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By the Gods I wish we had more Mummy! Gimme some Capacocha Please!

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    Well I think the Croatan were the tribe that spread the farthest south, but Uktena in my opinion would have investigators in the lands of all three brothers.

    Yes Pumonca were in both North and South America.

    And I like to think the Capacocha in general mingled in each others territory and went as far north as that region, but there main job is guarding I guess specific cultures, but threats wander from up north so it would behoove them to learn more.

    Vampire has the Tlacique who only the Setites know are a divergent bloodline of theirs, their founder was Tezcatlipoca who was a Methuselah with so great an understanding of Obtenebration it dwarfed the conquering Sabbats and he made a stronghold out of shadows.

    We also have Huitzilpoctli who was Nergal/Shaitan and I wager he had his branch of Baali children. And we have a branch of Nosferatu and Gangrel populating the Area, but they may be an offshoot bloodline that the European Vampires recognized as Nosferatu and Gangrel, they may be of the drowned legacies. The Cipactli were a drowned Legacy of Crocodilian Vampires, and some believe the Samedi may have evolved partly from a native group.

    The Fae had the Kachina I think farthest south of the first mentioned Nunnehi, originally they state that the Nunnehi included Native fae of both Americas but they kind of may have changed this. The Llorona are the fae tied to the crying lady myth and they were in the area.


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      Eldagusto are Capacocha and mallki the same thing?


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        I bet you could convert Shadows of Mexico to WoD if you really felt like it.


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          Originally posted by Penelope View Post
          I bet you could convert Shadows of Mexico to WoD if you really felt like it.
          Shadows of Mexico is one of my gaps in book knowledge :P I haven't read that one yet.

          Capacocha were the first imperfect spell of going west for the mummies of the Americas, later they perfected it into true life/immortality and they were the Teomallki. They are divided into four Suyu:


          They were each of a different region and culture and have a favored magic.


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            Thank you 😊.


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              I admit I'm a bit skeptical that bog mummies were meant to be mummified, and I don't recall anything about Mesoamerican mummies in all my studies of the area.

              But the ancient Peruvians invented mummification long before Egypt. Granted, their mummies were reduced to skeletons first, but...

              But what are these Einherjar, or what is said about them canonically?

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