Wolf Wiki - sorry that I don't know who actually came up with them...

            009) The Lost City: Some twenty to thirty years ago, the farming community of Bright Hill, located in rural (even by local standards) Montana, cut off all contact with the outside world. The last news anyone had out of the place was that a local farmer had unearthed some strange item plowing his field (confusing just about everyone as he'd plowed that same field the same way since he was fifteen and only found more and more dirt). The exact look and nature of the thing is a mystery, with every account colored by thirty years of tall tales and stranger occurrences seen off on the horizon. However, everyone agrees that the last thing anyone heard out of Bright Hill was that the town had, for some completely unknown reason, decided to pump every cent in the town treasury into building a Monorail. Exactly what they hoped to accomplish with the device is unknown. But about six months after the decision, a few people noticed that their friend in and around Bright Hill hadn't really been in touch lately. Three dozen died trying to drive into town. The survivors told horror stories about strange weapons that sprouted from the ground, roads that devoured cars, lightning arcing between distant towers and along the disturbing steel ring that surrounded the old downtown, suspended by unknown forces in mid-air. Who (or perhaps more likely "what") caused this incredible change in the populace is unknown, and even attempts by the local National Guard resulted in nothing more than a field of casualties. The state and national government seem, strangely, unconcerned with any of this; in fact, the governor recently released a statement declaring the entire thing was likely an elaborate hoax, an opinion shared by thousands of others around the country who've heard the story of "The Mechanical Ghost Town of Bright Hill" around the same campfires as stories concerning the Jersey Devil or the Hook-hand killer.

            010) That which was left Behind: Most think that every Titan left when they broke free from their prison. That is unfortunately incorrect. Something still lurks in the deep, hidden places, hating everything blessed by the Gods. Whether they admit it or not, that's the reason the deepest caverns across the world have closed down their lowest levels. That's the reason that mining interests have been loosing money, having to pay out higher and higher bonuses for hazard pay. That's the reason you're being sent to the tourist trap known as Natural Bridge, Virginia and the deepest cavern on the east coast of the United States.

            011) The Fountain:In the course of the Scions travels, they come across a beautiful ornate fountain (perhaps the sky burst in a green haze and led them there, perhaps they stumbled upon it, not important either way). The fountain is made of a solid piece of gemstone (pick your favorite) and a cool, crisp, refreshing water flows from its many outlets. The basin itself if about 15 feet across and rises up for 4 tiers of ornate beauty. When someone drinks from the fountain (the water is perfectly safe by the way), the fountain issues forth a voice, asking those in its presence if they seek truth. Then asks if they seek knowledge, then asks if they seek understanding. If answered yes on all accounts, the Fountain then issues them a challenge. Finish a task, and they will have their answer. The fountain then emits a wave of arcane power that washes over the pcs. When they open their eyes, they're not feeling quite themselves. (At this point, shuffle the sheets around. Preferably for comedic potential). The Scions are stuck this way, literally walking a mile in each others shoes (or boots, or heels, or birkenstocks, or whatever...) until they finish their task (which can be whatever you want)


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              010) It's terrible, absolutely terrible! Your Relic has been stolen and put up for display as a trophy for a pompous rival's party. If your father Thor hears about this, there's no telling how he'll react! You have a plan to sneak in and get your Relic back... but... well its going to require an impressive feat of disguise. Hey, if dear old Dad can do it, then surely you can too!
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                013) Old man /Kaggen, the Bushman Mantis god, creator and trickster, decided to go to sleep. The trouble is, his dreams tend to become reality. Even changing the natural order is not out of the question. Can you sneak into the dream of one of the oldest beings alive, and make sure that ticks dont become the dominant species or something?

                014) Dionysos is slowly going mad. And no, his usual persona is very sane compared to what is emerging. Kybele was able to cure him in the past, but the goddess does not accept visitors in her wilderness retreat. Do you persevere until she finally relents? Or do you take Ariadne`s advise, and head to Knossos to search for Asterion? Wait, Asterion and Dionysos are...

                015) Have you ever felt a longing for... Euripides? No matter, you will have to search for him anyway. Yes, in Hades. No, you are not allowed to question orders. Yes, judging a contest between furious tragic poets is part of the job. As well as preventing all those dead people from sneaking out to the world of the living in your luggage (but of course you have luggage!). You are only allowed to take Euripides with you. Or maybe Aeschylus is better? Unless, of course, those drama queens throttle you before a decision can be made.


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                  016) Ishtar just broke the fucking gates to the Underworld. There are dead Mesopotamians everywhere. Sort this nonsense out before things get out of hand.

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                    017) You're getting called out in front of everyone. A cult of mortals are declaring their god is the true faith, while your followers spout nothing but heresy and worship a false god. The mortals have set up a contest to see which god can perform the most feats and prove themselves worthy of their worship. If you fail the challenge, it could result in a significant drop in followers. So will you answer the challenge, or do the mortals need to be taught a lesson for insulting the gods in such blatant manner?


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                      018) You happen to have met Tezcatlipoca`s Night Axe (Yoaltepoztli) headless manifestation, and passed the test (by taking his heart). Of course, now Tezcatlipoca is very interested in you. So have some more tests, weirdness and unnecessary danger. Is there a way to convince Necoc Yaotl to leave you be without angering the fickle god? Oh, and those three or four captives you were promised as a reward? You must capture and sacrifice them. Soon.

                      019) One of the tablets containing the laws of Ur-Nammu disappeared. You are charged by Utu with protecting the rest, since the Titanspawn can use an object of such symbolic importance to twist the very concept of Law and Justice. Whether it will influence only mortal society, or the gods as well, there is no way you can allow the enemy to hold this ritual. Oh, and while you`re at it, try not to draw any suspicious gazes. The authorities might think you`re the thief.

                      020) Remember that weaver, who supposedly died as a result of Susanoo-no-Mikoto`s twisted hobby of flaying horses? Well, she is alive, simply banished to the mortal world, since no impurity can exist close to Amaterasu. But the weaver has not lost her skill, and a certain divinity really wants a furisode made by her for his daughter. Find the weaver, convince her to work... and make sure she never finds out the garment is for Susanoo`s child. Or... perhaps this is a chance for mending a broken relationship?


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                        21) It is said that when you work for your meal, it tastes much better. Your brother, popularly known as the Warrior Chef has a peculiar hobby of challenging great warriors to battle, and then eating those he slays in victory. One day, he comes before you with his famous cleaver and butcher's knife and tells you that their enemies have finally assembled an assassination squad to take him out. Are you going to stand by your brother and help him fight off a group of angry Scions, or will you join the hit squad and put this cannibal down? He's getting hungry, and those blades look pretty sharp!


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                          22) You have famous guests. One of them is Narad Muni - a wonderful conversationalist, but a trickster and troublemaker as well. You might wonder whether his tongue has a mind of it`s own. The other guest is the rishi Durvasas, and... well, good luck trying to please him. Try not to get cursed.

                          23) Creiddylad has had enough. Every Beltayne her two suitors, Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwythyr ap Greidawl, fight for her hand - and neither wins. What does a young goddess, embodiment of spring and youth, do? Wait until the sky falls down? No way. She wants either the Winter king or the Summer one to win - and damn the consequences. And if you dont help her (or find another solution), she will intervene herself, so you have a week to sort this mess out, or else.


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                            Inno A Satana
                            24) The Church of Satan is headed by somebody a Hel of a lot more "real-deal" than Anton La Vey. Your mission, should you choose to accept it?
                            Help him out by throwing the most raucous party possible.

                            Shameless Self Promotion
                            25) A Scion of a Rival God is running amok as a "superhero" and spreading the faith far and wide. This being the 21st Century, the Scion's deeds
                            are broadcast by every major news organization in the world and uploaded onto sites like Youtube. The Dodekatheon finds this to be a bit...hubristic.
                            Take the Scion down a peg, if you will, but keep in mind you're messing with a real deal Internet Sensation.

                            Bulls and Bears
                            26) Somebody is wreaking international havoc in the stock markets and makes Jordan Belfort and Bernie Madoff look like pikers.
                            It is determined to be supernatural. Do you put an end to it or do you join in? Bullish or bearish?

                            Lord of All Fevers and Plagues
                            27) A high-powered agent of Nergal is spreading disease and madness all throughout New Mexico.
                            You are The Last Best Hope To Stop It. Anybody got a Birthright Hazmat suit?

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                              28) A Man in Town who has strange Dreams , has startet to create all kinds of weird stuff (even smithing weapons), wich are all Relics. As his Dreams grow in intesity , so more powerful are the Relics he creates, its just a matter of Time until he creates something realy epic.