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Here or somewhere (other site) else for good place to advertise an online game?

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  • Here or somewhere (other site) else for good place to advertise an online game?

    I am either interested in running an online game or playing in one. Having said that, I know that there is a forum for that, but is THIS the place to do it or some other site on the internet? I am looking for people answering with something definitive, not just a general answer. Hopefully due to their direct experiences.

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    For online games, I've tried here (in the "Conventions, Gatherings, and Online Play" thread), Roll20, the Fantasy Grounds forum, and I have so far only had luck in the Roll20 network. I imagine that all four would pan out if I were a Storyteller looking for players, so that will likely be a factor for you. Personally, I do hope to get back into STing soon, as that will really open up a lot more options (and I do enjoy it, but it's just been a while since I've even played, so I'm trying to ease back in). Whether you are looking to do either or one over the other, definitely make it known in your posts/searches.
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      I run an online game and can second the Roll20 recommendation: I've advertised elsewhere before, when we've had openings (the subreddit, on Tumblr, would have put something up here if I'd had an account), but the only time I've had people bite is on Roll20. It's definitely the main hub for online games these days. If you're not STing, you may find it difficult to get into a game, though: there tends to be a LOT of people interested in giving WtA a try, and not nearly enough STs. I could run a dozen games over there based on the number of applications I've gotten from people. Be persistent and polite and hope for the best!


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        There is a facebook group for forum games here:

        My gallery.