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What if the Flicker Empire is in the Digital Web?

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    Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
    The digital web isn't just computers. Television and radio are innately connected to the digital web as well. It's just that without computers, the parts of the digital web that are connected to are rather limited in their nature: they tend to be far more static, as opposed to the more dynamic nature that computers connect to. The way that I would portray it is that the parts of the digital web associated with television and radio would largely be landscape, with pictures and sound. You're not likely to find much in the way of inhabitants. Another way to think of it would be that if digital entities are like flora and fauna, the ones associated with computer software and the like are more along the lines of fauna, while the ones associated with things like television, radio, and print media would be more like flora.
    This sounds quite a bit like Capeccia...


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      What is Capeccia?


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        Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
        What is Capeccia?
        It is a realm in the deep Dreaming, composed of technology.
        Clockwork automata walk down the streets and send squads to kidnap dreamers in the waking world to transform into new robotic "children"
        It appears in Dreams and Nightmares.