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  • Alternative sources of blood

    Lets say you were a kindred of one of the clans who was worried that there usual supply of blood may get cut off. Maybe that night club you usually go to because it is the nearest gets shutdown.

    Maybe your herd got sick, or its winter and most of the animals are in hibernation and there's very few left. Maybe the blood that is left is not enough to feed multiple vampires. Maybe there's a lockdown.

    The venture would definitely have the hardest time of all the clans.

    How would your clan deal with it? What plans would you make?

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    Vampires think **survival of the fittest**, but would actively not wish it to be them. Not only that, but clan politics differ from city to city, so how Nosferatu in one city may react is different from another.

    If the blood supply of a whole area is affected, political leaders will actively work to lower the vampire population to keep the supply from "dry up" or "getting wise". Theyll usually do something to mask the intention, like the local Cam starts executing vampires who don't introduce themselves to the prince. The Sabbat might send a pack or 3 away to raid an enemy city or territory. If the packs die that's less mouths to feed. If the packs are able to get the territory, then more blood for all.

    If the situation only affects a small group, aka not a clan, or individual, then they have to think of something or they're fucked. A farmer may grow desperate and start stealing pets just to avoid the hunger, or more likely just break and feed on a human. A venture has to find more of their type fast or else they may need to resort to vampire blood. Vampire blood can be drank by all Ventrue regardless of their type, so a really desperate blue blood my embrace just to chain the new lick in the basement.

    Ultimately this is interesting idea for a campaign. Make a dreadful disease hit a city, maybe with a group that wouldn't mind using covid for plot. Make the lockdown and plague itself hit the population hard, and vampires are growing desperate just to survive.

    BTW to list a good sources are as followed:
    1. Animals, primarily pets. Morally wrong, but so is assulting people for blood so. Also rats are really common, if not disgusting.
    2. Expired blood bags. After a month, blood banks will throw away whole stocks. Vampires may or may not still be able to drink this blood based on merits/edition you play.
    3. Vampires. Two birds, one stone. Lower the vampire population, and get blood doing it. This will likely get your character killed.
    4. Drink the idiots. If real life has told me anything, its that some people won't listen to lock down no matter what. If the crisis is a lockdown, then just let the vampires drink from the idiots.
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      I typically play Tremere or Lasombra.

      I have a hard time believing the Tremere don't have hundreds of rolled pennies, each with infused via Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion, stashed away in the chantry. Combine that with what is undoubtedly a focus in the medical field, and they would be one of the Clans to suffer the least.

      Lasombra would fare about how any Toreador would.

      I would think any Clan with Animalism would suffer the least.


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        Maybe Covid was a SI plot to starve vamps!


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          Kindred with a medical background has as many homeless people rounded up as possible, lobotomize them, and keep them alive on IV drips. Inform the local kindred that for a membership fee you can feed from the captured people or have blood bags delivered. Money and boons will be plentiful, most vampires won't see you as a threat, and best of all thanks to humanity behaving the way it does, the homeless on the streets will always restock.

          Of course if you don't mind the time investment, being mostly brain dead doesn't prohibit pregnancy or bringing the child to term. So once you have your initial "crop" of humans, you could start breeding for flavors or specific types to deal refined tastes. Pretty much the same thing as breeding cattle for fat marbling or pigs for lean meat.

          Alternatively any necromantic clan/bloodline will proliferate the path that allows you to feed on ghosts rather than blood. With most of the clans who can't adapt going extinct or going into torpor, the necromancer clans will be in ascendance given a very long time period of sparse hunting.