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Advice needed for an inter-Sect session

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  • Advice needed for an inter-Sect session

    My gaming group currently has parellell Sabbat and Camarilla games running in the same continuity, and once a month everyone gets together for an inter-sect session. The last one involved the Midnight Circus, and I've been given the task for organising the next one. Any ideas on how to make it so that the two groups don't tear each other apart on sight? The previous one held things in check through the circus being a magical peacemaker, but I'm not too sure how to do it. Particularly as the political situation is likely to implode.

    Current situation:

    - Camarilla and Sabbat are in neighbouring cities, with each making forays into the other's territory where possible.
    - The Sabbat PCs are uncreated at present, and Bishop is trying to keep them that way by making them blood bonded to him through a bastardised version of the Vaulderie, hoping to off the Archbishop.
    - The Circus killed a Sabbat Deacon, the local Camarilla Prince and a werewolf noble of some sort in revenge for the theft of a sword that may be Excalibur 300 years ago. Each group has a claim on this sword, and the Camarilla coterie have been tasked with finding it. They're doing really badly.
    - The Sabbat have managed to supplant one of the primogen with a fleshcrafted impostor, who is possibly about to kill the whole Camarilla coterie.
    - The setting has a covenant in place whereby the sects can meet under a flag of truce, guaranteed by an Assamite presence.
    - I'm not the main ST for either the Camarilla or Sabbat games, and I don't know where the sword is, or who is likely to know anything.

    Any advice or thoughts on what I could run? I was either going to try and run a Masquerade containment scenario (Sabbat come in and raise hell, while the Camarilla try to mop it up), although that feels best run by groups in separate rooms. I suppose it could work with lots of note-passing. The Assamite-guaranteed meeting is the easiest thing to do, although finding an adequate pretext for it is going to be hard. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Make some random guy appear with information about the sword and wanting it for himself or another third part. Maybe the werewolfs, maybe mages, maybe something else entirely. The meeting would be a way to discuss what to do with the guy.

    His info doesn't need to be accurate, tough he could have something else for them in secret. Maybe he even appear at the meeting.

    A Demon, by the way, could be an interesting option, and Infernalists are some of the few things both sects would like to get rid of.

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      I don't know much, if anything about the Midnight Circus, but yeah, one of the very few things the Sabbat and the Camarilla will team up for is to eradicate infernalism. Both sects hate infernalists and will do anything to hunt them down, even team up to take down the common enemy.

      As for the sword, I idly toyed with the idea of whether or not it might be a legendary Garou fetish/klaive, which would explain why the Garou might want to get their hands on it. Hell, could it even be the First Klaive, which is essentially the Garou version of Excalibur? (See the W:tA book Hammer & Klaive for further details on the First Klaive.) And if it is the First Klaive, how could any of the Kindred/Cainite parties involved know that? Or would the vampires not know about the First Klaive, but just know that the sword has some unknown significance to the Lupines and that the Lupines are willing to kill any Kindred they find to get it back?

      Hell, if a Garou elder was killed over this thing, you know the Garou are going to have to strike back somehow, even if it's nothing more than just a regular sword. And just think what could happen if the reprisal raids get out of control. That's how the War of Chicago started....

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        Make both sides Nos. Problem Solved.

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