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    The Technocracy

    Void Engineers Well the Desk-Jockeys blew it. Lucky the Trad Mages could save our hides. It's not bad. Sure Mysticism is in the saddle, but tech is allowed, we're set up to explore space, and we could yet save more of the sleepers. The Superstitionists may be a pain, but they are willing to work with us and with the Virtual Adepts and the Etherians in the main alliance, we have allies who get us. Bonus: The N.W.O. and the Syndicate are in the doghouse for the foreseeable.

    Iteration X The Supersitionists have won, but at least they are being generous. The timetable is dead, that's a blessing. Work on labor saving devices and teach mathematics and engineering. Our chance will come again.

    The New World Order They blame us and call us liars. All of our careful planning and our resculpting of history is cast aside. It's lucky they haven't voted to put us on trial as war criminals. Our only hope of a workable future is to make use of that blasted Yellow Brick Road. We've got to win minds by bringing back lost sleepers as well as smuggle in more of our allies.

    The Progenitors What a foul mess. Still the Order of Hermes and their main allies seem to have a plan. More importantly, the Archmage doesn't shun biotech or modern medicine. We can still follow our dreams. The pogrom is on hold for now, a long now I assume, but we can find other ways to build a future.

    The Syndicate They scorn us. they dismiss all of our financial skills and expertise. We're blamed for Pentext and thought to be its agents. That Yellow Brick Road is our only hope. We need to both win respect be rescuing sleepers and smuggle in as many of our allies as we can!
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      The Disparate Alliance

      Ahl-i-Batin Well this place has a kind of unity, but not our kind of Unity. The forgiveness and respect given the remnants of the Technocracy is a sure sign of the Fallen Ones influence. We must undermine this Archmage and use the Yellow Brick Road to bring in people that will fit our cultural pattern, people we can use. It is too bad about Sleepers from lands beyond the Middle East, but they must be sacrificed for humanity to have a worthy future.

      Bata'a This place is far too straight-laced for me. Still, there is no poverty and great freedom. We must seek new allies and ways to prove our worth.

      Children of Knowledge Those that called us Traitors rule this place. Putting that aside, our ideas are respectable here, or at least they'll give us a hearing. We work fairly well with each of the four leading traditions. We might make this one-horse town worthwhile yet.

      Hollow Ones Oh joy! This cheery little piece of hell seems to be it for humanity's future. The Order of Hermes seems to have totally caved to the Technos. We've got to find ways to bring this town over onto the side of Right and Romance! Till then, we need to be among those that use The Yellow Brick Road to rescue people. And to also keep an eye on what other's are plotting with their trips up and down the road.

      Kopa Loei We can tolerate this place. Once the outer worlds of the Greek Alphabet are open so is our future. The Archmage has proved that Iota suits our needs. We must rescue as many of our people as possible and aid these foolish Holes to aid their peoples as well. We'll need their respect and the status of heroes.

      Ngoma Our future is hard, but our past has been hard too. At least this time the Hermetics respect us and our goals. We will rebuild our cultures and we will rescue the sleepers. It's our only path to a future.

      Sisters of Hippolyta Stuck in the Man's world. Our hope is to take over one of the Greek alphabet worlds. Till then, heal the sick and build alliances.

      Taftani This place is hell. We need to leave for the Greek alphabet worlds as soon as possible.

      Templar Knights We are lost among heretics, pagans, and atheists. God Save Us. Hold true to your Faith. We must save the sleepers we can and purge the unworthy as soon as we can.

      Wu Lung Well at least the Barbarians were kind enough to let us in. We must rescue the Chinese people. No other priority is allowable.
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        As I get the energy I'll do a paragraph or two on each mage factions politics and goals. Right now, a note on the Others!

        Vampires: No Kindred or Cathayan Vampires are in the city of Emeralds. Both groups know about the city and The Yellow Brick Road and fiercely desire to gain control of the city. A couple Damphirs, the children of Cathayan Vampires, have gotten to the planet Adocentyn, but they aren't yet able to even get messages back to their families. Most of their energies are going into staying undetected. Which amuses those who discovered them no end.

        Werewolves and Fera: Gaian shapechangers have made it to the City of Emeralds. Between the lack of Caerns, the presence of more than a thousand Mages in an area of little or no Paradox, and a community of sleepers that don't collapse at the sight of their war forms, and the simple fact that Sorcerers and Psychics are organized into military troops, and large ones too, means the Fera and the Garou can't rule or dominate here.

        They hate this. They accept it for now.

        Wraiths: I'll give the Dark Kingdom of Flowers more detail later. For now just let me say that one reason the Cult of X is so powerful here is that their festivals channel Pathos to the Wraiths of the DKoF.

        Changelings: Many Changelings, mainly Commoners, have found The Yellow Brick Road and gotten to OZ. The few Sidhe who've made it are keeping a low profile and strongly suggesting that no one spill the beans about the city to any of the Sidhe left on the Earth. A Sidhe/Mage war over the city is something to avoid. On the whole, since banality is very low, but Glamour is somewhat rare, Changelings last well in the city, but they feel somewhat poor. Changelings tend to last long into Gumpdom and both the Childing and Wilding phases last years longer than on earth.

        Mummies: They haven't gotten to OZ...yet.

        Hunters: A few of these have gotten up The Yellow Brick Road. Avengers, once they calm down, realize that OZ is a good 'safehouse' for humanity, and join the defense forces and demand action! Defenders join the Defense forces too, and work to hold Mages to account for their actions. Judges follow similar paths but get into city government more often. Innocents, Redeemers, and Visionaries, also tend to end up joining the city government. Martyrs also join the defense forces, but few of the other members like that much. So far neither Waywards nor Hermits have found the Yellow Brick Road. The other Hunters pray that lasts.

        Demons: So far OZ doesn't seem to tempt the Demons. Everybody in OZ seems content with that.
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          When I write the paragraphs on Mage politics I'll place a code after each group summing up it's views of other Mages and supernaturals. Note, these aren't reflections, groups can see others in ways they aren't seen by others.

          This is the Key to the code.

          A = Allied
          R= Respectful (these groups like each other, both don't work together for any of a variety of reasons.)
          C= Cooperative (Allied implies friendliness and respect, Cooperative simply means they work together for their goals)
          U= Useful (No love is loss between these groups, but they are tolerated for their useful qualities/services)
          N= Neutral
          H= Hostile (these groups neither trust nor respect each other, but they are fighting ...yet)
          F= Foes ( These groups are working against each other)

          More categories as I think of them.


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            Order of Hermes The Order of Hermes is focused on the Pymanderian Ideal. They want a community were everybody as full autonomy and full acess to the knowledge and power to make their autonomy worthwhile. Surprisingly, to the Order's detractors, the goal is an anarchist society. Hierarchy is seen as a needed but unfortunate training system, a thing to be outgrown. In Oz Hierarchy is seen as something that will soon be ditched, networks are the near future.

            Education both for autonomy and survival are the Order's main priority now. The people need to be strong, and true strength requires real freedom. Rescuing everybody from the Earth will require dealing with Paradox. Mere force won't cut it. The Order of H sees it must up its game.

            The Counsel:

            Sahajiya: Our closest allies. They get that the people need freedom to survive, the people need strength to be free, and joy to be strong. They work with the heart and soul were we go to the intellect. It's sad we took so long to see that.

            Mercurial Elites: Useful and more like us in important ways than not. Plus they make the tools that let us have robots do the scut work and let the people be free to grow into their rightful freedom.

            Children of Ether: We now see they're on the same path as we are. They're still kooks, but heroic kooks. And they make some vital toys.

            Akashayana: They teach the masses useful disciplines. Then we teach them to go beyond mere discipline. Still, discipline must come first. Honor these teachers.

            Chakravanti: They are bound upon a wheel of fire. But they don't shirk their duty. They will always work to preserve humanity as a whole. Individuals aren't their charge. They teach a great deal about living a life worth having. Let the Sahajiya deal with them, they are brothers and love and understand the Chakravanti as we never will.

            Celestial Chorus: I never really got these folks, but they comfort the Sleepers and stand beside us when it counts. That's enough for now. I hope most of these guys take the opportunity to leave for the Greek Alphabet Worlds when they open.

            Verbena: They have many virtues and generally bad attitudes. They are so much easier to respect than to like. I guess that's what folks say about us too. They put up with the city well. I assume once they can leave the city they'll do so joyfully. Until then they are good allies if not good company, but people say that about us too.

            Kha'vadi: They put up with the city well enough. I'll be glad when we can offer them a chance to rebuild their dreams on the Greek Alphabet Worlds. They've suffered much, they've helped many, soon we'll give them the hope they've sought.

            The Technocratic Union

            Void Engineers: These folks are seriously useful. Their dreams of spaceflight even prepare the Sleepers for Awakening and maybe even Ascension. They've stood by the Sleepers and brought the rest of the Technocrats into line with our common survival. We can count these folks as friends and allies.

            Iteration X: They don't respect us. However they do useful work and are glad to be free of the restrictions placed on them by the leaders of their Union. They have promise.

            The Progenitors: They loathe us. Still they have proved their usefulness. They also like their new freedoms and the freedom they like best is the freedom to aid the Sleepers. They also have promise. Sadly they are still a pain, but we've had to bear pain before.

            The New World Order / The Syndicate: They have few uses and they are dangerous. But they'll risk anything to save Sleepers in order to prove themselves. Let them save what Sleepers they can, but always watch for treachery.

            The Disparate Alliance

            Ahl-i-Batin : Bigoted sneaks! Still they aren't without their own insights. Too bad they're worse than we ever where about respecting the views and ideas of others. And we were very bad indeed.

            Bata'a: They seem promising, but they look on those outside their culture in a narrow light. Let the Sahajiya deal with them. They understand them better and the Bata'a are willing to try to understand the Cult of X as well.

            Children of Knowledge: Alchemists who like to party. Well parties are fun but I can't see how an elixir can grant awakening, the work of making the elixir yes, but over the counter ascension seems unworkable. Still, if they can facilitate awakening, that has value.

            Hollow Ones: They judge our moral worth by our fashion sense and they wonder why we have trouble respecting them. Still, they will strive to aid the sleepers. That we will give them. It's far more than they'll ever give us.

            Kopa Loei : They seem like an Hawaiian blend of the Verbene and the Dreamspeakers. They want to go to Iota as soon as it is practical. We approve.

            Ngoma: We must build bridges to these scholars. We can and must learn from each other.

            Sisters of Hippolyta: Is their anyone they don't look down on? As soon as they can go, let them leave.

            Taftani: They do not lack substance. both their use of craft skills to prevent marauder status and their knowledge of the Djinni are to be admired even emulated. But they are rude, violent, and narrow minded. We must invite them to leave for the Greek Alphabet worlds as soon as it is practical.

            Templar Knights: Did these bullies ever have a good use? Let the Celestial Chorus manage them.

            Wu Lung: They seem to have all of our virtues and faults, with added racism. Lots of added racism. Still, rescuing China is a vast task. It will keep them busy and out of everybody else's way.


            Vampires: Kill any of them if you can if they are in the city or on Yellow Brick Road. If not report them. Oh and don't let the two Dhampirs know we know about them. They might get sneaky.

            Werewolves: They are vast trouble, but they might be useful. Cultivate the Irish wolves, the shaman wolves, and the city wolves, those tribes might be the most useful.

            Other Shifters: Still trouble, but more likely to be useful. Cultivate the Cats, the Bears, and the Crows. Keep the rats under very close watch.

            Changelings: Our mistake was in allying with the Sidhe. The Commoners are better folk and wiser.

            Mummies They haven't shown up. I don't know if that's good or bad, but it is probably less complicated.

            Hunters They've shown they can be useful. A true pain, but somewhat useful. We put up with more from others for fewer benefits.

            Demons They are against the law! Let some of the bored warrior types take them out if they show up. surely the Templers and the Batini would love to slay demons, after long interrogations I hope.
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              more later, I misjudged my time.


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                Originally posted by Astromancer View Post
                Iteration X makes the time table, the computer says so, and efficiency, into their serpent chains.
                Slight nitpick, Iteration X has always been actively *against* the timetable. They, more than any of the other conventions aside from the Void Engineers consider the timelag between them inventing a thing and the masses being able to use it an abominable state of affairs.


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                  Originally posted by Enginseer-42 View Post

                  Slight nitpick, Iteration X has always been actively *against* the timetable. They, more than any of the other conventions aside from the Void Engineers consider the timelag between them inventing a thing and the masses being able to use it an abominable state of affairs.
                  Nice point. Perhaps a reason to pull for this setting, were they can get their stuff out faster rather than the old order of things.


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                    Still working on this.


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                      Cult of X views next.


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                        Sahajiya: The Wizard and the Hermetics have come up with something fine. We will make it better .We've got to maintain links with groups they can't connect with, but the Hermetics are vastly less arrogant than they were, so that's more workable. The Dark Kingdom of Flowers is tricky to deal with. Lucky us that we and the Chakravanti have a deep understanding of Pathos, the force the Wraiths need for survival, and a greater understanding of the Wheel, which can free these trapped souls.

                        A quick glance at our neighbors...

                        The Hermetics: Whoa, these guys have loosened up. Mind you they are still Hermetics, which is GOOD. Sometimes you need an arrogant combative intellectual to mow down your problems. But now they can turn that off when they need too.

                        Etherites They make science and engineering their path of passion and joy. Yes they are nuts, but they are both useful and glorious. We love the Etherites!

                        Mercurial Elites They have most of the virtues of the Hermetics and the Etherites, and most of their faults too. But they know how to party and they are closely connected to the pulse of the times. They're good allies, not flawless, but we aren't either.

                        Chakravanti Still depressives, but we get each other. There are good reasons they aren't in the main alliance. However, we're deeply linked to them and always will be, and that's a good thing.

                        Celestial Chorus We still have issues with these guys, but they are mainly pulling with us, so we all make nice.

                        Verbena We like and respect them more than they like and respect us. Oh well. They're useful and when they can leave the city they'll be vastly more useful. Remember, time IS on our side.

                        Akashayana We don't really mesh well, but they do good things for the Sleepers and they are generous with their knowledge. We admire and respect them.

                        Kha'vadi They've got some good stuff, they comfort the Sleepers, but they'll be glad to leave the city. As they're going to be depressed until they escape this place, and I wish them well, I'll be glad to see them go.
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                          The Technos are changing....

                          The Void Engineers These Kirks and Spocks and Janeways, are getting better. But we've been working on them at "shore leaves" for some time now;-) They follow their bliss right to the stars. We find some of their Pathworking a bit litteral, but still impressive. They pull their weight and we can reach them, they might be full allies yet.

                          Iteration X (Sigh) Well, they are useful. we might get them moving in a good direction.

                          Progenitors More trouble than It X, but more possibilities as well.

                          New World Order Toxic bullies. The "State" as an idea can be useful. But these guys turned a shelter into a prison. Watch them closely.

                          The Syndicate Worse than the NWO. They also had a good idea, replace war with mutually beneficial trade. They preverted their idea worse than the other guys.

                          On the whole, we work with the first three and quarantine the last two. But the last two will risk all to make themselves look good. Remember that when someone has to do something deadly.
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                            The Disparate Alliance has it's charms and limits.

                            Ahl-i-Batin :These guys have a lot going for them, but they don't trust anyone else and they need to control you. They're going down the same path as the NWO, the Syndicate, and the Nephandi, and they don't know it. And they won't let you warn them either.

                            Bata'a: These guys are seriously worth while. Sure they are a bit limited in outlook, given their history we understand that. I think these folks have real potential. But the Hermetics are right about their needing to see things differently.

                            Children of Knowledge: I agree that enlightenment can't come in a pill. Still, these guys are like the Etherites started listening to us. We like them, they've got ideas and style.

                            Hollow Ones: Yeah, we got hurt too. They are self-righteous. And worse, they never let their quest for Right and Romance come up for air long enough to see if they're wining or causing us all to lose. That said, we like working with them, even if they are snot nosed wannabe hipsters.

                            Kopa Loei : We like these guys. They've got their heads on right. Yeah they've got "plans." So does everybody else. The Kopa Loei's plans make sense.

                            Ngoma: They're like the Hermetics just more practical and less stuck-up. We can use allies like these.

                            Sisters of Hippolyta: I like that they heal people and help victimized Women recover. They're still bigots, and I'll be glad to see them go.

                            Taftani: These guys are fun and they've got style and ideas. That said I'll be glad when they go.

                            Templar Knights: Let the Chorus manage them.

                            u Lung: Racists, still they can be useful and the Hermetics can extract that use. Leave them to the Hermetics and the Akashayana.
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                              Vampires: Report at once if they get in the City or the Yellow Brick Road. Plenty of others want to kill them. That's a good thing..

                              Werewolves: Work with our allies in the Children of Gaia. leave the rest to them.

                              Other Shifters: We have friends among the Cat Shifters work with them. Be friendly and careful.

                              Wraiths We've got an in with the Dark Kingdom. Use it. The Wraiths just want to ease their pain and get on with their "lives." We can help them. We need to help them. The wraiths can overwhelm the living. and destroy us all including themselves.

                              Changelings: Love them, but be careful. The Commoners are good folk but the Sidhe need to rule other others. This makes them deadly if you aren't careful.

                              Mummies They aren't here so I don't care.

                              Hunters We can work with them. They're strange, but people say that about us..

                              Demons They aren't here and I want it to stay that way!
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                                The Etherites We are pleased not just with this city but with the whole prospect. The price we've paid and are paying is monstrous but with every innocent we save we reduce the injustice. Still, in spite of the horrors that envelope the Earth, humanity has a more hopeful future than it has had in generations. We are free to follow our own visions and insights and to build a True Science.

                                Let us speak of the other​s...

                                Hermetics They've put their political visions to good use. This city is a great tool that preserves and strengthens the freedoms of the people and offers a fairness beyond what humanity has known before. For this we'll support then through any trial.

                                Sahajiya They are so much more than they knew. Still, we follow a different path. Their work with the Wraiths preserve us all.

                                Mercurial Elites T​he Arthetromancers are nearer to us any yet more mystical than the Hermetics. Still, their Reality 2.0 is a worthy goal and they've got the best A.I.s.

                                Akashayana: They explore their minds and disceplen their bodies to do so. It's interesting, but not our thing.

                                Chakravanti: They scare us. Still they help with the Wraiths and they encourage the Sleepers to live fully.

                                Celestial Chorus: They are kind to the sleepers. I just wish they'd stop preaching at me.

                                Verbena: They go their own way. We want the same right so let's leave each other alone.

                                Kha'vadi: They aren't city folk. This hurts them. I'll feel better when they can leave the city and be free.
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