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The Kindred Curse

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  • Vilenecromancer
    Yes, but it's complicated. Mages can do just about anything under the Sun, and then some. The catch is that it not only wouldn't be easy, but also very likely to get the mage killed. Not only from vampires trying to avoid a masquerade breech, but also the paradox that'll likely kill them in one go.

    The minimum spheres needed, from my limited mage knowledge, would need ALL of the following:
    ● Life 5. To remake the body into a living form.
    ● Entropy 5. To deconstruct the idea of vampirism for the target. Also to remove the curse upon this individual.
    ● Matter 5. To change the properties of the body the kindred has.
    ● Prime 5. To infuse them with new life.
    ● Time 5. To bring the person back to a perfect form of how they were before the curse.

    To top this off, you'll like need anywhere between 10 to 20+ success on an extended magic check to succeed. Lastly this magic is vulgar and may invoke paradox, although the vampire will never count as a witness even after being cured.

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  • TheMastigoseQueen
    started a topic The Kindred Curse

    The Kindred Curse

    I'm not sure if i should put this here or in the mage tag, but ill ask here anyway. Can a mage with sufficient enough power break the curse and turn a kindred mortal again?