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Are there any V5 supplements with Infernalist powers?

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  • Are there any V5 supplements with Infernalist powers?

    I'm planning on throwing some Infernalists at my players, and I just realized that I don't have V5 stuff on infernalists.

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    V5 doesn't have anything on Infernialism proper no. Though the a particularly zealous and powerful Cult of Shalim could be used in its place.


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      There's a Satanic cult in Forbidden Religion but they have no special powers.

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        Nothing official, your best bet is probably to reflavour a mix of: oblivion (summoning and binding ghosts retooled for demons), blood sorcery (can give you control of plants, the ability to interact or summon fire), and Animalism (combined with a dash of Obfuscate for unliving hive helps evoke the Via Hydra) to cover the effects you need.

        Add in some suitably twisted descriptions and you’ll be able to cover the majority of what you need.

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          No. The Baali were barred from Cults of the Blood Gods, and infernal powers tend to be their whole shtick. They seem to want to have a wide appeal to all audiences, and such themes wouldn't appeal. At least for the widest audience.


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            I think they did the right thing from a marketing perspective in not doing anything about Infernalism yet, but it would be nice to see a Baali sourcebook some day.

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