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(Hurt Locker) Fighting Style Costs

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  • (Hurt Locker) Fighting Style Costs

    So I'm finally digging around in Hurt Locker, and there's a lot to like. The build-a-bear tag system for fighting styles in particular is something I think some of my players will really love.

    But I'm wondering how y'all handle the costs for fighting styles using these rules. Is each maneuver a flat single experience point, or would, say, the third level technique on a combat track cost you three experience? It seems like the latter is pretty steep (and plays against the new progression pattern for 2e), but the former makes it very easy to load your character up with a wide range of high-power combat maneuvers from a particular tag.

    Can anyone tell me what the default rule is, and does anyone have thoughts on how to find balance between those two extremes? Maybe limiting players to only five techniques per tag?

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    Each dot is one Experience. So if you're just getting the first dot, it's one Experience. If you have the first, but you're getting the second, it's one Experience. But if you're buying the first three dots, it's three Experiences.

    I'd really suggest that if you're going to buy a suite of fighting style merits, you justify it through some montage or off-screen training your character's been undertaking. I probably wouldn't allow it in a short period like after the characters have stormed the foyer but before they've broken into the dining hall.


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      It's really never been an issue worth fixing in my group. Most useful dots are on the second and third tiers, and there's a very limited number of actually useful fourth and fifth tier dots for any given tag. I recommend just trying it out by RAW first before deciding that the system needs houseruling.

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        Yeah, I was actually already planning for something like that, nofather. I'm going to be running a less serious game set in the 80s, so I was figuring on drawing from the era's film/TV montages when dealing with character progression, even more generically.

        And that's relieving to hear, Tessie. After giving the combat styles a closer look, I've got to agree with you. I'll play it as it is, then. Thanks.


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          If I can get Martial Arts 5 without paying for Martial Arts 4 I'll do it. There's no reason to buy Martial Arts 4 if you can get 5 without it.
          I'd also combine it with Boxing 3 and 5 (probably buy all the boxing style so I can buy all the other Striking style merits) and Martial Arts 1 so I can punch someone out in one success at only -2 to your dice pool. Seems a good use of 7 xp. I know that spending Willpower would allow someone to fight on but depleting someone's willpower is worth doing in a fight anyway.