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How do you think Mage 5e will play out?

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    Originally posted by Kakost View Post

    It would need to be an entirely new setting custom taylored for this. For example, the modern technological world is largely a Technocracy invention. For this to have any logic behind it, the Technocracy therefore would need to be the top dog out there amongst ALL of the night critters, particularly when you consider that not only would Traditions, Crafts, Marauders and Nefandi oppose (and be opposed by) the Union, but also the Fae (Changellings), Shapeshifters and quite possibly Vampires too.

    So the techies would need to be even more powerful than they already are, because they would be crusading against EVERYBODY.

    And why is that?

    Well, to shapeshifters, the Union represents the uncontrollable spread of humanity upon Gaia.

    To the Changellings, the Union would be the ultimate Autumn force, crushing the dreams and wonder of the world.

    And finally to the vamps, while there isnt a truly ideological reason, the Union are the ultimate hunters, and the descendant of the medieval Inquisition that pushed for their extinction.

    And for the Union, all those critters are abominations target for termination.

    This would quickly devolve into "Night Critters vs The Men in Black", since any sort of conflicts between Seelie and Unseelie or Camarilla vs Sabbat, while still there, would be eclipsed and become secondary in the light of this war.

    Also, since all night critters would share a common foe, they would UNITE. It would be impossible to have active Camarilla vs Sabbat wars, since Traditional mages would inevitably get involved... Those secondary conflicts would quickly turn into political compromises and consequential backstabing cutthroat politics rather than open wars.

    I mean, this would quickly turn into a "Monsters Hunters" type of game, where you either play one of the night critters trying to survive a hostile world and hide from the hunter who'll inevitably come, or you play the Hunters (the Union) trying to protect the masses with questionable methods.

    I mean, it does make for an awesome setting, but it wouldnt be WoD anymore
    If this is a conversation that matters, it might do better as it's own topic so we can keep this one on Mage 5E expectations.

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      Using Magick too often will Gilgul you.

      If too many Mages gather in one place, the unearthly resonance of their Avatars will start negatively warping reality - this is why Mages don't gather in large groups, and do local street-level stuff.

      The Spirit Sphere is gone, as the Umbrae and Umbrood distract from street-level conflicts.


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        I have a strong hunch that, for me, Mage 5th is going to fall into the same Dream Realm as Highlander sequels and any cover of a Beatles song.

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