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Searching for an epic speech!

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  • Searching for an epic speech!

    Hello guys!

    I once read in a book an epic speech done by, if I'm not mistaken, a Get of Fenris, he said something in the lines of: we won't go to Valhalla walking, we will swim there in the blood of our enemies/ in the oceans of blood of our enemies/in a river of blood of our enemies. Does any of you know or have a recollection of something like it?

    I've been trying to compile all speeches of WTA. Thanks for your time and patience.

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    Perhaps the one given on page 40 of GoF Revised?


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      Hell, I thought it was the same one... somehow those quotes are linked in my mind too, perhaps it was indeed a Get who have said it. The one you mentioned has the epic part where Anthelios dimmed before the Get for a short momment. Pretty epic, but the book doesn't have the "swim there in the blood of our enemies" part... still on seaching.

      Thanks for your time Saur-yuf!