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The Salubri moving forward

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    I've always kind of imagined the Salubri wanting to move forward as a bloodline (without Saulot in the picture, who is off doing his own thing depending on which iteration of the character you want to believe) and maybe they're coming to terms with their change in status, the way the world has evolved (both for mortals and vampires) and how they want to go ahead in it. There's alot of potential for contrast in that that might hearken back to the previous editions - that struggle for goodness, inner peace and/or redemption vs the realities of their condition, the world they find themselves in, and the others they have to contend with (good and bad.) Such a group might become a nucelus for other similar factions to be consolidated (Children of Osiris refugees, embittered Promethean survivors from DAV, etc. There are alot of ancillary factions and sub factions in VAmpire and Dark Ages vampire that could fall under the same conceptualization as Salubri.. sort of like what happened with the Hecata and some other Vampire groups, I guess.)

    Another interesting variation might be some Banu Haqim/Assamite rebels who end up allying with the group given their opposition to Ur-Shulgi. There's alot about the Banu Haqim that can lean into themes that overlap with the Salubri too.


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      I love the Salubri, really. It's interesting to wonder what if Goratrix's ritual actually worked as intended and the Tremere became immortal mages and the Salubri continued as a high clan?
      That seems like an interesting scenario to explore. In fact, this is one of the best things about playing Dark Ages (besides everything else that is just plaiin better, but that's another topic), we could play with changing what happened and how the future will be. What if the Traditions were able to crush the Order of Reason and then our history unfolded in a completelly different way?
      My main concern here is that, as much as I love the Salubri, "being a victim" is a very significant part of their identity. I'm not sure if I would like them all the same if they hadn't the idiosyncrasies they have as consequence of their history, etc.