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The Hunters Hunted.

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  • The Hunters Hunted.

    Has anyone actually played using that book; I'm reading it right now, and as a separate game, for players not overly familiar with V:tM, it could be a good game to play.

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    I’ve used it. It’s come in very handy as the PC Dhampir has moved behind the scenes to organize vampire hunters into a force that could start clearing out and protecting sections of the city from vampires (basically building a domain where they effectively control the feeding rights... as in no vampire gets any).

    Having specific mechanics for building the NPC allies they’re picking up is helpful and the Armory, Base of Operations, Mob and Library backgrounds gave the Dhampir something to work towards since a lot of the other things vampires traditionally try to improve just aren’t available to Dhampir PCs.


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      Yes. It's pretty much designed to do the sort of classic "vampire hunter" stories from pre-Anne Rice/vampire as protagonist media (Dracula, Fright Night, The Lost Boys, etc.), just in a world where vampires tend to be more numerous and organized than the hunters originally expect. It adapts well to other types of monsters hunters (The Howling, The Exorcist, The Devil Rides Out, and so forth) as well, though you may want to ignore the rest of the WoD books and just use Hunters Hunted's interpretation of lupines and wizards instead.

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