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  • 157) An Orphan living in the city went Marauder upon Awakening, and operated in town for a while. But recently, she appears to have come back from the brink and become sane. A known quantity in the Awakened community, the Orphan's apparent turn away from madness has piqued the interest of all mage factions. Did she actually stop being a Marauder? She's no longer floating around with a TV for a head and six arms, so it's a good sign. Or was she merely hovering around a severe Quiet all this time, and never went full Marauder? Many Awakened parties - including the Traditions, Technocracy, and Disparates - would like to find out the truth and, if possible, determine if her ability to come back from madness can be replicated for other mages lost to Wizard's Twilight. The Orphan, meanwhile, is quite disoriented by her previous experiences, and is a little spooked by all these weirdos and government types who insist they knew her when she was "that TV girl". She'd much rather be left alone, to piece together the tattered remains of her life. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like other mages are willing to give her space in this matter.


    • 158) A Euthanatos finds out what a "Risen" is and wants to capture one for further study. You've either been tasked with helping or stopping him.


      • 159) A pair of Progenitor Technocrat Mages intend to test and improve their Life 1 diagnosing Procedures in the city's newest, most modernised, well equipped and staffed, and well financed hospital. This would be simple enough, but there is a singular, very specific problem - there is a Cabal of six Verbenae Mages in the city, and the Progenitors have discovered that it is the case that the cannot at all account in their field work, testing, and data analysis for the possible, or suspected, or discovered use of Verbenae's healing Spells and methods on patients, both past and ongoing. The Progenitors improvement of their diagnosis Procedures, and possibly also their use at the hospital, could very possibly be made slower or be halted because of this factor that they cannot account for.
        Healing done on patients by others than the Verbenae - Mages or Sorcerers - is not a problem for the Progenitors in this situation, as they can identify it and/or account for it so that their project would not be jeopardized in any way, and the additional data and challanges might bring some benefits for the project.
        The healing Magicks of the Verbenae have a characteristic potency and subtlety that makes them stand out compared to other healing Spells and methods. It is possible that this is specific to the city's Cabal, but the Progenitors suspect that it is not ; they think that it might very well be an overall quality of healing done by Mages of the Verbenae Tradition.

        Thus action needs to be undertaken to deal with this problematic issue. The Progenitors plan to kidnap a single Acolyte of the Verbenae - asking other Technocrats for help, be they from the Syndicate or from the Iteration-X ; any help of other Technocrats will be welcomed by them. This single Acolyte will be imprisoned and held hostage in the hospital, while being subjected to a Procedure that will make him or her grievously ill and harmless - but not the point of his life being in danger, of course. The last part won't be told to the Acolyte or any of the Verbenae Mages ; at the same time it won't be suggested or implied at all that he might come to serious long-term harm.
        The terms of the pair of Progenitors will be simple - the Verbenae are to inform the Progenitors ( or other Technocrats who will inform the Progenitors later ) about any patients that they have previously healed who are currently in the city's newest hospital ; and the Verbenae are not to heal any patients who will be in the hospital. After the testing and research is done at the hospital - which will take three to five months - the Acolyte hostage will be released, cured of any health problems.
        The Progenitors have considered kidnapping more than one Acolyte, or a Consor, as an additional person to hold hostage ; but they have decided that one hostage is enough - a single, lone hostage communicates the intentions of the Progenitors in the situation with a certain simplicity and clarity that the Progenitors think will suffice in this situation ; so that the Cabal of the Verbenae Mages living in this city will agree to the Progenitor's terms in regards to the hospital.

        Of course, the mundane humans living in the city and attending the newest hospital ( and other hospital, eventually ) will with time benefit from the Progenitor's actions ; to the point that the Verbenae not healing patients at then newest hospital for three to five months is an acceptable price in this situation. Or at least the two Progenitors, and other Technocrats, think that it is
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        • 160) There is a slight problem... - actually, scratch this, it is not slight at all. There is a significant problem with one of younger Technocrats in the city. At the age of thirty two this member of the Watchers Methodology of the N.W.O Convention seems to think he has seen a lot and figured out it all - this, or he is simply naive about what the Technocracy can achieve as an organization and what it can guarantee. He has asked for talked about organizing in the city - through technocratic contacts, methods, and resources - all sorts of events and conveniences that he thinks Technocrats should have for granted and benefit from.
          For example: a public park could be made into a private off-limits place for a short amount of time, or a street could be closed off from cars driving, so that Technocrats could meet with their lovers or friends at such special locales. An Extraordinary Citizen could be assigned to be a waiter - and another one to be the cook - at a restaurant during the time that a Technocrat would have a dinner at this restaurant ; this would guarantee better food and nicer service. Taxi drivers is another vocation where Extraordinary Citizens could wait in small numbers should a Technocrat need to use this service. Should a Technocrat Mage desire a meeting or an interaction with a writer or a celebrity, they should by default have it arranged by the Technocracy ; such interactions could even serve as inspiration for younger Technocrats ( and other Technocrats, as well ) . All Technocrats should be given a guaranteed allowance for small niceties and conveniences - isn't it wonderful to be able to order four kebabs or three dinners of a specific cuisine, every day ? Or to buy all of the pre-prepared cakes or ice cream at the supermarket, to eat them during a break in the office or the lab ? Another possibility is Technocrats having it arranged within the Technocracy's logistics so that they can make their pick of latest clothes and accessories and have them delivered ; so that no matter how expensive or hard to get an item is, a Technocrat Mage can have this look that they want.

          Such are the hypothetical plans and ruminations of this young Technocrat Mage. He simply does not understand - possibly he missed something in his life - that for example instead of ordering three or four courses in a restaurant, a Technocrat - or any Mage - goes to a place where an all-you-can-eat is offered. Or cooks and eats at home. One has to know how to be subtle, keep secrecy and not attract attention in such situations ; and not make exceptions to those considerations for pleasure or for convenience.
          While such events and arrangements like the young Technocrat is proposing have happened in the past, they were and are exceptions to how it is usually - certainly they are not readily available benefits for every Technocrat to have.

          The naivety and youthful eagerness of the young Watcher worries other Technocrats. Currently the 32 year old Mage is considering the situations strictly theoretically - however, when describing such possibilities and plans to others, he to an extent speaks as if making a proposal or asking for the word to be put out that an event or a convenience is to be organized. As arguments he gives the usefulness of arranging such situations and experiencing them in the research of possibly many Technocrats. He also thinks that such small events or details being organized might come in useful later, even if only in slight ways. He claims that such benefits which Technocrat Mages would receive are at the very least indirectly within the Paradigm, outlook, and mission statement of the Technocracy. The young Technocrat thinks and believes that Technocrats do deserve such benefits and nice events or details in their lives.

          Such outlook, plans and attitude do not clearly fall under any of the current classifications in regards to formally sending somebody to convince or otherwise make the young Technocrat change his behavior, and reconsider what he is thinking about such matters. The situation is currently being analyzed by his supervisor in the New World Order Convention, with reports and additional opinions given by Technocrats who have worked with the young Technocrat, both recently and years ago.
          When thinking about the future in regards to this, and the possibility that the 32 year old Technocrat does start carrying out what he is currently only proposing and ruminating about, his friends and and colleagues do hope for at least that if he goes and buys one third of all the cakes and pancakes in a bakery, then he will eat them all instead of throwing them away after eating three or four. Maybe an intervention, whether formal or informal, is needed earlier - if for any reason, then so that the latter doesn't happen.
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          • 161) A 50-something years old Cabal Leader has made it clear to a Technocracy Amalgam ( which has members from the Syndicate, the Iteration-X, and the N.W.O ) in the city - she will join the Technocracy ( either the Syndicate or the New World Order ) , but it has to be a superb experience, and an unique event to remember and talk about. And besides this, she does need something impressive and attention grabbing to serve as a kind of smokescreen for her leaving the Traditions.

            Her proposal and request is straightforward and simple: can the Amalgam, without her doing much, make her so famous in the city that she will be recognizable to persons on the streets in the busiest areas ? It doesn't have to be most persons or instant recognition, but it would be nice and helpful if she would hear " Hey, aren't you the person who [ ... ] " or " How you acted really made me think and reconsider [ ... ] " . She does not care whether she will appear on the local TV and get one over a few TV personalities or celebritiesd ; or if she will utter a few pre-prepared sentences in a set-up situation that will place her head and shoulders above other persons present and make her famous. Or maybe she could help a person or a group in regards to some trouble or dilemma - and again, she doesn't care if the Technocrats will create the problem(s) or put forward the dilemma.
            All that the Mage wants is the result - fame and respect in the city. It would certainly be a nice welcome in her new Mage faction ; and an assurance that the Technocrats treat her seriously, which will certainly give her former friends from Traditions something to think about. She prefers for the recognizability and fame to be local only ; due to her being worried about it possibly being a hassle in the future if she is too widely acclaimed and liked.

            The Technocracy Amalgam agrees between themselves that this is not a tall order. Achieving the desired result will be difficult, but is is within their resources and capabilities to create a situation or multiple situations which could theoretically and hypothetically achieve this outcome under the right circumstances. The difficult part is identifying and including the elements or the final touch that will assure that the Cabal Leader will gain and keep the fame and the respect among mundane humans that she wants.
            She is likable and charismatic ; one of the Technocrats thinks that it might very well be a matter of organizing several situations, improving the effort each time, and letting her recognizability and acclaim among mundane humans accumulate until the desired outcome is achieved.
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            • 162)
              A mundane human who is businessman influenced by - and under a certain perspective, working for - the Technocracy has found notes and data listings concerning the activities of the Technocracy's agents, and estimations in regard to the status of Technocrats' goals in the city ; this was due to him breaking into a secure deposit box at his work place, after noticing a Progenitor Technocrat use the box several times without talking to or much noticing any persons at the place. The businessman revealed himself with finding those notes and data listings when he confronted the Progenitor about them ; the Progenitor called into two other Technocrats and managed to talk to him without any unpleasantries happening.

              The businessman's reaction has been minimal and reasonable. From questioning done by the Progenitor who used the deposit box, and his assistant, it is clear that the businessman is aware that he has stumbled upon some - for him - incomprehensibly complex and powerful organization ; and understands that patience and cooperation will benefit him the most, and maybe even give him the answers he would like to have.

              Usually such a person - who has useful skills and knowledge, and who demonstrated valued personal characteristics - would be evaluated and initiated into the Technocracy by either the New World Order or the Syndicate. Such an evaluation and initiation is usually done in person by Technocrats of those Conventions. However, the Technocrats ( and Extraordinary Citizens ) of these two Conventions assigned to and associated with this city have traveled to different locations than the city during the last few months ; the time during which the Technocrats of the N.W.O and the Syndicate will return to the city wasn't given ; it is currently unknown to the Technocrats remaining in the city.
              Will those Technocrats simply wait for Technocrats of the N.W.O and the Syndicate ? This delay could have unforeseen and unwanted consequences for the businessman, and in regard to his recruitment into the Technocracy. Or will the Technocrats present in the city try to initiate and recruit the businessman into the Technocracy somehow, without the N.W.O Technocrats or the Syndicate Technocrats being present ?
              The businessman has no knowledge, experience, or aptitude with any of the hard sciences, nor with technology - making him an unsuitable as a person working for the Iteration-X , the Progenitors, or the Void Engineers Conventions. Thus maybe this situation is such, that it is better to wait for Technocrats of the New World Order or the Syndicate to come back into the city ; or to let them known about situation and request that they handle the recruitment and initiation of this person from a distance, if this is possible.
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              • 163)
                There is a problematic situation among the Technocrats in the city. A member of the New World Order has just informed an Amalgam of three Technocrats - consisting of members of the Iteration-X , the N.W.O , and the Syndicate - that their thinking and emotions were influenced and directed by an accomplished Progenitor Technocrat during the meeting that the three Technocrats agreed to become an Amalgam. The Progenitor enacted a Mind 3 Procedure on them through dousing their food and drinks with multiple substances. This Mind 3 Procedure created a particle field around the group of three Technocrats, causing a synchronization of their brainwaves, brain chemistry, and thinking and feeling processes. Thus the easy understanding, shared unforgettable jokes, cheerful sympathy, and carefree optimism that those three Technocrats had between themselves were all to an extent - maybe to a large, possibly even to a complete extent - the result of the Progenitor's Mind Procedure. The Progenitors have sent the Amalgam a message confirming that this Procedure was enacted on the them during the meeting.

                The New World Order Technocrat who has provided them with this information claims she has done it in order to show them, and other Technocrats, how varied and potent the methods and means of the Technocracy - and of the Progenitors Convention - can be. Furthermore, according to her the Amalgam's acceptance of this circumstance of this meeting will further validate both the ways and means the Technocracy acts through, and also the three Technocrat's choice to form and work as an Amalgam.

                The three Technocrats - and other Technocrats who are aware of the situation - don't know precisely what to do about this issue, but all think that it should at least be discussed openly ; currently each of members of the Amalgam has a decisively different attitude towards what they were informed about.
                The member of the Iteration-X has called into question whether this makes the decision that they made back then, and them being an Amalgam, not truly a choice of theirs. The member of the New World Order is doubting whether he can plan or understand his place in the Technocracy, if now he has to - or does he ? - somehow account for existence of such Procedures, as he will advance and progress as a Technocrat. The member of the Syndicate is refraining with forming an opinion, and would like to experience this Mind Procedure one more time, to gain additional perspective on what happened ; and also to again spend such pleasant time with the fellow Technocrats of her Amalgam. ( Though the case is that this Mind Procedure ceases to be able to affect persons who are aware of such possibilities. The Progenitors have informed the three members of the Amalgam about this. )

                The members of this Amalgam have very good relations between each other ; and they have achieved satisfactory results as an Amalgam, and as individual Technocrats. The other Technocrats would like to receive an agreed upon opinion from the three Technocrats, given as an Amalgam, in regard to what they think and what they will do about the fact that they have been informed about.
                The Amalgam has so far not given an answer at all ; the Progenitors ( and to a lesser extent, other Technocrats ) in the city worry about this. Maybe some kind of apology or an explanation from the Progenitor who enacted this Procedure will help resolve this situation ?
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                • 164)

                  A Technocrat of the New World Order has acted at the most respected ( at least by those doing the university rankings ) university in the city, and has arranged for five available-to-all lecture classes to take place. Each of the classes covers the very basics of a field of knowledge - psychology, economy and finances, physics, biology and biochemistry, astrophysics - and is meant to give Mages and Acolytes of Traditions an introduction into an area of knowledge that each could be said to be related to one of the Technocracy's Conventions. The university workers involved in no way work for the Technocracy ; though some are influenced to a small extent.

                  The Technocrat responsible for this admits that he has no idea whether astrophysics is in any way related to what the Void Engineers actually do ( it is, of course, used extensively in the view point that the Void Engineers present to mundane humans ) . Or for that matter, whether biology and biochemistry, or physics, have in the end much to do with what the Progenitors and the Iteration-X do. He is adamant that psychology, and economy and finances, are surely relevant in regard to the New World Order and the Syndicate.
                  However, the Technocrat is quick to point out that, in regard to establishing understanding and good relations with members of Traditions, the areas of knowledge covered by the five lecture classes definitely are related enough to the Technocracy's Conventions - if only through loose associations, similar appearance, and tangential familiarity. Also, members of Traditions being willing to attend these lectures, and showing interest in these areas of knowledge, is what might count for much in regard to Tradition members developing forming a new, more open and understanding, perspective in regard to the Technocracy.

                  The Technocrat responsible for organizing the five lecture classes has offered to help members of Traditions organize a similar set of nine lectures with the goal of them representing or being related, in some way, to the nine Traditions. A member of the Syndicate has promised to help in regard to organizing this at the university. All that members of Traditions have to do is provide the content and offer some of their members as lecturers ; while the two Technocrats will assure that the university's administration will accept the offers of lecture classes that members of Traditions will propose.
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                  • 165) A common tactic in the Ascension War is for mages to stow small items in closed containers, back in secure locations, that can then be teleported to the mage with elementary Correspondence. The items go from a closed, unobserved space into another unobserved space, usually the mage's pockets, bags, coats, or the like. By the measure of any Hypothetical Average Observer, no space manipulation seemed to take place. Ergo, coincidental. A simple tactic, employed for centuries.

                    If one of the PCs uses this tactic, they one day discover that when they "reach" for an object "hidden on their person", they cannot find it. That is, they attempt to use Correspondence to move the item from their secure container elsewhere, only to find it isn't where they left it. Their Effect yields them nothing. Not because their magic failed, but because the object(s) they wanted weren't in their proper place. If the PC checks the container (either by going to where it is or by using Correspondence to scry it), they discover the container is completely empty. Everything they may have stowed there is missing. Further, if the PC attempts to scry the item itself - using their own connection to it - they discover they cannot. Either the arcane connection - the link of Contagion - has been severed, or the items are warded against scrying. If the connection yet exists, it's possible to overcome the ward blocking the scry, with enough successes. Otherwise, the PC will have to go about discovering how and by whom the item(s) were stolen the old fashioned way. Whether that means other kinds of magic, or by mundane detective work.

                    They must also deal with the fallout of having their secrets so compromised, the thief could gain access to their possessions, possibly also getting into their private space.


                    • 166)

                      A young Traditions Apprentice recently filed several questionnaires when asked to do so on the streets. He didn't notice anything unusual in that the questions, that he ticked boxes and filled blank spaces for, pertained to his identity as a Mage, the characteristics of his Cabal, and his Paradigm's perspective. This was because the White Suit who ( under a different cover each time ) took the questionnaires scrambled the brainwaves ( putting it in Technocratic terms ) of the Mage with a simple - for the White Suit, at least - use of an apparatus.
                      This Procedure was subtle and potent ; but now the Apprentice remembers, to a limited extent, what he has done. The Technocrats in the city, on the other hand, have a significant amount of information in regard to the young Mage and his friends. The Technocrats' further actions will be based on how the Mages of the Traditions will react to this information gathering by the Technocracy. Will some of the members of the Traditions react with immediate mistrust or hostility ? Or maybe most will decide to, before acting in any way, first ask the Technocrats for an explanation in regard to what happened ?
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                      • 167) In the early days of colonisation, a group of settlers found a coal mine somewhere in north america. It proved to be rich, and quickly a settlement was established. Unfortunately, that mine was a bit too close to a werewolf sept and naturally, they town was destroyed and with elemental magic their shamans made the mineshafts collapse. Fast forward to the 20th century: a mining corporation discovered the site again and the whole cylce of building up and being destroyed by werewolfes starts anew. But this time the corporation dug far deeper than the settlers before, before they could be stopped. Now, the 21th century (or whenever your present day in your chronicle is): Another mining corporation starts digging, but this time they are backed up by the Technocracy. And not an Amalgam or two, its a small army of Extraordinary Citizens, Cyborgs, HITmarks and enlightened personal of every Convention. So, this raises the question, what is so damn special about that mine, that the technocracy risks a small war with a powerful sept of werewolfes?
                        There are several possible answers to this:
                        1. Every mineral this close to a magical site like the sept gets transformed into a basic component of Primium. Either the Technocracy has problems with coming up with new sites or they can’t risk a site this valuable to fall to the Traditions.
                        2. In a time before time the werewolfes locked up a powerful enemy (maybe a fragment of the eater-of-souls, that escaped the croatans) below the mountains and the Technocracy doesn't trust the werewolfes enough, to let them protect it. Therefore, they want to kill it, before it can escape.
                          1. 2.5 Maybe this is a plot by an undercover Nephandus to free the being, the technocratic assets are his mere tools.
                        3. (This one is taken from the MMO The Secret World, which is basically Mage: The Game) A civilization long gone before mankind has hidden a magical device to control reality itself. This so-called gaia engine is powerful enough to dictate the course of reality and can shape the consensus by bypassing human beliefs, essentially wiping out paradox. Obviously, this is a weapon powerful enough to easily win the Ascension War, so every faction wants to get their hands on it.

                        Additionally, you can flesh out the mining town by adding several cycles of people coming to town to dig and get rich, then be stomped by werewolfes. Every cycle should leave a mark on the town, like local legends from different centurys (that have a strange beast in common)
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                        • 168) A PC gets approached by an old friend or ally, a veteran of the Afghanistan war. He tells you, that he is being followed by someone, and that he fears for his life. Turns out, he is right, as soon after some magically-enhanced assasins show up to kill him. Some research later shows, that the assassins were sent by the Ahl-I-Batin, which would do their best to cover their tracks (as maybe only The Subtle Ones can). If they are approached directly, they try to reason with the players. They claim to have hard evidence, that their ally is actually a nephandus in disguise.
                          Further research about your friend shows, that he committed some very questionable stuff back in the war. For example he mistook a wedding for a terrorist gathering a blew the whole place up, or destroyed a bus full of school children. Other possibilities are, that he destroyed a hospital just to kill a terrorist or that he tried to shoot a suicide bomber but only hit innocent bystanders and letting the bomber commit his assassination. This depends of course on his position in the military, the point is, that he killed many civilians or destroyed valuable infrastructure in several “accidents”.
                          The Storyteller should portray the veteran as someone, who can't fit any longer into society. He has seen too much blood to lead an ordinary life again. He risked his life and mental health for a country, that now abandoned him and this experience has made him bitter. To make the descision of handing him over to the assassins as difficult as possible, you should make the players feel sympathy towards this man, despite the atrocitys he committed.
                          To this dilemma, there are several solutions:
                          1. The man is innocent. though through his hands many people died, he is just an ordinary soldier. The Ahl-I-Batin made a mistake and picked the wrong man, maybe justifying an urge for revenge.
                          2. The man is indeed a Nephandus, and not even a small one. He could have handled the assassins all by himself, but he made the PCs his pawns just for his own amusement. Besides this, he will make sure that the Ahl-I-Batin will never ally themselves with the Traditions again.
                          3. The man is a widderslainte. He committed his atrocitys on purpose, though he doesn’t know that he serves a dark master. He will however awaken one day and join his brothers. In this Option, you can tempt one of the PCs into “saving” him, trying to corrupt the PC in the process. Never deal with the infernal forces!


                          • 169)

                            There is an unknown factor - most probably, an unknown actor - influencing and directing the energy output and use at the local Technocracy Construct. So far this has caused no problems - the power grid of the Construct can compensate for such inefficiencies and losses. However, the reason ( or reasons ) for the energy fluctuations has eluded the Technocrats living and working at the Construct.

                            The fluctuations are very subtle, as if somebody was testing or probing with a Forces 2 Procedure - but the overall efficiency and output loss is more akin to a Forces 3 or Forces 4 Procedure being regularly powered up by the redirected energy. The Technocrats at the Construct insist on using the term " Forces Procedure " while describing this - as surely it is not a Forces Spell at work here ? The Technocrats are trying to hold onto the view point that another Technocrat - maybe one of them ? - is responsible for the energy fluctuations, either doing it with intent or making mistakes which cause it. Alternatively, it is an inefficiency within the technology.

                            After all, what kind of a Mystic would be capable of affecting the Construct's power grid secretly ? The Technocrats are reasoning that one Mystic Mage would lack the potency to do so, while multiple Mages would be unable to achieve such results while remaining hidden ; the alternative to this view point is that the Mystic Mage ( or Mages ) acting in this situation are extremely skilled. And there is another question - two questions, actually - when considering this option. Who among Mystics would dare to do this ; and what would she, he, or they gain due to the energy fluctuations at the Construct happening ?
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                            • 170) As of late, the city has played host to a series of sightings, of individuals matching the descriptions and behaviors of fictional characters from classic literature. Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Jekyll (and his darker half, Mister Hyde), Tow Sawyer, and Count Dracula are among the most common characters seen floating around. Their persistent presence has begun to attract attention in the news and on social media. Naturally, the public has been assured that it's probably just a stunt, viral marketing campaign, elaborate prank, or the activities of dedicated cosplayers. The only problem is that these figures never break character when confronted, and engage in activities true to their literary sources, no matter how much of a nuisance or danger that proves.

                              The supernaturals in the city all have their own theories. The local vampire Prince has, naturally, called a Blood Hunt on the Dracula figure that has been skulking in a stereotypical fashion - with cape and tuxedo - trying to seduce women, and even attacking a few of them in an attempt to feed from them. The Technocracy, likewise, has started a furious campaign to track down and put an end to these threats to the Consensus. (Especially after Sherlock Holmes worked closely with local police to bust a major drug ring, directly attacking the livelihoods of several Syndicate and Progenitor agents with hands in organized crime). Mages throughout the town have theories about the origins of these literary look-alikes. Some see them as being the result of spirits or egregore manifesting from the Umbra. The Etherites and Virtual Adepts consider that maybe these fictional people are elaborate androids. One crackpot mage (redundant, of course) claims that this is the result of a combination of delusional cosplay and a widespread Stand Alone Complex; no one organized this mess, but rather a trend formed from many people independently choosing to assume the roles and sticking to them.

                              The truth is that the characters are mold people. They are composed of psychoactive, psycho-reactive fungus, that is able to tap into humanity's collective unconscious. A large colony of the fungus is currently growing, unseen, inside an abandoned warehouse by the local river, its perpetual dampness providing an ideal breeding ground for mold. Person-sized quantities of the mold bud off from the mass, and in time assume the appearance, behavior, and mentality of famous literary characters. Why they are specifically literary characters, and why they are usually older, is unknown. All that IS known is that they exist, and will continue to act out according to their roles.

                              As of yet, no one has medically examined (or autopsied) these organisms, but that may change at any time. With enough people gunning for them - and with enough of them starting to behave in violent roles - it seems inevitable that the secret will be exposed. These "characters", however, may have more collective agency than is thought. They may react to threats by banding together, and using their talents in tandem to dangerous effect.


                              • 171)

                                Mages from both the Technocracy and the Traditions have noticed that gift shops and various art works in the city shop are selling items that, when inspected with Matter Magickal senses, bear very subtle but distinct characteristics - slight texture differences, very tiny markings, regularities in Patterns - of being created or modified with the use of Technocratic Matter Enlightened Science. The marked items were discovered when a Technocrat performed a routine check of his surroundings with Matter Sight, and noticed a picture frame unlike the other ones in a shop-window. So far the Technocracy has found and bought twenty such items, and the Traditions five ; the members of the two factions have exchanged information about the items and showed them to members of the other group. The Traditions have held onto the five marked items that they have, expressing no intention about giving them back to the Technocrats ( Who have not asked for this, but have discussed this among themselves. )
                                No one has claimed responsibility for altering ( or creating ) and placing the items at the shops. The shops and the persons working at those shops all appear to be mundane.

                                As far as Mages who examined the items can tell, the marked items are not magical or special in any way ; other than having the subtle qualities indicative of Technocratic Enlightened Science. Though some Mages have expressed an opinion that the marked items are of a quality that is superior. The marked items range from picture frames through small decorative abstract figures to vasas. One detail they all have in common is that they have all been deemed to be noteworthy enough by the shop workers to be put on the front of shop-windows ; due to their high quality and/or unique appearance. The Mages involved have detected no Correspondence connections when examining the items.

                                It seems that the simplest approach to this mystery - and possibly the only one available - is questioning, whether with just words or with the help of Magick, the persons working at the shops that contained the marked items. However, the involved Mages are reluctant about doing this - after all, the person ( or persons ) who left the items at the shops could have asked the shop owners and workers to let her or him know if anyone will be asking about the items. The Mages involved will likely take precautions and prepare themselves before investigating this situation further.

                                [ These items were all altered, or created wholesale, by a Technocrat of the Iteration-X who is a Mistress of Matter Enlightened Science. She is not involved personally with any of the Technocrats, or other Mages, in the city. She has placed these marked items as a test for any Technocrats who would find them. Any Technocrats who will show persistence and/or results in investigating the mystery or examining the items further will be directly contacted by her in due time.
                                As far as she is aware of, she has left no way to identify or find her through these items - as the placement was done by a colleague from the New World Order.
                                She will will not contact or interact with Mages who are not in the Technocracy ; unless it will be clear ( or there will be strong suspicions ) that they have thoughts about and intent to join the Technocracy. ]
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