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    Originally posted by baakyocalder View Post
    From M20 Book of Secrets, Fae Blood is a 4-pt Merit.

    Systemwise,Banality is 4 or less and you count as Enchanted.You are part of the Changeling world and know stuff about it. The Merit is forbidden for Technomancers, as they have all that Banality.

    If going this way, just use Focus to reflect the character's embrace of their Fae heritage.
    Interesstingly this as high as the advantage about being a Kinfolk and a Changeling/Mage/Wraith.

    As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
    First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
    Second I do not own VTMV beyond first three books nor any line after M20 Corebook because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.