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(V5) Do we really miss high-level Disciplines?

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  • Originally posted by JezMiller View Post
    Personally, no. Unstoppable horrors whose power defy human comprehension have their place, but to me, that place is a Call of Cthulhu game, not a VtM one.
    Every one has different tables, but isn't one of WODs strengths the fact you can run nearly genre of game and have it fit the setting?

    I think saying "X has no place in VTM" severely misses the point. Especially when many STs "X" are often things that have been with the game and loved by many players since 1st edition.
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    • There's also an important factor that despite all their power and whatever, the huge unstoppable monsters of VtM were once humans, and that still colors their actions thousands of years later.

      Horror of any stripe isn't really all that horror if you can just punch your way out of the situation. Scary things need to hard to stop at a minimum to be scary. There is an important distinction in tone and implications for the setting in the natures of those nigh unstoppable horrors. In cosmic horror, part of the point is that those massive unstoppable entities don't actually care about humanity. Our insignificance in light of the totality of the universe is part of why things are the way they are in CoC. In VtM, part of the point is that these ultra powered vampires do care about humanity, and about vampires, and that's what makes them scary in an entirely different fashion.


      • Originally posted by Rhywbeth View Post
        It's more that I miss the first five dots. But 6+ powers are a concept I like for what they represent, though the actual powers have always been lackluster and all over the place.
        Some level 6 and higher Discipline Powers are very useful,, interesting, and inspiring. For example many Presence Powers, several Celerity Abilities, and definitely some Blood Magic Rituals. It might be a challange to use them while achieving an assured considerable result and clearly changing a given situation, but this challange or issue is often mentioned or implied in descriptions.