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A little help with my Tremere in combat V20

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  • A little help with my Tremere in combat V20

    So I have Path of Conjuring 2 and Movement of the Mind 3. What are my best options for combat? (we are playing V20)

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    How are your attributes and abilities allocated? Off-hand, I assume you'd want to use your first turn controlling someone with MotM. Then in later turns just use a gun or melee weapon on them. If these abilities are low, though, you could just throw them around instead.

    Edited not to double post, but 11twiggins makes a good point. You can also just levitate yourself and shoot from the air. This would be more ideal if the enemy doesn't have much ranged capability, therein you aren't risking them contesting your control rolls.
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      If you're a Tremere then you should usually have Path of Blood as your primary. Movement of the Mind and Conjuring are good, but Blood is the central foundation of Hermetic Blood Magic. Then again a ST could allow you to have Movement as Primary of course!

      As for combat, not all combat has to rely on Disciplines. You can do a lot of damage with guns, knives and fangs, and just use Movement of the Mind to levitate yourself, pick up others in an emergency, throw objects to distract and damage, and use Conjuring to pull out a knife if you don't have one.


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        Both Paths are pretty broke, which is good for you. Your character is a walking mass casualty event. No, really. This isn't conjuring like pulling a rabbit from a hat, more like making the Bhopal disaster at will.

        Your character's most important combat Ability is going to be Science (Chemistry), to know about dangerous materials. There are a number of chemicals that don't get researched much because there is no amount of lab protocol that makes them even marginally safe. Basically, they just blow up if you think too hard at them. Your character can create up to their body's size of these chemicals for the cost of 3 blood. (The average human body has a volume of 95 liters.)

        Look for those materials with an auto-ignition temperature lower than room temperature, or those that are highly acidic or base. (The alkali metals group might be fun, especially if it's raining. The two together make pretty booms.) Use MoM to throw these materials of mass destruction where you need. Alternatively, use MoM to fly above the target and let gravity do the work.

        Your armory is here.

        The hardest part is going to be not blowing yourself up!

        You can also make botulism toxin. Useful for killing anything not already dead. With the Medicine knowledge you should be able dose it right to kill any living creature, and make it look like they died because they ate some spiced apples their granny was really bad at canning. Read up on other toxins for dealing with humans, like Ricin, Arsenic, and Chlorine gas.

        Bonus tip! Materials created with Conjuring 1 go away when you stop spending willpower. This is useful for melting a pack of Garou with a glob of acid the size of you, without turning the whole city block into a super-fund site. It also makes forensic investigations of bodies much more difficult. OTOH, you have Conjuring 2 (Permanency) which, as the name implies, let's you turn a Caern into a super-fund site permanently.

        Bonus bonus tip! You can use Conjuring defensively, as well. Conjuring 95 liters of a very fine dust as you leave will cover your exit. Practice conjuring an Osmium wall to create armored cover during fights. You can buy a lot of security with 95 liters of gold, cocaine, saffron, or truffles.


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          mikerand What else is your character good at?
          Firearms and Head shots can be really deadly (lethal damage instead of Bashing, and bonus damage for head shots) With a Tremere's Auspex, you may make a great sniper
          Dominate is also a good combat control power, even at 1 "Flee" "Retreat" and "Surrender"

          MotM lets you fly and lets you levitate threats against the group (Depending on their weight) If they're levitating, they can't move to you to attack.
          Conjuring is very useful, but limited by character's knowledge.
          There is also very little that it can create that you couldn't bring with you if you planned ahead and were extremely wealthy.