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    This post is an index of various material I've developed for the Classic World of Darkness.

    Vampire: the Masquerade
    Humanity and the Virtues: originally part of a discussion about how to change Humanity for 4e.

    Mage: the Ascension
    Acolyte Magic: an alternative to Hedge Magic that utilizes a limited variant of Sphere Magick’s rotes as its basis.
    Archmastery, reworked: a new take on Archmastery that relies less on more Effects, and more on reduced effort.
    Skeptics: counterparts to the Marauders who are in a permanent state of Denial. Now official, kind of.

    Sphere variants for the Traditions: tailoring the Spheres to more closely reflect the idiosyncracies of the various Traditions.
    Pillars for the Modern Crafts: different organizing principles for the fields of knowledge pursued by various Crafts.
    Fields for the Technocracy: Giving the Technocracy its own set of “Spheres”.
    Composite Spheres for Orphans: inspired by minor Spheres, making it up as you go.
    Limited Spheres: expanding on the notion of Wonder Spheres to include other sorts of restrictions.
    Restoring the Nine Spheres: diametrically opposed to the prior set of hacks, this hack seeks to restore the original simplicity of the nine Spheres by integrating the Technocratic variants back into the Spheres they were derived from.
    The Fate Sphere: a broader replacement for the Entropy Sphere, covering Dynamism and Stasis as well as Entropy.
    The Machine Sphere: a variant of Matter that focuses more on mechanics and less on chemistry. Includes mechanical Wonders.

    Avatar Experience: an extra Experience system to help your Avatar guide you.
    Alternate Rules for Practices and Instruments: Discarding Instruments and Rote Casting.
    Redefining Mystics and Technomancers: removing the “Science vs. Magic” bias from the game.
    Spellbooks: Grimoires that teach Rotes.
    Alternate Paradox Mechanics: inspired by V5.
    Work in Progress: a system for integrating innovations into the Consensus. The title currently refers both to its topic and its current state of development.
    Magickal Feats and Instruments: big things should be dramatic.

    The Technocratic Civil War: in this corner, the Technocratic Union, Reloaded! And in that corner, the new Order of Reason, a.k.a. the Revised Conventions!
    SPD: a New Take: reimagining the Syndicate's Special Projects Division in a way that has nothing to do with Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and everything to do with Fringe.

    The following hacks aren't elaborate enough to warrant their own pages:
    Differentiating Talents, Skills, and Knowledges: as per Mage Revised, but unlike all other editions of Mage, you have +1 difficulty if you don't have any dots in a Skill; and unless the Storyteller explicitly grants you an exemption, you can't even attempt a Knowledge roll if you have no dots in the Knowledge.
    Willworking Difficulties: Get rid of the ±3 cap on difficulty, but institute a minimum Difficulty of 4 for Coincidental, 5 for Vulgar, and 6 for Vulgar with Witnesses.
    Paradigm as Archetype: In the rules as written, Paradigm (your mage's philosophy or theory of magick) is strictly a roleplaying aid, with no system associated with it. If you wish, you can treat it as a third Archetype, like Nature and Demeanor, that lets you recover Willpower whenever your Paradigm is reaffirmed in some meaningful way.

    Rules Hacks in Development
    Alternate Liches: Perma-Morbid mages; a companion to my Skeptics hack. They're not liches in the MRev sense of someone who has enacted a magical ritual to attain immortality through undeath; but they do arguably qualify as liches in that perma-Morbidity is in practice indistinguishable from being undead.

    Wraith: the Oblivion
    Orpheus Shades: Orphan Grinders, and new Shades featuring the two Arcanoi not covered by the existing Shades.

    Changeling: the Dreaming
    Fearful Symmetry: the Thallain: home brewed Thallain Kiths, and other goodnessbadness.

    Demon: the Fallen
    Demon: the Inferno Translation Guide: comparing, contrasting, and translating between Demon: the Fallen and World of Darkness: Inferno.

    General World of Darkness
    Sorcerer 20: updating and expanding Hedge Magic to allow it to fulfil its full potential.
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    This post includes rules hacks by others that I find interesting, and musings on the various aspects of the World of Darkness.

    Mage: the Ascension
    • [Musing] The Nature of the Consensus: what is the Consensus — and what isn't it?
    • [Musing]The Quiet Consensus: what if the Consensus can suffer Quiet?
    • [Musing] On Science and Magick: are Science and Magick diametrically opposed, or are they the same thing?
    • [moogle001] The Fate Sphere: it turns out that moogle001 beat me to the punch on expanding the Entropy Sphere to incorporate the full metaphysical Trinity. Kudos!
    • [Octavo] Redesigned Prime Sphere: a reworking of the Prime Sphere after a review of all four editions.
    • [Octavo] Simpler Wonder Creation: a companion to the redesigned Prime Sphere.
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