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Do you roleplay Clan Compulsions effecting vamps subconsciously when not activated?

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  • Banu_Saulot
    One of the biggest tragedies of vampires for me is that their own self is like very... weak, flat-footed.
    Because not only you freaking died, but now you have all the uncountable effects and influences of the Beast, but the Hunger, of the power.
    You also have to deal with the Bane, and the lost of your Humanity, besides the years passing faster and faster, all you reflected as yourself getting lost if you don't find yourself updating that which reflexes your own self, which depends on Humanity too (and with such 'updating' you kind change as well).

    Other serious business is that with time you undoubtedly forget much, and with that you forget your self, so what is more vampire and Beast and what is more You?
    What enters into this for me is the question of Blood. I can't see the drinking of blood and humors as something that wouldn't affect Kindred. I mean, it is very easy for me to see that memories and sentiments go through the blood to the vampire, the stronger the resonance. In a way I imagine vamps being even more emotional and like caricature than humans, cause they are fuelled by emotion juice (which is a drug and food to them equally). So yeah, "who I am anymore" comes first as a question than "am I a Beast?".

    Also, the whole idea of Banes, Disciplines (and their fuelling humors) and Compulsions makes me really think that the Blood of Kindred really affects directly or indirectly the personality and mind of new bearers (the more time a vamp has, the more it shows maybe, or the opposite).

    In conclusion for me, Compulsion is just a moment where one particular aspect of emotion or complex gets very intense, and is an outburst. Like when through your day you had to deal with a minor annoyance hundreds of times and now you can't hold it, or else it bears in your mind in whatever you do not related to it. And with vampires hardly being able to tell "that is who I am and was" it would be hard, very hard, to differentiate that from any ""normal"" action.
    Let's not forget also mind powers and Blood Bond. Geez

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  • Lysander
    I don't really. Though the image of a Brujah enrolling in anger management courses would be funny.

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  • SetiteFriend
    Originally posted by CajunKhan View Post
    One of my headcanons is that clan compulsions effect all vampires in a subtle, subconscious way even when they are not active. Does anyone else have a similar headcanon, or is this just me?

    Yes, with emphasis on the subtle and subconscious. Just slight nudges, indistinct from the Vampire's own thoughts.

    There is a very interesting section in Camarilla, where Victoria Ash talks about how she doesn't know if she became the archetypal Toreador because of Clan Culture, or the Blood.

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  • MyWifeIsScary
    Only vampires with compulsions should be a few malkavians.

    Vampires behave the way they do because
    -They have dangerous dietary requirements and a very serious sun allergy
    -They're concerned about the masquerade
    -They're concerned about losing their shit in a frenzy
    -children are less powerful than their parents but this problem can be solved by children devouring their parents.
    -Some vampires get too powerful and indulge in power fantasies
    -some vampires get too old and get bored.
    -Vampires regularly have traumatic experiences, especially during the adjustment period.
    -They have magical advantages and disadvantages that encourage them to prefer some strategies over others, this specialization helps to distribute the clans so they're not all fighting over the same resources.
    -They are usually embraced from specific kinds of people who are likely to take the most advantage of the powers the bloodline favours, and who are likely to adapt well to the weakness.

    -Childer are groomed and indoctrinated by their sire and this creates a clan culture.
    -Their politics is inherently flawed and paranoid because of all the above issues, which creates further systemic issues.

    Compare this with

    "the blood of my ancestor caused me to behave snooty"

    Systemic problems are just more interesting and compelling than inherent ones. Systemic problems can be challenged, they take player agency into account. Inherent ones do not.

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  • Shadeprowler
    When I use them
    But more often I use the "side effects" to have a Discipline (I think PG to the Low/High clans, DA V20 introduced this idea officially too)
    For example, a Vampire with Fortitude became a bit numb to the senses when it comes to touch, a devoted Potance user careless, and will have trouble to operate "fine machinery" so to speak
    Auspex with the sharpened senses almost parmanent shaprening, distraction to hear and smell and see details
    And so on
    I tend to treat the power of the vampires as the "extension" of the Curse, not gifts or the way to be superpowers
    Yes, they have neat powers... but those powers are cursed in origin and not there to make their unlife bearable or easy
    On the other way around
    I am an Evil GM
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  • Ragged Robin
    Truthfully I don't run them at all. Except as possible derrangement.

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  • Nicolas Milioni
    I believe so too

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  • Do you roleplay Clan Compulsions effecting vamps subconsciously when not activated?

    One of my headcanons is that clan compulsions effect all vampires in a subtle, subconscious way even when they are not active. Does anyone else have a similar headcanon, or is this just me?