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Which disciplines would you not invest any exp in?

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    I think all disciplines are useful in V5 and there isn't a single one I wouldn't spend XP in at all, barring specific powers.

    But for the sake of discussion, my least favorite is Blood Sorcery. Unless I'm playing a Tremere or Banu Haqim, learning the powers is going to be hard since you need a teacher or something to study to learn those, then even more scrounging for rituals.

    Potence is a bit lackluster for combat against kindred at the start, compared to Feral Weapons at least, but it allows you to fight with less worry about the Masquerade, plus Soaring Leap and Uncanny Grip provide mobility, good for Nosferatu or more sneaky types. However, Brutal Feed makes the entire discipline worth it for me, allows you to immediately kill any mortal you get your fangs on, and makes combat feeding against vampire way more viable.