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Changes in ThinBloods throughout the Ages

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  • Changes in ThinBloods throughout the Ages

    So it seems silly to have 13 Gen in Ancient Babylon. But its also silly to just assume your Childer will obey you after they go off on their own not create their own childer. I recall the term thinblood changed throughout the ages, like wasn't 12th or 13th gen the Thinblooded of the Dark Ages?

    So I'm Thinking 7th Gen may have been the first Thin Blooded, it may sound arbitrary but its the point right before you are limited to mortal traits. I'm thinking way back when the 3rd Gen said to their kids do not sire anymore, they totally did and 5th gen were waltzing around in the 1st and 2nd city but they would be scourged if discovered so maybe some went into the Wilderness. But over all the stigma of thinning blood is kept, and that kept the diluting from happening as quickly. Buts its only natural that Kindred would want to make more of them. But perhaps in the 1st Nights there was a lost Tradition of having your Sire as the only one who could create new childer, making natural brood mothers, and requiring going into the Wilderness to create a brood.

    So what do you expect the Timeline was for the thinning of the Blood? Like I said I don't think they could go and make 13th gen in the oldest of nights. I'm thinking at first they could go as weak as 7th gen 10k years ago. Then by the Time of Babylon they could go 8th, then as Egypt advanced 9th. Ancient Greece 10th. Rome 11th, Dark Ages 12th? Rennaissance 13th. 90's 14th and then turn of the millenium 15th.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    What is the oldest recorded 13th Gen? Or 12th Gen?

    I remember that old Setite who has that special position as I think a Recorder or something who is like a two thousand year old 12th gen.

    But its interesting to have Methuselahs with Weak ass blood. Imagine an Ancient Egyptian 8th gen Cainite, they would probably develop a complex as most of the ancients that survived have low gen, sometimes through diablerie.