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  • Do: Martial mastery

    Hi! I'm quite confused with the Do rule Martial Mastery. In M20 rulebook it says:
    "The player may select two martial arts
    maneuvers for every dot the character has in Do, plus
    one special Do technique (below) for every dot above
    the first. A character with both Do and Martial Arts
    may add all of his maneuvers together, resulting in a
    veritable Bruce Lee.‚Äč"

    Does this mean a player with Do 1 can perform two normal martial arts maneuvers per turn without splitting dice or Time 3? Or what does "selecting maneuvers" mean?

    Also, what does "adding maneuvers together" mean in practice?


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    When you buy dots in Martial Arts, and Do, you get access to special combat maneuvers. Unlike Brawl, which just has a ton of things you can do at 3+ dots, you select maneuvers your character learns from the lists provided in the text. The full description of the universal, dirty, martial arts, and Do maneuvers starts on page 420.

    While this doesn't allow you to break the normal action economy, you can get a bunch of potent combos out of the right selections.


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      Whoa, I have somehow completely missed that characters can only know a certain amount of maneuvers!
      Where is that mentioned? I don't see it in the character creation section, at least not where the Martial arts skill is described. (Then again, I find the rulebook really confusing in many other places, too. Might be because of English being my second language...)

      Edit: I must have misunderstood the meaning of "choose" here. I don't see a mention of the choice having to be done when buying dots. Although, have to admit it wouldn't make much sense otherwise. Have to say, it's impressive how someone can write so much text in a rulebook with so many open questions remaining... too much fluff, not enough examples, if you ask me.
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        It's also a 20th anniversary edition. Gaining special combat maneuvers was something well established in the older books

        This is mention in the sections starting on 420 was I mentioned earlier. Each type of maneuver details what it takes to gain access to the additional moves.


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          It's one of those things... M20 was never supposed to be the entry book for Mage. But we are where we are.

          What doesn't kill you, makes you... stranger.


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            At least it doesn't drop you off at WoD: Combat. I mean, unless you pick up Demon Hunter X, which suggests using the former even though its system for maneuvers and such isn't particularly compatible with the system that it uses. And from there, you're literally half a step from the old, officially licensed Street Fighter storytelling game... sometimes, it boggles the mind to take in what influenced the development of the WoD.