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Onyx Path Kicked to the Curb?

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    Also, while the company's existed for six years, people who work there have been in the industry for much longer.

    I also think that Renegade is the publisher and not necessarily developer, plus everything has to go through Justin for approval anyway?


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      Originally posted by Japheth View Post
      I still have massive reservations on a company that hasn't proven itself, compared to OPP. 6 years vs. RichT's nearly 30 years with WW/OPP (combined)... Seems to me that OPP is the better in terms of quality.
      Paradox might still be holding back on OPP because they still don't fulfill the requirement of having their own in-house production and distribution infrastructure for physical books.


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        I do not believe Paradox made any announcement concerning Onyx Path. Also note that Renegade will their new *publishing partner*. The same way that Modiphius used to be. There's nothing here that talks about the involvement of third party content creators. What IS known is that Paradox wants to bring back more writing 'in house' rather than just rely on third party partners. To what extent, we do not yet know. But I do know this is a good thing as it means content will be more consistent across the board instead of having one company want to write content one way, and another wanting to do it differently. And while I do like Onyx Path, it's often very challenging to get their books into FLGS. And any solution that allows for better print distribution to local stores is always a win for me. But obviously, I would support any solution that allows Onyx Path to keep making content while also allowing said content to hit local stores consistently.


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          According to what Whitewolf has shared in their Discord channel, the relation with Onyx Path and their regional publishers remains unchanged,.So, if this is true, great news and let's hope for more OPP vampire projects!