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Question on V20 Ventrue weakness

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    I had to


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      Originally posted by Hades View Post

      I believe this is addressed in a splatbook somewhere, where they basically say that Ventrue, like addicts looking for their fix, "just know." So a Ventrue, being given five goblets of blood, would know which one they could gain sustenance from.
      This is what I go with, personally. Ventrue "just knows".

      It might be they're highly attuned to the signs of their favorite meal. It might be that the blood of a "correct" mortal just smells particularly good, to the point the Ventrue can tell just from proximity.

      Or it might be a highly specific "sixth sense" that Ventrue have for their blood restriction.

      Generally, I wouldn't think too hard about it. As with everything else with the ambulatory corpses animated by an ancient blood curse, it Just Works.


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        Originally posted by monteparnas View Post
        Yes. Or let someone else take it, that's also valid, specially when "classic" was more lenient with out-of-body blood. The person must loose the blood, the sire don't have to be the cause, and there are a few stories of self-embraces where the person arranged their own exsanguination.

        In fact, if the Ventrue is careful enough about it, they may even try to give the childer their own blood stored a few moments before. If it goes well, you can give the Fledgling a nice first meal.
        Also, It's probably not uncommon for Ventrue Embrace selection to be biased towards their feeding restriction.

        Obviously, this isn't always going to be the case. Ventrue select Childer for lots of reasons, many of them strictly practical. They're expected to contribute Childer who can be an asset not only to themselves but to the Clan.

        But still, Ventrue spend a great deal of time around one particular type of person. A type of person they are, low key or otherwise, obsessed with. When you spend that much of your unlife around a type of person or spend it thinking about them, it's going to have an effect on who you consider a valid candidate. It may not resolve in favor of a clearly inappropriate candidate (though even Ventrue aren't immune to making impulse choices).

        But it might tip the scales in favor of one who meets qualifications, has potential, AND happens to be filled with the Sire's preferred vintage of liquid crack.

        In these cases, a Ventrue absolutely would do the draining herself.

        I suspect this kind of thing happens more often than most Ventrue would prefer to admit.