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  • A brief metaplot of cWoD

    As I was browsing through the old WW forums, I stumbled upon this little gem of a topic and decided to keep a backup of it, you know, for science. This is neither mine nor official WW/OP material. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I cannot recall the author's username. If someone does remember or can recover it, please post it.

    Also, if anyone has any additions, PLEASE post them.

    With no further ado, here it is:

    God created angels. Angels created everything. Angels rebelled. Caine killed Abel. Angels began killing other angels. Azrael created the Shadowlands. Charon, Azrael's lieutenant, created a city (Stygia) where he made an underground fortress. This fortress existed on all levels of reality and was separated from Creation by a black spiraling staircase, which went through a vast Labyrinth which fucked with the minds and souls of any who entered.

    He dug too deep to make this fortress and let powerful entities of uncreation in. Known as the Neverborn. Whom were the "Children" of an entity called Grand Maw. This entity is either the remnants of a failed universe, lashing out in anger against its successor. Or (as Lucifer believes) it is the Twin Sister of God. This entity could be Lilith (whom is arguably an Ascended Archmage), however this remains to be proven.

    The Wyrm is a force of Creation, thus it has no relation to Grand Maw or the Abyss. It also has very little relation to that of the Shadowlands. The corruption of the Neverborn and their tormented dreams bleeds throughout the Fortress and the Labyrinth in which they dwell. As Charon intended, this structure exists on all levels of reality. Thus the corruption is strongest in the Shadowlands, but not limited to there. It exists even in the Middle Umbra, upsetting the spiritual balance put in place by Angels long ago.

    The Wyrm is both a force of Balance and Destruction. Like the other members of the Triat it is as much an idea as it is an entity. Much of the entropy and corruption in the world can be laid at the failure of the Wyrm and the Weaver. However, they are both symptoms of the far worse disease. The disease of the corruption caused by beings older than time and far more powerful than any mere Incarna.

    EDIT: Implied but not outright stated. Malfeas and the Black Spiral are the Fortress (known as Haven) and the Labyrinth created by Charon. It exists on ALL levels of reality. In the physical world it exists as a network of caverns underneath the island of Thera. Where Nergal, called Shaitan, the leader of the Baali dug deep to free the "Children" into the physical world.
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    Charon reported his findings of powerful creatures that existed outside Creation to his commander. Archduke Azrael the Angel of Death made a pact with Grand Maw. Who had been forced to allow her Children to feast on her to survive. He would allow the Neverborn to dwell within the fortress under Stygia and feast upon the universe in exchange for a promise. That should God or the Heavenly Host directly assault the Underworld the Neverborn would defend the Shadowlands with all their might. That should the Fortress fall they would be protected by Grand Maw herself.

    The awesome power of these beings was too great for Creation to contain, however. Their mere presence upset the balance of Entropy within Creation. Within the Middle Umbra the Wyrm did his best to destroy what was corrupted whilst still maintaining his creations. The Weaver angered by the increasingly rapid destruction of her creations, took to solving the problem. Unable to confront the Neverborn directly, the Weaver had no choice but to stop this unending destruction in the Middle Umbra. In a desperate bid to save her web.

    This failed. The Wyrm, after all, was not the source of this corruption. The Weaver's ensnaring of the Wyrm only upset the balance further, by preventing the destruction of what was corrupted. The Wyrm, now insane and corrupted itself, tore into itself to escape the Weaver's web. The fragmented and disorderly corruption that came was a direct consequence of the Weaver's failed plot and the descent into madness of the Wyrm.

    With the Shadowlands now thoroughly fucked up, and the Middle Umbra on its way down the toilet; along came a new threat. Lucifer's rebellion took a turn for the worse. They were losing, and badly. Turning to horrid experiments on mankind and memetic viruses which infected reality itself. Yet despite their power, and the heavy losses they inflicted upon their enemies, the rebels lost. Instead of being outright destroyed they were shoved into the Abyss. The realm of Grand Maw. Azrael asked himself "is this God's punishment or Grand Maw's protection?" As only he, Asmodeus, Abaddon, and their favored followers even knew of the pact.

    The disorder and unwatched experiments of the Fallen further wreaked havoc on Creation. The Neverborn now unable to remain awake without the Angels aid immediately fell into a deep slumber. Dreaming their dreams of an unending destruction and feast of the world which caused them pain... simply by existing. Their dreaming creating entirely new dimensions and realms of chaos unknown to even the greatest of the Fallen. Such realms infected the Middle Umbra as well as the Shadowlands with their hatred and power. Soon loyal Incarna turned against Creation, and the first of the Yama Kings began to fall. On Earth the great flood occurred and much of the lore of such beings was lost.

    However, not enough was. The Archangel Lucifer used his knowledge and the power of Humanity to summon his Lieutenants into the physical world. Creating the first Earthbound. Or at the least, the first Earthbound made through ritual. One entity known as Kupala had managed the trick before. Was he a Fallen... or a Neverborn?

    This new corruption, caused by maddened beings who once forged stars with their own hands, began its spread. Demonic pacts, tormented spirits turned evil, mortal cults, and more. All of this was for the purpose of expanding their power and ending the world they had come to hate. The seeds of Fomori and mortal cults of environmental destruction began then. Whether formed by fallen spirits, fallen angels, or unfeeling timeless horrors. In any case Entropy reigned supreme and Balance was lost.

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      With the Earthbound now in the physical world old evils long restrained were unleashed upon the world. Caine, the Great King of Blood, the first vampire had left his wayward progeny to their own devices. The Antediluvians, both the second and third generations, founded a great city. The city to be named the Second City by later chroniclers was a den of Wyrm taint unrivaled even by modern times. The Antediluvian God-Kings, of both generations, began the expansion of the powers of the blood. Creating new and strange disciplines. The first foray into blood magic was developed and several of the Third Generation used these powers to contact foul beings.

      The Third Generation, jealous of their sires power, hatched a plan to slay the Second Generation. Calling upon pacts with spirits, fallen angels, and other entities they managed to do so. The earth trembled, the skies cried blood, the spirits of the land screamed in anger. Caine was royally pissed. He returned to the city of his grandchilder and smote them furiously. After this he claimed he would only return in the final nights to judge all of his descendants for their crimes.

      Feeling free to expand the their own personal influence the Third Generation sired countless progeny and founded new cities. Creating a vast empire. Blood magics ensnaring demons and calling upon the aid of Wyrm aligned Umbrood. Tzimisce allied with Kupala, Laza-Omri-Baras (Lasombra) allied with unknown forces of the Abyss (Ahriman, Grand Maw, Lilith, or Azrael?), and the twisted children of Cappadocius allied with the Dreaming lords that dwelt within the Neverborns' own hive mind.

      Kupala used his new alliances to combat the Werewolves and corrupt the entirety of the "Land beyond the Forest". The shades of the Abyss now able to enter the physical world and feast upon the life within (through the usage of Obtenebration). Koldun of the Tzimisce clan using their magics unwittingly corrupted the spirits of the Elements they commanded. Caine, though indirectly, was once again responsible for atrocities. Sutekh the Antediluvian used his magics to carve out his own kingdom within the Shadowlands and annexed the land of Egypt into his domain.

      However, the antics of the Antediluvians was not the greatest threat at that time. Though they corrupted much. The Baali, using their newly acquired powers, began their own war against the Antediluvians. Not for the purpose of destruction, but for distraction. The Baali sent out wave after wave of mortal servitors and frenzied childer. All the while uncovering the lore required to break the dreams of their founders and summon them into the world. Some of the Baali, mostly under Moloch, realized that such work was madness. Moloch turned his back on his brothers. Taking his own progeny with him.

      This loss of forces (along with Haqim's ploy to use ur-Shulgi to force the Baali's hand) managed to undo the Baali advance. Though not entirely defeated the Baali were no longer a credible threat. The Children of Caine began to rest. Eventually turning to intrigue once again.

      It was during this relative peace that the Garou turned on their brethren. The Changing Breeds went to war. The War of Rage consumed many of Gaia's noble children. Corax fleeing with what allies they could spare from the fray. Bastet falling to Garou claws, Gurahl entering into hibernation, and so on. Why did the War start? Why were the Garou fighting the Fera? Who knows...

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        Whilst the War of Rage continued a curious thing happened. The damned souls of the Yomi Wan ripped their way back into the lands of the living. One such blighted individual, Xue, was blessed with lessons from two powerful figures. Two Heralds of the Jade Emperor. One figure draped in shadow and another glowing with scarlet light. They taught him the wisdom of Heaven. Giving him the Fivefold Way. Now called Arhat Xue, he taught this wisdom to his fellow fugitives of Hell. They were to use their powers to watch the spirit realms and take up the mantle of the fallen Wan Xian.

        These two Heralds had their work cut out for them. Using their power to imbue mortals in times of great stress, teaching the Changing Breeds through avatars, and keeping the Vampires from finding out too much. These two figures were the last two angels left in Creation. Seraphim the both of them. Above all they kept a keen eye on Charon and Lucifer. Two Fallen Angels left in Creation who for reasons unknown to them, had not entered the Abyss.

        Charon watched over the Shadowlands he had helped built. More over he was aware of the threat posed by the forces at work. He spent many centuries guarding the lands of the dead and supporting allies he knew were worthy. Granted the blessing to perform his task by the Lady of Fate (once known as Eve), the mother of all Humanity, he did the best he could. However, the wars on the surface and the continuing corruption of the Fallen and the Neverborn made his job difficult. However, not as difficult as was to come.

        The Baali in the lands of the living continued to make good on their promises to their dread lords. Attempting whenever they could to summon them. The Antediluvians had all but given up caring about it. Saulot had run off to the East, Haqim was busy chasing some unknown threat and angered at his clan, and the other Antediluvians even allied with the Baali from time to time. Only Lasombra seemed to care enough to send his progeny to face the Baali directly when Nergal (under the guise of Shaitan) attempted to summon Namtaru into the world.

        The forces of countless vampires (aided unknowingly by Garou) assaulted Nergal's fortress. Only to discover in the end, he was not there. He was on the island of Thera. Close to summoning his lord. Eventually his efforts failed. Once again the Children of Caine thought they were through with the Baali. Only centuries later to discover that Moloch was still active. He now dwelt in the city of Carthage. More and more information made its way to Rome, and eventually the Roman vampires felt they had no choice but to destroy Carthage.

        The Punic Wars began in earnest and the Roman vampires made great progress. Aided by two individuals of unknown clan. Ellimelech the Twice Damned who shook the foundations of Carthage itself. His powers driving the Brujah into a frenzy which they never fully recovered from. As well as aid from Cybele a powerful sorceress. After the battle was won they discovered that Elimelech had up and disappeared and Cybele was the child of Nergal. Who had given her aid to defeat Moloch out of anger for his leaving Nergal to die.

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          The Methuselah who supported Rome: Cybele, Mithras, Dracon, Antonius, Michael, and others all left the city. Without their aid it eventually fell. The fall of Rome led countless Wraiths entering the Shadowlands. Meanwhile, Charon in his duties of keeping the Shadowlands from collapsing under the weight of its own entropy made a new law. He required that all Wraiths who entered Stygia pay two coins from their death to be used in the reforging of the city. However, the vast numbers of Wraiths from falling Rome could not pay this tax. So Charon demanded the eyes be taken from those Wraiths who could not pay. These hordes of blinded lost souls made their way down the Labyrinth's black spiral. Crying out to the all consuming Grand Maw for vengeance.

          The Abyss shuddered and the Tempest, storm of the Shadowlands, began turning. The First Great Maelstrom begun. The lands of the dead were scoured by Her awesome power. Cities laid to waste and entire legions destroyed. The Shadowlands were forever altered. Charon repealed his law and asked the Lady of Fate for forgiveness for his sins. Still large and in charge Charon rebuilt Stygia once again.

          Unfortunately for Charon, the fallen Spirits who once led balance within the lands of the East began expanding their evil shard realms. The Yomi Wan and the other minor Hells began snatching souls which were meant for the Shadowlands and (in some cases) Oblivion. Charon could not protect them. The Wan Kuei used their knowledge from Xue to challenge this growing evil, but for little gain.

          Over time a mystic and master scholar of the east used his knowledge to become the lord of such a Hell. Named Mikaboshi, he founded his own dark city. The Wicked City. Which was to become the greatest haven of evil and tainted chi within all of the Yomi Wan. Such world altering events were not constrained to the lands of the dead. Tremere and his inner circle of Magi witnessed the ending of old magics. The constant changes in Creation were altering the fabric of reality, and thus magic as well. Humanity was changing the universe through their collective will. All the while without even realizing it.

          The members of House Tremere stole the curse of Caine from his descendants. Tremere himself attempted the diablerie on Saulot, which ultimately failed (though the clan at large did not realize this). Using their new powers the Tremere clan constructed horrible monsters and corrupted the land they claimed as their own. Twisting the ley lines beneath the ground and forming their own dark Caerns to imbue their blood with greater power. All this and more drew the attention of the Kolduns of clan Tzimisce. Who used their own foul blood fueled magics to combat the Tremere's efforts. Summoning Banes and expanding Kupala's demense.

          The Tremere, not to be undone, searched for even greater magics. Etrius himself summoned Fallen Angels into the world in his attempts to defeat the Tzimisce. Ultimately even his powers were not enough to control the very beings he summoned. All while this happened the last of the Inconnu, who had followed Saulot, retreated into Hunedoara castle. Powerful Cret convinced his fellows to enact a pact with a Fallen Angel he had summoned from the Abyss. A pact to keep themselves safe from the Tremere. Out of fear they all accepted. Thus even those most devoted towards redemption fell.

          All the while the elders of clans plotted to overthrow their Antediluvian sires. Only to be surprised by the coming Inquisition. Among the inquisitors were mortals empowered by awesome faith... as well as divine powers. It seemed the Heralds of God were doing their work again. As more vampires, mages, and other supernaturals fell to the flame something worse happened. The Black Death. Plague had come to Europe and North Africa. As a response to the Mongolian advance. Massive deaths in battle coupled with those who fell from the plague overcrowded the Shadowlands. Once again the Tempest began to stir.

          A Second Great Maelstrom made its way across the lands of the dead. Destroying many and bringing down everything that was in its path. This event caused a slight alteration in the plans of a centuries long dead Necromancer named Augustus Giovanni. It was the First Great Maelstrom which forced his family out of Rome. This one depleted many of his coffers of shackled souls. He set about gaining several new allies required to enact his grizzly plot.

          In the 15th century several Antediluvians fell to the fangs of their childer. Lugoj attempted the diablerie of Tzimisce (only to find out he was no where near strong enough). Gratiano stole the blood of his sire, but not his soul. Lasombra escaped into the Abyss through nearly forgotten pacts made during the nights of the Second City. Augustus Giovanni and his childe Claudius both claimed the blood of Cappadocius and Japeth, but neither claimed their souls. This all during the Anarch Revolt that was to reshape the society of the damned.

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            As society changed, so too did Humanity's outlook of the world. The greatest power in the world was not the Triat, not the Incarna, not the Antediluvians Blood Gods, not the Fallen Angels, or even the Neverborn. The greatest power in the world was Humanity. Made in the image of the ONE. Whilst Werewolves believed in the supremacy of spirits and the truth they held, the Awakened viewed the world differently. They saw the truth, that all things that existed were shaped by perception. That spirits were created by belief. What the Angels called Faith.

            In the earliest days of Humanity, hope was everywhere. Imagination shaped the very world. Where once death only occurred to lesser creations, Caine used his power to end the life of his own brother. Something so common in these modern and final days was once thought impossible by those who created everything. A man slew his brother. A woman defied her God. Through out time the will of individuals was enough to reshape the entire cosmos.

            The Awakened suffered much in the last thousand years. Witnessing the ending of human belief in miracles. To the point that even the awesome powers of Will-Workers failed before the collective weight of disbelief. Humans who had realized their true power, the power that Angels once feared, could not stand against Banality. All to late they discovered the truth. No one human possesses more power than any other. True Magic, the power of Mages is not something that they possess unlike mundane mortals. True Magic is simply an expression of the true power of each human soul. Thousands of mages may have the might individually and combined to assault Hell itself and turn back the will of Gods.

            However, no number of Mages can stand against the Consensus of Apathy. The mortals of earth had been tortured, used, and broken by the evils of their world. Banes, Fallen Angels, Yama Kings, Vampires, and mislead Garou... all of them had sapped the strength of the heirs of Creation. They had become tired of the endless torment and with them so too had the universe. In the few fading centuries left the Awakened would perform miracles and make the impossible possible as the dying testament of the descendants of Eve.

            Humanity, and its Mages, would see the industrial revolution. They would traverse new dimensions and unlock the secrets of the universe. Discovering knowledge unknown even to the Fallen themselves. Going to the moon and the few enlightened would travel farther than ever before. Reaching beyond the farthest stars. However, the twisted Order of Reason which morphed slowly but surely into the Technocracy had other plans. Science would become the supreme religion of mankind. All people would hear the siren call of Unity, join hands and walk proudly into a known Universe.

            As the Wyrm loosened its chains and sought to devour everything... the Weaver did marvel upon its creations. All the while the Wyld died.

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              While the Technocracy had made great strides in the elimination of all deviation from an ordered reality, they had pushed to hard. The had decreed the existence of Ether false and attempted to restrain the freedom that the Internet represented. As such the Sons of Ether and the Virtual Adepts left their fellows and joined the Traditions. Increasing the variation and strengthening the position of those who sought Ascension above pure order.

              However, the continual march of progress and society had far ranging implications that the Technocracy had failed to consider. Whatever the Weaver creates the Wyrm can corrupt. The rise of Pentex and its subsidiaries was backlash against this unchecked progress. Progress which had festered and rotted away the core of the Human Spirit and the spirits with which Humanity touches. Humans who had been empowered by the Wyrm to see beyond the Veil, now wielded corporate power towards foul ends. The corruption and destruction of the entire Earth on an unprecedented scale.

              More and more Garou were viewing strange features appearing in the surface of the Earth through the Umbra. A giant eye, scales, and talons emerging from the depths. It seemed the Wyrm was within the Earth. Through corruption or as some sort of prison no one could say for certain. Suffice to say that Pentex's goal of deforestation, despoilment, and slaughter had far darker ramifications then simply spreading Wyrm taint. Perhaps the goal was as grand as to free the Wyrm into the physical world.

              However, the power that Pentex wielded paled in comparison to other forces in the world. The Orphic Circle, a cabal of necromancers, was getting closer and closer towards their goal. The goal of ripping down the shroud that separated the lands of the living and the lands of the dead. A goal that the Giovanni clan also sought to complete. Coincidentally the Giovanni were allies of Pentex and worked with various Wyrm tainted corporations for a myriad of complex schemes that defy sane explanation.

              Both the Giovanni and the Orphic Circle had their sights set on the prize of all Creation. Whilst both were also watched from afar by Voormas the Grand Harvester of Souls... the greatest Archmage master of the Sphere of Entropy. A being who had used his awesome power to create a memetic virus which infected the very concept of Necromancy. Any who learned and practiced the art for too long would become obsessed with understanding the true nature of death and separating the barrier between life and death.

              All these schemes and more were about to fail. Due to the oddest of coincidences. In the subcontinent of India the Wan Kuei and the Children of Caine had been fighting for millennium. Now, however, they were both stepping up their assaults against each other. The Wan Kuei calling upon their greatest allies and the Children of Caine mass embracing mortals to use as shock troops. The psychic backlash of creating and destroying so many Ravnos (the chief vampires of India) stirred Methuselah from their sleep.

              Ancient beings, some of whom were 10,000 years old, took to the field. Chimerical spells taking the power of dreams into reality was the chief weapon of such beings. Even the enlightened demons of the Wan Kuei could not tell real from illusion. The continuous onslaught stirred the blood, awakening something worse than mere Methuselah.

              Zapathasura the Demon King awoke.

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                Zapathasura looked upon the world and found it wanting. His frenzied fantasies began altering the world around him, as intensely as those of the Neverborn. Horrid monsters spawned out of thin air to do battle with those that opposed him, and disappeared just as quickly. Legions of spirits, mortals, vampires, kuei-jin, and werewolves died in the ensuing battle. All of this and more drew the attention of the Technocracy and three powerful Bodhisattva of the kuei-jin. Eight Thunders Sage, Rising Majestically to the Western Sun, and Black Earth Boy all battled Zapathasura.

                Fate had planned that Rising Majestically and Black Earth Boy would both die against Zapathasura. The Antediluvian would then be weakened enough for Eight Thunders Sage to kill him, and thus end the fight. Mages care little for fate, however. The Technocracy aware of a grave threat unleashed Project Ragnarok. Allowing the full use of their resources to end this threat. Spiritually enhanced neutron bombs were hurled at the Bodhisattva and the Antediluvian. These nukes not only tore through the undead, but the Umbra itself.

                Whilst this epic battle happened on Earth, similar cataclysmic events occurred in the Shadowlands. Wraiths under the command of the Smiling Lord were assaulting the fortress of Enoch. The lasting memory of the First City founded by Caine, the first vampire. Within its dread black walls were over a dozen of the most powerful vampires the world had ever seen. Whom collectively made up the Tal'meh'ra... the True Black Hand. This group of vampires were essentially a cult who heralded the coming of the Antediluvians and sought to serve them. As many of them were the direct childer or grandchilder of the progenitors.

                These vampires were holding their own against the army of Wraiths. Using arcane and forgotten vampiric arts to hold their enemies at bay. There chief strategist Izhim wafi abd'Azrael ur-Baal was away from the city. Fighting the Wraiths directly, unable to come to the rescue of his beloved city. While the battle was raging (both in the living lands and amongst the Wraiths and vampires) the Smiling Lord ordered the use of the spirit of a Nuclear bomb to be dropped upon the city.

                As the bomb dropped another thing was happening. Xerxes Jones, a Void Engineer, was detonating an experimental bomb in the Labyrinth... just to see what would happen. As he pressed the button to detonate he was entirely unaware of what was to happen. His bomb exploded, as did the bomb which hit Enoch, as did the bombs which hit Zapathasura, and the powers summoned by the Bodhisattva did clash with his might. At that moment the sun pierced the clouds and hit Zapathasura with the wrath of God. The psychic blast of his death combined with the other massive explosions ripped apart entire sections of the Umbra.

                The lands of the dead exploded into a terrible storm, greater than any other in history. A storm so great and terrible that it ripped apart the souls of all those caught within its terrible grasp. A storm so powerful it ripped through the layers of the Umbra and tore the shard realms of Archmagi, the Yomi of the Yama Kings, and the lands of countless spirits to to pieces. Countless millions of wraiths were launched into the world, animating their dead bodies once again. So many souls attempted to flee that some bodies had as many as several dozen souls attempting to animate them at the same time.

                An Antediluvian fell, three Bodhisattva burned in magic fire, the members of the Orphic Circle were caught blindly and were destroyed, the Mages in the Umbra were lost or torn into pieces, and worse things happened. In the moment before this Six Great Maelstrom started something strange happened. In the lands of the dead two great figures arose from the city of Enoch. One woman draped in scarlet energy and one man obscured by shadows ascended upwards. Looking down upon the lands of the dead, before vanishing.

                In that moment a faint cracking sound could be heard where before there was nothing. In the cold, hungry, and lifeless void of the Abyss... a small crack appeared in the side of the walls. Soon, light began to pour in and for the first time since before the Flood... the Fallen were free.

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                  So where does that leave us?

                  The Fallen escaped from their ancient prison and were now free to enter a world that had changed far beyond their memories. Free to explore the universe they created and command the lands of the dead which hold their fortresses.

                  The Neverborn, rocked by the explosions in the Shadowlands, began to awaken from their long slumber. Partially due to the resurgence of the Fallen Angels.

                  The Technocracy, the Camarilla, and various other groups had strengthened the powers of the Weaver. Pentex, the Sabbat, and the Nephandi had strengthened the Wyrm. Meanwhile few, if any, truly strengthened the Wyld.

                  Lilith is unaccounted for, as always. Were as Lucifer is, as always, wandering the world. Dread Caine is nowhere to be seen.

                  The vast destruction of the Umbral realms makes the jobs of Garou and the Wan Kuei increasingly difficult.

                  The Yama Kings discovered all too late why the Jade Emperor smiled at them and left them be. Many of the Yomi Wan realms were situated between the lands of the dead and the Abyss. As such the escaping Fallen ripped their way through those realms as they did the great storm.

                  Voormas, the Grand Harvester of Souls, is in a tough bind. His memetic virus seems to have failed and all that he has left to undo the separation of life and death is his own power. Perhaps he can steal the power of other beings of death. Which is, after all, precisely his backup plan.

                  Whilst all these events had happened a perfect Metis had been born. The coming herald of the Wyrm, perhaps even his mortal form. Seems the end is coming soon.

                  Worse of all, a red star now shines in the Deep Umbra. Many see it as the Eye of the Wyrm or the herald of the end times. Called Anthelios.

                  The two figures which emerged from the lands of the dead were the Scarlet Queen and the Ebon Dragon. The last two Seraphim in creation. Who had lured the powerful vampires of the True Black Hand to the underworld. They had played the game of manipulation well and, in their own way, saved the world ever so slightly. Along with them one other Angel has reclaimed his rightful power. Charon has joined his fellows and what he intends to do is hard to say.
                  There are many different endings, which makes it hard to choose a specific set. Suffice to say that in a combined cosmology... many of the possible ones would not work. Here is an example of what I like.

                  The Perfect Metis is the avatar and reincarnation of a sane balancing Wyrm. Using his powers and presence on Earth to unite the Garou and other Changing Breeds as best he can. He seeks to end the tainted aspects of himself as well as the portions of the Weaver that have overstepped their bounds.

                  The Perfect Metis may be the Wyrm, but his incarnation in a living body allows for him to gain sanity and a more Human and Garou oriented view point. As such he is among the best hope of Gaia.

                  However, the tainted aspects of the Wyrm do not give up easily. Zhyzhak, in service to the Green Dragon, goes into battle. Killing Albrecht and attempting to kill the last champions of Gaia. With her onslaught against the Garou heroes, she is getting ever closer to the goal of freeing the Wyrm's tormented incarnations. Eventually she is contacted by Karsh, Warlord of the Camarilla. He informs her that he wishes to aid her in this task.

                  Karsh shows up with his entire warband. He immediately sets upon Zhyzhak and manages to kill her. As it turns out Karsh is the chief lieutenant of the Antediluvian Ennoia. Ennoia is attempting to merge with the Earth itself, overtaking and consuming the soul of the world. Ennoia is devouring Eshtarra and does not wish the tormented aspects of the Wyrm to be released... as doing so would undo her efforts and kill her.

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                    Meanwhile the vampires find that Augustus Giovanni is dead. He was killed by the surviving Cappadocians, now called the Harbingers of Skulls. Whose alliance with the Nagaraja has allowed them access to ancient necromantic lore of Korea and Japan. Lore they traded with the Tremere for the assistance of Meerlinda and Abetorius. These powerful blood sorcerers undid the Giovanni progenitor.

                    A side effect of the traded lore was the True Name of Mikaboshi. The strongest Yama King who was ascending to the position of Demon Emperor. With his True Name the Antediluvian Tremere summoned the power of his clan and destroyed him. Ravaging his power for the purpose of assaulting Saulot and Tzimisce. Both of whom called on long forged pacts with Angels and Demons to protect themselves.

                    With Mikaboshi's death the Yama Kings all scrambled to recoup their own losses from interpersonal battles. To protect themselves from the potential threat of being destroyed by these "Antediluvians" they reached out for assistance from other beings. Tou Mu the Iron Empress, a powerful Yama King, was courted by an Arch-Mage known as Voormas the Grand Harvester of Souls. She was deceived by him, however, when he stole her power and ascended into godhood.

                    Voormas then put a very convoluted plan into effect. Using his divine power he snatched the weapon of the First Murderer (Caine). A smooth stone used to bash in Abel's brain. Using this as a focus Voormas was able to use one of the greatest acts of magic ever seen. Using the power of the soulshards which where tearing through the Umbra, as well as the souls that belonged to Tou Mu, he attempted to destroy Anthelios and stop the Apocalypse.

                    Meanwhile the Antediluvian Absilimiard, founder of the Nosferatu, put his own plan into effect. Throughout the ages he had used fear as a weapon against his progeny. His Nictuku childer scared them into hiding. All part of the plan to claim their souls and present them to Caine as a gift, so that he would lift the curse upon him. Or so the Nosferatu believed. In truth, the Antediluvian used knowledge of sacred geometry to push his progeny into building their havens in accordance with the ley lines beneath the Earth. Knowledge he had acquired from the demon Kupala.

                    When the right moment passed the Antediluvian performed a powerful rite drawing the blood and souls of all his childer who were in their havens into himself. Effectively killing his clan and devouring their power. Such awesome power allowed him to transcend the Curse of Caine and remove his disfigurements from himself.

                    Absimiliard, now successfully undergone Apotheosis, begins to wage direct war on his siblings. Marching westward, out of Russia, to slay those who cast him out. Arikel awakens in Greece to find her once great empire in shambles. She calls upon her progeny to spread her word as she enthralls the world. Using the full extent of her might she draws the attention of the world once more to Greece. With this attention comes her enemies. Absimiliard engages his former love in battle. Wearing Obfuscate to appear as his broken self she attempts to triumph over him.

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                      As her blows connect her mastery of Auspex pierces the illusion and she sees his near perfect face. Enthralled by Absimiliard's beauty she fails to notice his hands crushing her throat. The father of the lepers slays the mother of muses. Meanwhile the Archduke Belial looks upon the world and sees its ending. For the first time in ten thousand years there is enough faith to sustain his corporal form. So the Great Beast rises and begins to devour the world.

                      In Los Angelos a black cathedral appears overnight. Its giant black spire touches the heavens. Lucifer has taken to the streets and begins converting all he can. Hundreds of thousands of fallen join under his banner and begin the war once more in earnest. This time fighting not against Heaven, but against the Archdukes themselves. Belial battles with Lucifer, only to fall to the lance of the Morningstar. Azrael seeks to claim the lands of the dead, only to be hurled into the maw of Oblivion by Charon himself.

                      The Antediluvian Veddartha awakens to find the world under siege. He leaves his safe haven within London, where for centuries he was guarded by his loyal childe Mithras. Where he consulted with Haqim before his absence at Alamut. Where he marches onto the set of a live broadcast from the BCC, and Dominates the world.

                      From their view in space the Controls of the Technocracy watch the world burn. Ragnarok, Gehenna, Armageddon, the Apocalypse has come. They view with even greater intrigue a curious event. The raw apathy of mortals begins abating. Belief enters the world once more. The Fae are on the march and gods long forgotten demand sacrifice, and with it all their mighty plans have come to an end. Yet a glimmer of hope dawns on the horizon. Disbelief has died and with it... Paradox.

                      The Traditions enter the fray with the might of Archmages at their side. Flame and lightning fly as those that sought to bleed humanity of faith and blood are rent asunder by the might of its Seth's children. Fallen wrapped in chains of primal energy and cannibalized by mages. Anthelios, the Red Star, which brightened the skies is dying. Voormas' spell, while not entirely successful, has wounded it too thoroughly to perform its task. The tenth sphere of Judgement arrived, but it was undone by the might of mere mortals. Mortals who decided that they alone would judge their world.

                      As the traditions wage war on the Fallen and Vampire ancients who attempt to enslave Humanity, a plot is developed in the heart of Vienna. Deep within the confines of a fortress of the Camarilla sits the Inner Council. Its surviving members attempting to gather the resolve and the might to hold fast
                      against the coming dawn. The council members witness the Founder of the Camarilla, Hardestadt, speak.

                      In a moment of great desperation the Founder had reached three conclusions. They were not mighty enough to face the Antediluvians and survive. They did not have the resources or power to combat the Mages and Hunters who were taking back the night. Finally, the Sabbat (now in tatters) had left behind a valuable resource... the Black Hand.

                      It was now that Hardestadt of the Ventrue proclaimed that in order to fight such threats, the elders
                      must be willing to use any tools available to them. All vampires who wish to fight for the Camarilla should be considered full members of the sect. Any clan that can organize the numbers to rival one of the pillars of the Camarilla must be allowed full clan Status within the organization. That the Black Hand will serve the Camarilla, and crush all that oppose them.

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                        In this hour Hardestadt of the Ventrue argued for the forgiveness of Diablerie and the temporary suspension of the Traditions. This was WAR, and no one fights war like the Ventrue. The Inner Circle members, cowing to his Majesty and the truth of his words, agreed. The Camarilla was now a weapon of its elders to save their souls from their own sires. All pretensions gone and morals irrelevent. Survival was all that mattered.

                        Tremere, now standing in the Wicked City, had saved much of his clan. The surviving demons had plead loyalty to their new god. Though he had gained much from this assault, he was now too busy combating the armies of Emma-O and of Fallen who had descended into these worlds to claim the souls that had been stolen. Halaku ripping their way through the surviving demons in the Yomi Wan were distracting the Yama Kings from claiming the mantle of Demon Emperor.

                        This distraction cost Tremere time against Tzimisce. His flesh and blood, his entire clan, was changing. Tzimisce's influence was corrupting them, but not to his own designs. The tainted Chi of the Ten Thousand Hells corrupted even the discipline of Vicissitude. Making the Tremere as monstrous as those they had conquered. Vicissitude may have awoken in them, but so had other things.

                        Tzimisce focusing hard on ending Tremere quickly missed a crucial piece of evidence. Once again Lambach Ruthven saw through his manipulations and for the first time in two thousand years... he held his ground. Tzimisce looked up from his corpulant mass too late to save himself from Lambach's fangs. Too late to save his soul from the frenzied anger and despair of his favorite childe. Lambach, unlike Lugoj, captured the ancient's soul.

                        In the Underworld the lord of the dead, Charon, gathers his forces. The Storm is abating and with its passing he senses a great darkness. The surviving legionnaires and Halaku who join under his banner form an army ten million strong. Stygia is gone, but the souls of the dead continue fighting against Oblivion as best they can. One of the few entities in the Shadowlands to not join Charon is Osiris, who is busy with the final confrontation of a battle that has lasted millennium.

                        Within Du'at the mighty Osiris does his best to fight off Set, the Antediluvian who seeks the secrets of life and death. Set has rallied his armies, called the souls of his clan to him, and summons powerful spirits to aid him. Set begins his assault and victory seems assured. Were it not for the manipulations of one of his own childer. Kemintiri has used her mystical might and a little bit of blood from the last Typhonic beast (carried within Enkidu) to sever an ancient curse. The diaspora of the Silent Striders has ended, and they claim their vengeance. Set may have been able to fight off Osiris, but not a tribe of Garou and his own childe as well. He quickly falls to fang and claw.

                        Meanwhile a small group of Virtual adepts claim to have found Turing's Avatar within the Net. They claim they have found a backdoor into Heaven. Nineteen Adepts download for one final time, only to disappear from Creation. As this happens a small group of Etherites return from Horizon with a band of powerful mages. One of whom claims to be Merlin. As they lend their aid to the Traditions who are battling threats wherever they appear.

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                          Voormas has fled from the living world and dwells within the Shadowlands. Using the powerful of the few remaining souls he has chained, as well as his limited divinity, he seeks to undo the barrier between life and death. Standing upon the Labyrinthine stair he conducts a ritual of unparalleled complexity and power. As his ritual comes towards its conclusion the ground beneath him gives way. He looks down in horror as Zyras the All-Consuming consumes even him. Somewhere in the midst of the war that consumes the Underworld is a man named Jack Tilton... and he is smiling.

                          Charon knows what is happening now. He has waited ten thousand years for this battle. The Labyrinth is unfurling. Grand Maw is approaching and the Neverborn rise. Ancient Pacts made by Azrael have reached their conclusion with his demise. Charon lets out the signal and the dead begin to march.

                          The flames rise high from the burning armies of the Battleground, within the Umbra. Emerald flame washes over both Wyrm enemies and allies alike in the chaos. Hellbringer, General of the Armies of the Wyrm, command from on high a Wyrm Dragon. Laughing at those he slays. His dragon cries and he feels a sharp pain. His limp body falls from high and the Perfect Metis claims the mount as his own.

                          Insanity is all amongst the field as monstrous Kupala demons and things from the Beyond seep into
                          Creation and join the fray. The Gaian forces are losing badly as the Vo'lag rip their way through the Utkena and the Shadow Lords fall beneath Kupala's demons. However, Gaia's children bring allies as well. The Verbena, Dreamspeakers, the Sidhe, and others come to defend the spirit of the Earth.

                          The Perft Metis looks down upon the world below and sees doom coming to his people. Eshtarra has lost, devoured whole by Ennoia. The Progenitor of the Gangrel clan has claimed the Earth as her own, and with her so many of the Gaian spirits scream in agony. The Weaver's forces stop, unable to process this turn of events. The Wyrm both scream in horror and shout in victory. Yet even then the battle does not end.

                          Much like the Middle Umbra the Low Umbra watches the beginning of the end. The Onceborn Malfeans and the Neverborn are feasting upon the souls of the dead. The Nephandi practice rituals to summon them into the world. All seems as according to plan. Yet as the Abyss shudders and Grand Maw begins devouring her own children, they begin having second thoughts. Their Mother has come and she too is hungry.

                          This occurrence forces the last Cappadocians to act. Using their potent death magics three Ancients, one of whom is an Antediluvian himself (if only in age), act to breach the wall between life and death. Japeth and Lazarus hold high a stone that fell from Voormas' grasp. Unre says the words and the stone falls. The play of the first murderer is the thing which spurns Creation itself and breaks the shroud.

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                            The wall thins and begins to disappear completely. The three Ancients walk proudly into Death and claim their birthright. However, Lamachis too attempts to claim what she believes is rightfully her
                            own. With her scissors in hand she walks proudly into the lands of the living. Only to realize too late that the energy of life itself burns away her foul soul. A small shrieking sound comes from her
                            lips as she is undone.

                            Tremere watches from the ruins of Emma-O's keep. He sees the two worlds becoming one and the destruction of Earth's soul. So small does his accomplishments seem now. Saulot who has claimed his apprentices. Tzimisce who has warped his clan beyond recognition. Mikaboshi's power which warps his magics. Ennoia who destroyed the world he once loved. Yet Tremere has never looked back upon failure and misery. He climbs his way to the top of the Yomi Wan and declares himself it's King.

                            Death is consuming all of life and from it the world is reborn. The Shadowlands merge with the lands of the living. The Euthanatos know what must be done to atone for the crimes of Voormas and save the cycle from total destruction. As they put their plans into motion the Neverborn and Onceborn Malfeans find themselves defending Creation from Grand Maw, all so they too
                            will not be devoured.

                            At the side of those born from the Abyss fight the Halaku and Wraiths who united under Chaon's banner. He throws his might into the fray and they battle Grandmother. All the while attempting to save what little they can around them. In a strange twist of events a number of the surviving Giovanni aid them as best they can. After all, what good is being the rulers of Creation if said universe is being devoured.

                            Magic against magic and might against might. The Onceborn die as so many of the Wraiths fighting do. The Neverborn fight valiantly alongside Charon. Zyras wields her mighty blade forged from Angst itself and cuts deep into the Grand Maw. As fervently as they fight, Charon knows they cannot win. They are no match for such a being.

                            The Shadowlands scream as the veil is ripped back even further. Downwards come every single Euthanatos available. The might of over a hundred Mages smites Grand Maw. Each and everyone gives their lives to battle her and inflict upon her the "good death." As she devours Zyras, Grand Maw is forced into the lightless howling void of the Abyss. It seems even Gods can die. The Labyrinth closes and Charon cherishes his pyrrhic victory.

                            Charon watches the world dying and sends his troops to march into the lands of the living. Charon says his farewells and lets loose his full power. His body composed of Wrath, Glory, and Faith is ripped apart. One final act of charity. His power finishes the act forced by the Cappadocians. With a slight twist. The greatest Halaku uses his Faith to make the World whole again. Those who fought at his side live once more. Those who die will nevermore linger and the cycle is fixed.

                            The dead have risen and join the living. However, there is no time to celebrate. Veddartha still claims the minds of many mortals and uses his powers (as well as theirs) to hide himself from all who wish to find him. He watches as he always has, and waits. Saulot looks upon the tortured world and cries. He turns around and asks forgiveness from his father. Caine gives none.

                            Lucifer battles his lieutenants with all the might he can muster. Yet it is not enough. The collective spiritual weight of the Archdukes finally brings an end to the Morning-Star. As he falls he laughs at his former comrades. From him erupts the fury of a dying star. Burned in primal fire the Archdukes are banished for the last time. The surviving Fallen are not redeemed, their God does not call to them, they did not destroy Creation, and much of their battles ultimately seem meaningless.

                            One by one the creatures that threaten Humanity are wiped out by the imbued. Mages and Fallen help rebuild the broken world. The Changing Breeds patrol and protect the dying Umbra. The Fae are trapped in their mortal frames, destined to be reborn again and again until the ending of time. The immortal mummies keep their secrets and gain even more. The Kuei-Jin lost their battles and are now as thoroughly corrupted as the Akuma they once opposed. All the while, the Children of Caine stalk the night.

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