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  • My Character Compendium

    Since I love to create characters, I decided to create a thread for them. Every once in a while, I will post ideas for character concepts here, and you can say which ones you would like me to write up.

    Golden Heights
    Born from the ruthless ambition and paranoia that permeates corporate environments, this spirit is not only powerful and subtle, it is personal. It loves to use its powers to pose as workers of different ranks, pulling strings here and there and nursing the Essence of intrigue like a fine Cuban cigar.

    Description: When posing as a mortal of high status, it is usually male, and always over 7 feet tall and charming regardless of weight. Its blonde hair and beard are finely groomed, its smile is a lighthouse and all its clothes and accessories are much better than yours. When posing as one of low status, it looks normal for its surroundings and is easily overlooked. It is often followed and helped by lesser spirits of bureaucracy, procrastination, greed, envy and similar concepts. In its true form, Golden Heights is a humanoid mass of different masks that quietly laugh, curse and lick their lips. Behind each mask are human eyes whose optic nerves can stretch and bend around corners. Its putrefied hands are always busy making gestures of confidence and masterful planning.

    Storytelling Hints: It delights in lending its Numina through Grant Blessing, no matter if the target is an errand boy or a Sponsored. Occasionally, when it sees an especially promising worker, it will tell them about the supernatural players hiding in certain corporations. Most of the mortals who delve too deep into this end up fired under dubious circumstances or disappear, but a few manage to please a supernatural faction enough to join it and become "one of them" (usually a ghoul, wolf-blooded and such).

    Rank: 4
    Attributes: Power 10, Finesse 10, Resistance 8
    Willpower: 10
    Maximum Essence/Per Turn: 40/12
    Initiative: 9
    Defense: 7
    Speed: 14
    Size: 6
    Corpus: 14
    Influences: Intrigue •••, Ambition •••
    Manifestations: Twilight Form, Fetter, Materialize, Discorporate, Sponsorship
    Numina: Aggressive Meme, Grant Blessing, Hallucination, Sever Fetter, Sign, Mortal Mask, Eye Spy

    Ban: Must use its powers to to help someone for a scene if the requester claims someone else's work as their own.

    Bane: A symbol or badge of high corporate status (assume 3 or 4 dots) acquired without committing a single crime.

    Agatha Bishop
    Background: Before her Devouring, Agatha was a skeptical and isolated woman who felt suffocated by the many rules of society. She rarely got along with her peers, and preferred to spend her time alone among books and trees. Her emotional detachment gave her a clinical outlook on social dynamics, and she would often try to warn people that their destinies were the fruit of their habits, and nothing more. Despite this, she always felt that there had to something more than neurochemistry guiding human nature.

    In her nightmares, this thought would come to life in the form of a great witch who controlled fiends and people alike from her hut in the woods. At first she was frightened of entering the woods and facing this creature. She had a nagging feeling that whatever she would find there would shatter her understanding of what moved the passions of mankind. But other people would enter the woods and alert the witch, who would send its fiends to lay terrible curses upon the trespassers.

    The Devouring happened when she followed the fiends out of the woods and into the city. Watching them closely, Agatha realized there was a pattern to their predation. Writing down their faces and their names in her memory during each dream, she would wake up and research them. Eventually she discovered a gateway to the Shadow in the woods near her home, and went through it.

    Once she had crossed to the other side, she made a barrier around her so that the spirits would not harm her, and meditated into a deep and revelatory dream. Mustering up her courage, she entered the hut of the witch, and realized they were one and the same. The creature grabbed her by the neck with a long branchlike limb and snapped it. As she lay on the floor, the witch got closer and closer until they merged.

    Appearance: Even though she is in her late thirties, Agatha was honed by her life in the woods and the Shadow into a lean and functional shape. She keeps her brown hair in single short braid, and prefers clothes suited to the outdoors, crafted by her if possible. She has tribal tattoos from the neck to her feet which work as permanent Fetishes with a multitude of uses. Wherever she goes, she carries a large backpack filled with survival gear, supplies, hard cash and books. When she goes into the Shadow, she carries an additional Fetish in the form of a wooden staff with an oil lamp dangling its curved tip, which helps her pinpoint several sorts of spiritual entities and phenomena even if they are supernaturally concealed. She is very formal and has little in the way of charisma, but she is good at diplomacy and can keep a steady voice even during heated conflicts. When asked to tell her renditions of both famous and obscure folk tales, her normally aloof expression lights up and she gives a huge, welcoming smile.

    Her Horror is a humanoid tree covered in lurid carvings of powerful spirits. Occult items of bone, leather and stone dangle from its many limbs, each one a Fetish given to her by werewolves whose hunts she assisted. The bark is pitch-black, save for the eyes, which glows like twin moons that emit a ghastly mist.

    Storytelling Hints: Agatha is built for ease of use in any game where the Shadow and spirits play a significant role, especially Werewolf games. She can help a pack figure out the weakness of an invading Idigam by going on a quest in the Shadow to interview and trade favors with many spirit Choirs. She can assist Hunters in chasing down a Left-Handed Thyrsus who has been conducting unethical experiments on humans and spirits. She can even aid Mages in seeking out a lost Familiar or Artifact that has been taken into the Deep Shadow by Gulmoth.

    Despite her tendency to act as an ally, she can also become an enemy if she feels those she is working with are taking advantage of her or damaging the balance between the mortal realm and the Shadow. Her preferred victims are irresponsible and corrupt shamans of all stripes, from the lowest wolf-blooded to the most experienced Bone Shadow. Her methods of punishment usually involve the manipulation of individual spirits to lay subtle curses. However, if someone goes as far as to destroy loci, create Wounds or spread Shartha, she can cash in favors to summon the help of entire Choirs and even the Royal Avatars of Rank 6+ entities.

    Legend: Judgmental
    Life: Honest

    Family: Makara
    Hunger: Punishment

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 3
    Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
    Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 4

    Mental Skills: Academics 2, Crafts (Woodcarving, Gardening) 3, Computer 0, Medicine (Herbs & Remedies) 2, Occult (Spirits) 4, Politics 1, Investigation 3, Science 1
    Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive 0, Firearms (Crossbow) 1, Larceny 2, Stealth (Woods) 3, Survival (Hunting) 3, Weaponry (Knife) 3
    Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 2, Expression (Storytelling) 1, Intimidation 3, Persuasion 3, Socialize 0, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2

    Merits: Area Of Expertise (Spirits), Common Sense, Encyclopedic Knowledge (Occult, Survival), Holistic Awareness, Interdisciplinary Specialty (Spirits), Investigative Aide (Occult, Survival), Library 2 (Occult), Patient, Professional Training 4 (Shaman: Occult, Survival, Persuasion), Tolerance For Biology, Trained Observer 1, Iron Stamina 2, Hardy 3, Allies (Spirits 4, Werewolves 3), Contacts (Spirits, Werewolves, Clients), Resources 1, Hunger Management 2, Spoor 3, Mother’s Feast, Esoteric Armory 3, Light Weapons 3 (Knife)

    Atavisms: Witchwood, Looming Presence, Monster From The Deep, Unbreakable, Eye Of Heaven

    Nightmares: Behold My True Form, You Deserve This, They Are All Around You

    Defense: 5
    Initiative: 7
    Speed: 11
    Willpower: 7
    Health: 12
    Lair: 4
    Starting Satiety: 3

    Horror Traits: Power 5, Finesse 7, Resistance 7, Size 8, Health 12, Defense 6, Initiative 7, Speed 17
    Lair Traits: Poor Light. Maze, Mirages, Engulfing

    The Vulture
    For those ancient Ventrue who have maintained an iron grip over their domains for centuries, the notion that they are big fishes in small ponds is laughable. They do not comprehend the patience and cunning of the truly dead. These monolithic guardians of the other side have no children or sire, no strings to pull or hearts to bewitch. But for all the reach of their frigid eyes, there are tales of Kindred who fell into their lands and managed to escape.

    One of them is supposedly a cloaked figure with filthy bandages over their eyes, and no tongue or lower jaw. On its back are broken stubs of wings, and a Strix is perched on its arm like a trained falcon. This entity has been named the Vulture due to its habit of invading domains that have been torn apart by the Strix and only have a few survivors. These Kindred who think themselves safe or innocent are patiently stalked by the Vulture, who sends its Strix to torment and weaken the survivors until they can't fight back anymore. In other times, he stalks those who are loved by many in a peaceful city. The Vulture takes them to a subterranean place filled with perfect darkness, and they are never seen again.

    They say that the Vulture was a Ventrue who struck a bargain with a god of the dead. He is searching for a number of Kindred to fill a prison, or one who has committed specific and unforgivable crimes. He was disfigured as a symbolic punishment and a reminder of the wrongs he must right. Only when he completes this mission will he be set free. None of this can be confirmed with supernatural or mundane investigation directed at the Vulture himself. The Strix who accompanies him says that the kidnapped are sent to their homes, and that those who want to visit them one last time are free to follow. So far, all those who accepted have suffered the final death, and their remains were found smeared over the entrance to the earth below.

    [Future Under Construction, Do Not Disturb The Chrono-Robots]

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    Here is a thought experiment: I heard some people have trouble getting into Descent because of the sci-fi aesthetics, so I decided to use the Unchained template to create a more classical demonic figure. The template is more flexible than it looks, its just a matter of reskinning and renaming powers.

    However, I was unable to design a good Cipher for him. I considered making the Keys be Heart's Desire -> Apple Of Discord -> Strength Through Adversity -> Associate And Integrate, but I don't know how to represent the resulting Interlocks. If anyone could help with that, I would be very grateful.

    Joseph Siegfried
    When he was still an Angel, he oversaw the company, and was instructed by the God-Machine to cast out any unproductive elements. He was a completely impersonal and uncompassionate overseer who treated his employees as mere resources.

    However, there came a time when he received orders to accompany a group of Angels on a mission to assassinate a Ring of Demons. The God-Machine could not build another Angel to replace him in time, so the company was left in the hands of the humans. When he returned, he discovered that the employees had not only maintained the company stable, but had made it more efficient through their own initiative and creativity in a fit of opportunism.

    This made him see that humans were not simply tools that constantly needed his input to produce output, but individuals with autonomy and vision. He knew that the God-Machine would not accept the plans he had for the company, since he had been ordered to dismantle it once it was no longer useful. He severed his last ties to the God-Machine around a group of employees who he trusted the most. He Fell right in front of them, and they became his cultists.

    Storytelling Hints: He is a greedy man who is never quite satisfied, but is also a just fellow who makes it a point o give each employee/cultist their due.

    He is a firm believer in meritocracy, and is willing to hire anyone who has enough talent and ruthlessness, be they a mortal or any type of supernatural. His ultimate goal is to create a world where there really is equal opportunity regardless of your origin. A place where mortals and esohumans alike can coexist and work for each other, enjoying the fruits of their labor without having to live in fear and secrecy. There shall be no God-Machine to demand we give up what we have earned with our sweat and blood for plans that make no sense and never end.

    To accomplish this, he plays the long game, subverting and taking over the institutions that the God-Machine uses as bases for Infrastructure. What he can’t take over, he brings down by funding Saboteurs and similar agents.

    He is not above recruiting dissidents from other corporations and supernatural factions, and drives a hard bargain whenever someone he wants to hire doesn’t agree with his methods. He says he is giving them the opportunity to live up to their full potential. However, the truth is that he takes a certain satisfaction in acquiring new employees when it would make them abandon their friends and oaths.

    He views too much friendship and honor as obstacles toward success. When he makes someone abandon these values to pursue their ambitious, he sees it as giving them freedom. To make matters worse, the more someone with talent resists his offers out of ethical reasons, the more he wants to hire them.

    His plans depend greatly on his continued existence, so he could enter the story as an antagonist when he desires one of the PCs as an heir. He can give everything they ever wanted, but he expects them to cut their ties to their friends and family. He is completely capable of mobilizing his vast resources to arrange “accidents” in the PCs so he can offer the solution. He is smart enough to not demand total loyalty immediately, though. He slowly builds trust while undermining the relationships and twisting the values of his desired heir.

    Despite all of this, he is capable of leaving his target alone if he can be convinced that his methods do more harm than good. Doing this will likely become the focus of the story, as the PCs try to regain the trust of the heir and expose his frauds.

    Virtue: Just
    Vice: Greedy

    Incarnation: Psychopomp
    Agenda: Tempter/Saboteur
    Catalyst: Pleas Of The Displaced

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
    Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
    Social Attributes: Presence 5, Manipulation 6, Composure 4

    Mental Skills: Academics (Economics) 3, Crafts 2, Computer 2, Medicine 1, Occult 3, Politics (Corporate) 4, Investigation 3, Science 2
    Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl (Natural Weaponry) 3, Drive 1, Firearms 2, Larceny 2, Stealth 2, Survival 1, Weaponry 2
    Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Empathy (Desires) 4, Expression 3, Intimidation (Veiled Threats) 3, Persuasion (Deals) 5, Socialize 3, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge (Legalese) 5

    Merits: Area Of Expertise (Corporate, Deals), Common Sense, Good Time Management, Interdisciplinary Specialty (Corporate), Patient, Professional Training 5 (Businessman: Academics, Politics, Persuasion), Trained Observer 1, Iron Stamina 2, Allies (Anything Needed), Contacts (Anything Needed), Fame 1, Fixer, Inspiring, Iron Will, Pusher, Resources 5, Status (Company 5), Table Turner, Defensive Combat (Brawl), Monkeywrencher, Multiple Agendas, Bolthole 14 (No Twilight 1, Arsenal 4, Equipment 4, Cover-Linked 2, Easy Access 3), Cult (Company 5), Efficient Dealer, Inhuman Enhancement (Strength 4), Living The Lie, Resonance Aware 3, Resonance Sensitivity, Suborned Facility (Anything Needed), Suborned Infrastructure 3, Terrible Form 4, Versatile Transformation


    Vocal: Across A Crowded Room, Eavesdrop, Find The Leak, Heart’s Desire, Recurring Hallucinations, Social Dynamics, Strength Through Adversity, Sum Of All Fears, Voice Of The Machine

    Instrumental: Freeze Assets, Read Hostility, Tag And Release, Turn Blade

    Cacophony: Apple Of Discord, Cool Heads Prevail, Just Bruised, Raw Materials, Shatter, Special Someone

    Mundane: Alibi, Associate And Integrate, Authorized, Deep Cover, Face Off, Going Native, Quick Change, Unperson, You Can Tell Me


    Affliction, Allies Into Gold, Context Matters, Demonic Might, Incendiary, Inflict Stigmata, Living Shadow, Possession, Rain Of Blood, Rip The Gates, Show Of Power, Swarm, Visions Of Heaven And Hell


    Modifications: Armored Plates, Claws And Fangs, Huge Size, Inhuman Strength, Tough As Stone

    Technologies: Aura Sight, Demonic Horns, Glory And Terror, Barbed Tail

    Propulsions: Teleportation, Wings

    Processes: Amorphous, Rain Of Fire

    Defense: 6
    Initiative: 7
    Speed: 11
    Willpower: 8
    Health: 8
    Primum: 6
    Cover: 8
    Glitches: Cannot give anything for free nor refuse just payment (Major Tell)

    [Future Under Construction, Do Not Disturb The Chrono-Robots]


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      Is anyone interested in seeing how the Demon template can be used to create a Pokémon Master style character? The Pokémon would be Cryptids, and the Pokéballs would be Gadgets based on Solitary Confinement. The Demon would travel across the land with Rip The Gates and Behind The Curtain so they can Catch 'Em All.

      Here is the question: do I play that idea for all the silliness it's worth and revel in how out of place they'd be, or do I make the concept more fitting for an espionage game?

      [Future Under Construction, Do Not Disturb The Chrono-Robots]


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        Originally posted by GibberingEloquence View Post
        Is anyone interested in seeing how the Demon template can be used to create a Pokémon Master style character? The Pokémon would be Cryptids, and the Pokéballs would be Gadgets based on Solitary Confinement. The Demon would travel across the land with Rip The Gates and Behind The Curtain so they can Catch 'Em All.

        Here is the question: do I play that idea for all the silliness it's worth and revel in how out of place they'd be, or do I make the concept more fitting for an espionage game?
        Try for silliness as a sugar coated veneer, but don't shy away from the implications. The "Poke-masters" delight in the inherent silliness. The Cryptids probably find it less amusing.

        Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
        Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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          Here is an idea for a duo of characters: adventurer scientists who work as a team, a Mage and a Demon. The former would be an Obrimos who is a member of the Mysterium and the Thaumatech Engineers. The latter would be an Analyst Inquisitor. They could bicker all day about cosmological maps and such, but they respect each other's intellect and have each other's back when it matters. To borrow some TV Tropes terms, the Obrimos would be Red Oni, while the Analyst would be the Blue Oni. I'm thinking that the Obrimos would be religious like Einstein was. The Analyst, due to having witnessed the contradictory plans of the God-Machine and their horrible fallout for mankind, would be an atheist, or at least a very skeptical agnostic. They could enter the story when a mysterious event the PCs are investigating draws their attention, and they offer to help with the investigation. However, each one has a different method of handling investigations, and the PCs might be split regarding whose help would be the most useful. Does that sound interesting?
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            Cryptid Huntresss/Researcher
            Her mission was to catch loose Cryptids that were interfering with the G-M's plans and bring them to facilities where they would become servants and resources. Regular exposure to so many wonders being locked away led her to wonder why the G-M did not share the benefits harvested from Cryptids with mankind. She Fell when she decided the GM was a wasteful and negligent master, and that she could do better. She became her own Cryptid hunter and researcher.

            She aims to create a Cheiron style company that sells products made from the research she and her staff have done on cryptids and other weird creatures. Her Hell is a world where the God-Machine is no longer a mystery and its tools have been taken away from it and reverse-engineered into products that people will accept as normal.

            Storytelling Hints: The PCs are infiltrating some Infrastructure or another, and they alert a Cryptid guard. It's a really strong one, and when it looks like they're gonna die, they meet the huntress, who has been researching this Cryptid for a while and is able to help them take it down. After some explanations, she says that she will help them infiltrate the rest of Infrastructure if they help her put the dead Cryptid on the truck and reply to her messages some days later. They could form a partnership out of that.

            Despite being reliable and very skilled, she has few ties that aren’t related to her hunts and research, which is bad for her Cover and risky for the PCs. But just as the authorities start investigating their activities and Angels start spying on them, she swears she discovered the location of an extremely rare and valuable Cryptid. The creature supposedly possesses healing abilities that can be turned into revolutionary medical products. She guarantees that will finally allow her and the PCs to start their company and give them a solid resource base from which to conduct missions and accomplish their goals. There is just one problem: the creature is kept inside a maximum security Infrastructure hiding behind a government facility where many other strange creatures are secretly held for research.

            Virtue: Curious/Trustworthy
            Vice: Stubborn

            Incarnation: Psychopomp
            Agenda: Inquisitor/Tempter
            Catalyst: Grand Designs

            Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 3
            Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
            Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3

            Mental Skills: Academics 2, Crafts (Traps) 3, Computer 2, Medicine 3, Occult (Cryptids) 3, Politics 1, Investigation 3, Science (Chemistry) 3
            Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive 1, Firearms (Sniper Rifle) 2, Larceny 2, Stealth 3, Survival (Tracking) 3, Weaponry (Hunting Knife) 2
            Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 1, Expression 1, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2

            Merits: Area Of Expertise (Cryptids, Chemistry), Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Encyclopedic Knowledge (Occult), Fast Reflexes 2, Good Time Management, Holistic Awareness, Interdisciplinary Specialty (Cryptids, Chemistry), Investigative Aide (Occult, Survival), Patient, Professional Training 3 (Cryptid Huntress/Researcher: Occult, Survival, Science), Tolerance For Biology, Trained Observer 1, Virtuous, Fleet Of Foot 2, Iron Stamina 2, Parkour 4, Quick Draw (Hunting Knife), Contacts (Gun Store Owners, Survivalists), Fixer, Resources 2, Fighting Finesse (Hunting Knife), Light Weapons 3 (Hunting Knife), Marksmanship 3, Bolthole (Arsenal 3, Equipment 3, No Twilight 1, Cover-Linked 2, Easy Access 3), Cryptid Harvesting, Esoteric Armory 3, Multiple Agendas, Terrible Form 2, Versatile Transformation


            Vocal: Animal Communication, Animal Messenger, Borrowed Expertise, Remote Link-Up, Vox

            Instrumental: Ambush, Efficiency, Knock-Off, Open Sesame, Tag & Release, Turn Blade, Wasted Time

            Cacophony: Bystander Effect, Just Bruised, On The Mend, Shatter

            Mundane: Authorized, Deep Cover, Don’t I Know You, Going Native, In My Pocket, Living Recorder, Never Here, Without A Trace


            Behind The Curtain, Deep Pockets, Hellhounds, Living Installation, Rip The Gates, Solitary Confinement. Stimulus/Response

            DEMONIC FORM

            Modifications: Component Indicators, Night Vision, Olfactory Enhancements, Rivet Arm, Sonic Acuity

            Technologies: Aura Sight, Blind Sense, Mirrored Skin

            Propulsions: Plasma Drive

            Processes: Amorphous

            Defense: 6
            Initiative: 9
            Speed: 11
            Willpower: 6
            Health: 8
            Primum: 3
            Cover: 6

            The Unseen Imp
            Due to its powers, this Horror’s appearance is unknown. It earns its name from its trickster habits, which can range from confusing and aggravating to maddening and lethal. Its preferred type of “game” is to gaslight people and set up traps while staying out of sight. It occasionally hints that it is nearby with things like a barely audible, vaguely childlike laughter, various types of tiny markings and an oily, chilly breeze.

            The Imp will stalk and investigate the homes and workplaces of potential victims for days to understand their routine and blind spots. It likes to start small, such as by stealing and hiding objects, or making someone show up late to appointments. It gradually moves onto worse things, like leaving slippery puddles on stairs, sabotaging cars, causing gas leaks and sowing distrust.

            The Imp tends to become attached to smart or paranoid people, as they provide the most fun. However, it possesses a strange sense of fair play. It leaves behind cryptic clues which resemble children’s games and puzzles. These provide hints toward how it will strike next, but never when or where. If someone can predict the next attack and force it into a spot from which it can’t escape, then it will consider the victim to have won, and promptly vanish.

            Virtue: Mischievous
            Vice: Childish
            Aspiration: Have Fun By Tricking People

            Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 6, Resolve 4
            Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 6, Stamina 4
            Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 6, Composure 4

            Skills: Athletics 3, Crafts 2 (Traps), Empathy 2, Intimidation 3, Investigation 3, Larceny 3, Occult 1, Persuasion 2, Stealth 5 (Scuttering, Plain Sight), Subterfuge (Trickster) 4

            Merits: Danger Sense (Advanced), Eidetic Memory, Encyclopedic Knowledge (Subterfuge), Trained Observer 3, Sleight Of Hand, Untouchable

            Potency: 4
            Willpower: 12
            Size: 1
            Initiative: 10
            Defense: 9
            Speed: 28 (Species Factor 15)
            Health: 5
            Traps And Trickery [Variable Damage Bonus; 11 dice]

            Ban: Uses Variable Form reflexively at no cost if directly observed, and must remain in object form as long as observation continues. While in this state, it is limited to using its Influences, but reflexively regains mobility once observation stops.

            Dread Powers: Chameleon Horror, Elusive*, Gauntlet Cloak, Influence (Accidents 2, Paranoia 1), Numen (Hallucination, Left Handed Spanner, Seek, Sign, Speed, Telekinesis*), Reality Stutter, Shadowed Soul*, Snare, Wall Climb, Variable Form (Everyday Small Objects)

            *Elusive: Creatures with this Dread Power only ever appear on camera as a blurred silhouette of their actual shape. Humanoid monsters can easily be mistaken for humans or upright bears, while unusually large creatures blend into the scenery. Humans have a hard time remembering exact detail about creatures they encounter. Rolls to accurately describe or recall such events are made at a –3 modifier.

            *Shadowed Soul: As per the Atavism (Beast: The Primordial, Pages 129-130). The Imp is considered to always be at Low Satiety, and can mimic the Satiety Expenditure effect by spending 2 Willpower points.

            *Telekinesis: The Imp has fine motor control when using this Numen, and often uses it to prepare traps from a distance without having to move.

            The Prosecutor
            The world would be a lot simpler if everyone was who they claimed to be. Unfortunately, deception is a necessary tool for everyday survival in society. But many people take it too far, and have even started to believe the lies they tell themselves. Everyone wants to believe they would do the right thing, and as long as there is no temptation to do wrong, being a saint is easy. That’s where the Prosecutor comes in. It wants to see if all these pretenses hold up when it arranges opportunities for all kinds of selfishness and wretchedness to be rewarded.

            To do this, it is capable of wearing any guise that is best suited to the situation, and has no standard appearance. While it has a profound knowledge of human nature and doesn’t really judge the prosecution, it loathes admitting defeat and will use whatever tactics it can to win the game. The prize is not taking away the prosecution to some realm of eternal torment, but showing them the path to ruin in this life and watching them walk there on their own.

            It is possible to reason with the Prosecutor and even outsmart it. However, it has had a very long time to perfect its craft. Defeating it is less about pure cunning and more about proving the trueness of one’s principles, even when they are inconvenient or dangerous. While the Prosecutor is not a friend by any means, it recognizes when it has been beaten fairly, and may show respect toward those who have bested it.

            Virtue: Understanding
            Vice: Proud
            Aspirations: Test People’s Worth

            Mental Attributes: Intelligence 8, Wits 10, Resolve 8
            Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 8
            Social Attributes: Presence 8, Manipulation 10, Composure 8

            Skills: Academics (Religion, History) 7, Investigation 5, Occult 8, Politics 7, Empathy (Vices) 6, Expression (Rhetoric) 7, Intimidation 6, Persuasion (Deals) 8, Subterfuge (Lies) 8

            Merits: Area Of Expertise (Deals, Lies), Direction Sense (Epic), Eidetic Memory, Encyclopedic Knowledge (Subterfuge, Persuasion), Indomitable (Epic), Interdisciplinary Specialty (Deals, Lies), Professional Training 5 (Expression, Persuasion, Subterfuge), Trained Observer 3, Closed Book 5, Inspiring (Epic), Iron Will, Pusher, Sympathetic, Table Turner, Untouchable, Untouchable Style 4

            Willpower: 26
            Defense: 4
            Initiative: 12
            Speed: 11
            Health: 13
            Potency: 10

            Ban: Cannot refuse to uphold its part of a deal, nor make a deal without consent.

            Ban: Can only use Bend Fate, Miracle and Mixed Blessings as part of a deal.

            Ban: Must undo harm caused by a deal if the one who requested it redeems themselves.

            Dread Powers: Bend Fate*, Eye Spy, Fiendish*, Immortal, Know Soul, Legion (Sin Wraiths)*, Miracle, Numen (Mixed Blessing*, Mortal Mask, Telepathy), Pierce Mind, Surprise Entrance, Twilight Entity*, Vanish

            *Bend Fate: The Horror can alter the course of destiny; causing fortune or misfortune on a whim. By spending a point of Willpower and making a roll of an appropriate dice pool (– target’s Resolve +Supernatural Tolerance), the Horror twists the threads of probability. If it used to grant favor, the target gains the 8-again quality to a number of future dice pools equal to successes. If cursing the actions of another, the victim suffers a dice penalty equal to the Horror’s Potency for as many future dice pools as the gained successes, and all failures on those actions become dramatic failures. The victim gains a Beat for the first dramatic failure suffered in a scene as a consequence of this power. The Horror cannot use this Dread Power on itself.

            *Fiendish: The Prosecutor possesses the Liar's Tongue, Total Control, Natural Aptitude and Spoofing (+Deep Cover) of Unchained Demons.

            *Legion: The Horror is followed and served by Brief Nightmares of a similar nature. The amount and power of these Brief Nightmares is roughly proportional to the Horror’s Potency. Use the following as a guideline: at Potency 1-3, a few Minions; at Potency 4-6, several Minions and a few Hordes, at Potency 7-9, several Hordes and a few Lone Terrors, at Potency 10, as many Lone Terrors as desired. If killed, replacements come within a few scenes at most. Most Horrors possess a weakness that prevents them from creating or commanding their Legions.

            *Mixed Blessing: The Prosecutor's version of this Numen can give any Merit the ST wants, including Supernatural, Advanced and Epic ones.

            *Twilight Entity: The creature exists in a Twilight state, at least in part. It can interact freely with entities in both the physical world and the twilight. For most creatures this interaction goes both ways, making it possible for ephemeral beings to attack them from Twilight. An intelligent creature might gain some control over how when it interacts with each world; the creature may spend a single point of Willpower to shift between its physical and immaterial states.

            Sin Wraiths:

            Best At: 10 (Spying, Instigating Vices)
            Worst At: 2 (Understanding Virtue)
            All Others Pools: 5
            Aspiration: Serve The Prosecutor
            Willpower/Scene: 6
            Initiative: 8
            Defense: 5
            Speed: 15
            Size: 5
            Health: 12

            Dread Powers: Eye Spy, Gauntlet Cloak, Influence (Vices 1), Numen (Mortal Mask, Telepathy), Pierce Mind, Surprise Entrance, Twilight Entity, Vanish
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              Visual idea for a Promethean: she wears a dirty labcoat, and hoards books and samples in a backpack despite not understanding what it means to be a scientist yet. Her main Disfigurement makes her cybernetic spine visible and her neck grow sinuous and snake-like, while her head turns into an abstraction of a microscope/TV set. Her head constantly scans people and things without much care for personal space or privacy, but displays images and sounds that she thinks will calm them down (which are often well meaning but end up creepy or weird).

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                Heh I recognize some of the content here from 4chan