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Creative uses of Fae 5

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  • Creative uses of Fae 5

    Fae 5 lets you target a LOT of spicy stuff. Trods. Balefires. Birthrights and Frailties. Glamour itself, such as Dross. Cantrips. Siochain, if you ever meet one. Treasures. With Scene you could utterly alter whatever part of the Dreaming you're in... though your odds may be a lot worse the deeper into the Dreaming you go!

    Anyways, would be good to hear some ideas of how Arts could combine with Fae 5.

    Immediately for me Runic Imprint is a whole realm of possibilities. Making a Trod more or less stable, making a Birthright more potent, making a Frailty more pronounced, making a Cantrip stronger (including one that doesn't exist yet, if you hang with Time), amplifying the power of a Treasure, temporarily stoking a Balefire to produce huge amounts of Glamour or Dross (though the risk there is pretty huge!).

    What do you think?

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    Any takers for setting glamour on fire? Now your soul really is burning with passion. (^VVVVV^)


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      Not just that, it let's you target Cantrips with Cantrips.

      This allows all the standard counterspelling(counter-cantripping?), magic reflecting and cursebreaking fun of a changeling larping their favorite wizard, but also allows some really screwy effects like using the Chronos power "Set in Stone" to delay the expiration of an effect(Which can get out of hand if the player is able to stack a large number of beneficial cantrip effects that are normally balanced around expiring in an hour or so).


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        Trying to remember the details, there was some kind of portal opened in a wide open space and I moved it over someone so they fell through.