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    The Technocracy

    Void Engineers The bold explorers are back. These gallant folks are our allies now. Not yet as close as we would like, but we won't need to wait to long.

    Iteration X Still stick in the muds, but they do useful work and we are building bonds of trust again.

    The New World Order Remind me, where these guys ever useful? at least they want to impress everybody by rescuing the sleepers still on Earth. I bet they think they'll use that to foul things up again.

    The Progenitors Much like ItX only ruder. A pity. Still they want to help, we just need to make sure that we agree on what the word "Help" means.

    The Syndicate We aren't yet big enough for an economy like they think about. This makes their magic useless. Pretty much the same as the NWO, just sneakier and less useful.
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      The Disparate Alliance has points of interest.

      Ahl-i-Batin : Bigots, probably more trouble than the NWO or the Money Men. Watch your back and be careful, they are the best sneaks going.

      Bata'a: We don't get on. But they know their ethnobotanny! Be polite, show respect, and offer help.

      Children of Knowledge: Exciting people, wild ideas and daring actions. What's not to love?

      Hollow Ones: Oh them. We should give them a chance to prove themselves. But ask for respect in return.

      Kopa Loei : I admire their focus on helping their sleepers and the willingness to work for the larger community. I don't get their magic style, but I admire heroes.

      Ngoma: These guys are like the Hermetics, except they're easier to talk to.

      Sisters of Hippolyta: They help people, sort of, and they are willing to settle in deep space FAR FROM HERE. I can tolerate them.

      Taftani: They're kind of fun and they have style. They are Jerks, but interesting.

      Templar Knights: These guys are Jerks and boring.

      u Lung: I don't like these snobs. Still, they want to do a vast thing that needs done. Help them when they are not doing stupid things.
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        Non-Mages count too.

        Vampires: Kill them, but report them first. That way if they kill you, someone else will get them.

        Werewolves: The Glass Walkers will talk to us. Leave all others alone except to show respect. And ALWAYS BE POLITE.

        Other Shifters: The Bears and Crows tolerate us, but leave all shifters to experts.

        Wraiths Fascinating studies for later on. For now leave them to the Cult of X.

        Changelings: Good folk, but not our field of expertise, let others handle them.

        Mummies I'd like to meet one, but not to soon.

        Hunters We work with them, it isn't to much of a problem.

        Demons They are interesting. They use your interest in them to destroy you, and then use you to destroy your allies. Avoid them or kill them.


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          I'll add more soon. I also need to make corrections.


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            The Mercurial Elites

            Well, our plans got trashed. Lucky we got rescued by a fellow Trad mage. We've got some of the Web intact which gives us two roads back to Earth. Sure the other one is more reliable, but our Web covers so much more. We just got to get these guys quality stones to guide their yellow bricks to more of Earth.

            Order of Hermes: These guys are together at last. Still Merlins, but kicking ass. They're leading the parade but not in only one ancient narrow path. Plus this city is the lifeboat full of hope humanity needed. That said they still don't get either our tech or our math, but then they say that's no problem because we get it and they get other things. Hey, they might be right.

            Sahajiya: Who knew the hippy mages where so together the whole time? Their programs to keep the Wraiths happy and out of our hair keep us all alive. Considering how spaced I get when I'm really coding, maybe we're more like them than we ever knew.

            Children of Ether: Still our best pals and free to show everybody how capable and relevant they always were.

            Chakravanti: They still spook me. But now I see more of who they are. They take on a terrible burden that would break me. Fate seems to choose them, I'm both glad I'm not chosen for that fate and pleased they don't need to deliver the "Good Death" in this city.

            Akashayana: They teach the kids things about their minds and bodies that make it easier for us to teach our ideas to them later. It's good teamwork. Eastern mysticism still leaves me cold, but hey, they enjoy it.

            Kha'vadi: They seem lost here. But they'll shine when they get to leave the city.

            Verbena: I don't like them, mainly because they despise me. However, when they get to leave the city they'll shine too. However, until then, I'd like to give them all old fashioned shiners.

            Celestial Chorus: They're kind to the sleepers, I suspect that's mainly so they can use them later. Still, they help the sleepers and comfort them in a hard time. That said I prefer them at a distance. I'm less annoyed by the Chorus than the Verbena, but I respect the Verbena so much more.

            The Technocracy

            Our old "Friends" are with us again. Be civil and watch your back. We know these guys very well and they know that even better.

            The Void Egineers: The most useful technos and the ones that really get us and can be brought along to get the trads, or most of them anyway. That passion for adventure that burns in them always gives us an in.

            Iteration X: In many ways our closest kin. we wounded each other the most. Bring them along slowly but steadily. They can see the light, you just need them to look past the gears and wiring diagrams.

            The Progenitors: They want to help the sleepers and think we're the threat to them.(sigh) Still they are useful and want to help.

            NWO: True pains, they must know their lies, cover-ups, and spy games, are all over. Why don't they build themselves a new role or join groups that do something? That said, they're still utterly deadly. Never let your guard down with them.

            The Syndicate: Like the NWO only with vastly more seduction. Watch your back and everyone else's around them.
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              The Disparate Alliance

              The new guys made up of old players. Think of them as a muddy stream to pan for gold. Sadly the stream is something of a sewer.

              Ahl-i-Batin :
              Cultural imperialists that project their sins on to everybody around them. These guys know more about being sneaky than the NWO. They have a mystical take on Correspondence that often surpasses us. But with all that, their culture was dying strangled by their watchful care.

              Bata'as: These guys seem like the Sahajiya and the Kha'Vadi. That's they seem like. They're tough and smart, at least on their own ground. They seem adaptable. Be respectful, build bridges carefully, they have potential.

              Children of Knowledge: They're alchemists that like to party. We like to party too, and our code is both mystical and scientific. Perhaps we're closer than we think. Still watch what you drink around them.

              The Hollow Ones: They're still smug little romantics who think they're the way, the truth, and the light. We don't need a new Jesus guys. Still they want to earn respect and save sleepers. If they save sleepers I'll give them some respect.

              Kopa Loei: They save sleepers and want to build their dreams when the Greek Alphabet Worlds open up. Sounds respectable to me. so lets respect them and help them.

              Ngoma: Hermetics with manners if you ask me. These guys are there for the sleepers so let's show them respect.

              Sisters of Hippolyta Wonder woman needs to get her aunts in hand. Still, they will help people and plan to leave town when they can. And I'll be glad to see them go.

              Taftani: When they leave I won't miss them. Be polite but never let them run over you. Respect isn't a concept they're good at.

              Templar Knights: I hope there's a use for these creeps. I doubt there is a use, but I hope there is. let the Chorus deal with them.

              Wu Lung They're bigots. Still if they save China that's one sixth of the work done. Still they are old style Hermetics with far less charm and far more arrogance. Worse, unless you jump to obey them, they scream about your "arrogance."

              The Others

              Extra Fun for us all.

              Vampires: They need to die if they get anywhere near the city or The Yellow Brick road.

              Werewolves and other Shifters: The Glass Walkers and the Crows talk to us. Leave everybody else alone. Others will deal with them.

              Wraiths et al: The Sahajiya and the Chakravanti deal with them.

              Changelings: Fun, but totally out of our wheelhouse.

              Mummies If they show up, then we'll deal with them. Until then we're busy.

              Hunters: They don't see us as Mages so they'll talk to us. Be polite, cultivate friends, remember they can be both useful and deadly.

              Demons Kill them, but get useful intelligence to share.
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                The Chakravanti

                The wheel can't stop, at least it shouldn't stop, but we can be thrown off. Luckily this archmage caught us all. Actually I don't believe in luck. I've made to much of the artificial kind to believe in the real stuff.

                An avatar of Fate stands at this archmage's side in the form of the Rainbow's child. Luck isn't a word I'd use for any of this.

                This city is Fate's loom. We can't let the web get torn.

                Order of Hermes

                When you need raw power and the arrogance to use it these guys are the best. Mind you that same trait makes them a problem. Still they seem to be using some of their other talents here. We are glad about that.

                The Sahajiya

                Closest to us and furthest away. We balance the Wheel as no one path ever could. Their brilliant solution to the Wraith issue is magnificent. Still, they forget the Wheel goes down as well as up. This city is a path upward. Where is the path safely down?

                Mercurial Elites

                They do much practical work to aid the sleepers. Cute little robots to do the drudgery and free up people's time are pleasant. But projects like Reality2.0 show a basically unhealthy worldview.

                Children of Ether

                The value the process of creation and the way it can transform you. They use their creations to aid the sleepers. Still they lack a focus on reality. They become irrelevant heroes.


                We're karma they're dharma, when will they get that through their skulls? We can't agree, but we don't need to fight. Still, teaching the sleeper children useful skills that promote awakening later on is a fine thing.


                They're like seeds stored up for planting. Spring will come.


                They bide their time well and help who they can. This seems good to me.

                Celestial Chorus

                Another group of mages waiting for a future they can use and helping as they can. It would be easier to respect them if they were less preachy.
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                  The Technocracy

                  Our old foes and forced allies.

                  The Void Engineers

                  At least they value the journey and the possibility of discovery. Much like our technomancers only with bad company. Still, if we are to serve the wheel, we can use these rocket jockeys.

                  Iteration X

                  They mistake their tools for their purpose. They are lost. Still they do useful work.

                  The Progenitors

                  Much like Iteration X just meaner and more selfrightous. On the other hand their medical skills are profound. They can be useful.

                  The NWO and the Syndicate

                  They aren't even useful and they're still a threat.
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                    The Disparate Alliance.

                    What a jumble of trash and treasure.


                    They have wisdom but it only makes their foolishness more dangerous. They will accept only one path whether or not its available. Worse, they want to close all other paths. I fear we may be made to return them to the wheel.


                    We like their style and they seem sensible. We need to know more about them.

                    Children of Knowledge

                    You can't get enlightenment from a pill. Still, alchemy can be useful.

                    The Hollow Ones

                    They're still smug. Their big achievements for "right and romance" generally leave piles of dead innocents and many excuses. Let them smoke their clove cigarettes elsewhere.

                    Kopa Loei

                    These shamans have goals and plans and are working to achieve their vision of the good. They aren't perfect, but they've chosen a workable path.


                    Too focused on one set of cultures. Still they work shrewdly and carefully toward laudible goals.

                    Sisters of Hippolyta

                    Our women talk to them. They report that they want to help but they are narrow and selfrightous. They seem to be a burden.


                    They want to go off by themselves. I approve.

                    Templar Knights

                    The cause they fight for has no use for them. They don't even respect the morals and ideals of their own faith. They are in the end idolitars. They worship only their own egos.

                    Wu Lung

                    They have all the faults that limited the Hermetics and far less success. They add racism to this. Still, if they save China that is vast.
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                      The Others


                      The undead have no place here. Share the good death with them.


                      The shifters often lack control. Moreover they think we are "wyrm tainted." Let others deal with them.


                      We deal with them. The Sahakiya have set up a truely worthy Dark Kingdom for them. We serve all by helping these lost ones back to their paths.


                      Rarely our problem. Mind you the Sluagh are worth talking to.


                      They're worth talking to. We have some things in common. We'd do well to help them see that.


                      Destroy them quickly.
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                        The Akashayana

                        This city is a lifeboat and little more. It's a comfortable lifeboat and well stocked. But lifeboats aren't places to live. Still, we face a brutal emergency and a lifeboat is the tool we most need.

                        By the time we no longer need a lifeboat the archmage will have other options open for us. Until then we make this lifeboat work for the highest good of the sleepers.

                        The Order of Hermes

                        They are much the same as they ever where. They're simply useing their talents and flaws more carefully and respectfully. We can all learn from that.


                        They keep the Wraiths both seperate from the living and on a path of healing. We laude and praise this. Still they seem over focused on the idea of pleasure and passion as the road to enlightenment.

                        The Mercurial Elites and The Children of Ether

                        Still tied to tools. They both use the process of creation to learn and grown and the product to aid others. So they do much that is admirable. But they pointlessly limit themselves.


                        They are vital to keeping the Wraiths from causing chaos. We praise this work. Still they bind themselves to karma and ignore dharma. We work together but we are always separate.

                        Celestial Chorus

                        They comfort the sleepers. We like that they do that but suspect their motives.

                        The Verbena

                        They aid the sleepers and plan to leave the city when they can. We've no objections to that.

                        The Kra'vadi

                        Each gathers their tribe and aids others as they can. We find them respectable. We might find some sorrow in our hearts when they leave the city. But it will be good for them to leave.
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                          The Technocracy

                          At least the Technarchs knew that the main foe was winning and they had to work with us. That really doesn't make them more than allies of the moment. Still all may start on the path.

                          The Void Engineers Little worse than our Techomancers and rather useful. They seem to be willing to be respectful and to learn from us. We can teach them and, to bind them faster to us, learn from them.

                          Iteration X They're the robots Captain Kirk shorted out with language games. That said they serve the sleepers and mind their manners.

                          The Progenitors The serve the sleepers and barely mind their manners. Still they want to study us. This has its perils but we might learn how to teach them. We must give it more thought.

                          The NWO Sullen bitter wretches who waste their time mourning their lost power. Their uses are few and they are still a threat.

                          The Syndicate Even if I bought into their economic arguments can't they see we don't have enough people or resources for a classical capitalist economy! Lost because they chose to be.
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                            The Disparate Alliance

                            Our brand new "Foes." Am I supposed to be afraid? I ask only for purposes of information. These folks have some substance and some fools, but who doesn't.

                            Ahl-i-Batin They are wise in some things. However they focus on unity alone without asking what the purpose of the unity is. They seem to assume that only one culture can have value. They are as bad as the Wu-Lung about that. And worse than the Wu-Lung, they wont tolerate other paths and ways of being.

                            Bata'as To our eyes they seem like a blend of the Verbena and the Kra'vadi. Others must teach us about their special gifts. That said we seem to be started on terms of mutual respect.

                            Children of Knowledge They are alchemists. Like many alchemists before them they seek a magic potion. It is the lab work not the product of that work that enlightens. Still they try to help, when they aren't helpless lost in a drug fueled dream.

                            Hollow Ones

                            The Christians say Lucifer was proud, he has nothing on the Hollow Ones. Still they want to help and they at least try to be civil with us. Be civil in return and aid them to help others, they might redeem themselves.

                            Kopa Loei They seek status in order to serve their people. The only laudable reason to seek that path. They seek status by serving others through saving lives. We respect this and will aid and respect them.

                            Ngoma Calmer shrewder Hermetics, or at least they seem like it. They seek to aid the sleepers and build a good future for their cultures. Help them.

                            Sisters of Hippolyta Sexism is still sexism if you disrespect either sex. Added to that they are rude and judgmental. It will be pleasant when they leave.

                            Taftani Violent, crude, brutal, but not without insights, they are interesting. Still it will be good to see them go.

                            Templar Knights All the faults of the Taftani, the Sisters of Hippolyta, and the Hollow Ones, but with fewer virtues.

                            Wu-Lung We've fought them before. They simply refuse to ever respect others. Watch them, they can destroy us all. It will be good to see them leave the city.
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                              The Others

                              We have company here in OZ. Some of them are useful.

                              The Vampires Kill them if you can but warn others. They must never get to the city. While some vampires in theory could be friendly, practice proves otherwise.

                              The Fera We have some friends in the Beast courts, but don't cause either yourself or them trouble by upsetting any of the shifters.

                              Waiths The Sahajiya and the Chakravanti handle them. Leave the ghosts alone.

                              Changelings Charming folk, a true pain, but charming never the less. Learn from them and be ...patient.

                              The Hunters Worthy folk, they seem to think we're something out of Wuxia films. Humor them and aid them to aid the sleepers.

                              Demons They don't belong here. Send them home...MANUALLY.
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                                More soon.

                                Any comments?