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House Rule: Balanced Starting Advantages

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    Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post

    48% is the Rage 3 rating as is. Essentially half of the people you interact with is pretty problematic. On top of that, I gave 9/13 of the core Tribes a Rage boost, as well as one of the Breeds. This puts the vast majority of Ahroun combinations back in the 4-6 range (31/38 of them). The majority of Ahrouns are still going to have huge issues dealing with most humans. And that's before any of them raise their Rage with freebies or in-game because your starting Rage isn't set in stone.
    Rage 3 only affects Willpower 1 and 2 humans with the Curse, so it would only be 30% - still significant, but only 3 in 10 instead of every other individual or so.

    Not in any real detail. In an abstract sense there was a bit of this; though not just Gifts. Theurges have a lot of Gnosis based Gifts, but are also the ones expected to have the most spirit dealings and mastery of Fetishes. Philodox, as judges, need to be able to keep their composure; even if few of their Gifts require WP points. Etc.
    Children of Gaia actually have even more Gifts that require Gnosis to function than Theurges, from the Level 1s up (14 vs 9). Most splats fit a pattern of having one or two that require points in the starting level, with a few that require it at higher Rank. For the Red Talons, that increase doesn't even hit until Trackless Waste, and they have the fewest Gifts that require a point of anything. Also, CoG lean on Empathy almost as heavily as Red Talons lean on Primal-Urge for Gift systems effects (by number of Gifts that use the Ability).


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      Well, like I said, it wasn't something I did based just on Gift numbers. If I was at a loss for a where to put a dot, I skimmed things like that. I went for thematics over Gift optimization.